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No one expected Ye Qiu to be so ruthless.

He didnt forget to mock Qi Wuhui before he left.

They could feel that at this moment, Qi Wuhui even had the heart to kill.

They secretly laughed in their hearts. You deserve it!

Among them, Yang Wudi felt the most comfortable.

Because he was the one who fought the most fiercely with Qi Wuhui before Ye Qiu.

For example, the last time he accepted a disciple in the Jade Pure Hall, he fought with Qi Wuhui for a disciple.

In the end, because his realm was no match for Qi Wuhui, the disciple was snatched away by him.

Yang Wudi still couldnt forget his smug look at that time.

“Haha, Junior Brother! Well done…” Yang Wudi was secretly delighted.

He patted Ye Qius shoulder and laughed.

He did not hide the joy in his heart at all.

He was just so straightforward.

When he was in a good mood, he would say whatever he wanted.

Ming Yue covered her mouth and laughed.

“Junior Brother, youre so bad, but I like it.

I reckon… Senior Brother Qi will vomit blood from anger when he returns.

Ordinary people really cant withstand such a blow, let alone someone like Senior Brother Qi who has a strong nature.”

Ming Yue suddenly felt sorry for Qi Wuhui as she shook her head.

She was also very glad that that person was not her.

Otherwise, she would not be able to sleep at night.

The more she took a step back, the angrier she became.

The more she endured, the more she would lose.

Ye Qiu smiled without saying anything.

At this moment, Meng Tianzheng walked over.

His heart ached for Qi Wuhui, but he couldnt say anything.

After all, Qi Wuhui was the one who took the initiative to provoke Ye Qiu.

Moreover, the previous peak masters of Violet Cloud Peak and Hidden Sword Peak were all like this.

They were used to it.

“Senior Brother Sect Master…” Everyone shouted in unison and stopped discussing this matter after they saw Meng Tianzheng walk over.

However, they still secretly laughed in their hearts.

“Alright, everyone, disperse! The Martial Meeting is approaching.

Everyone, go back and prepare.”

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“Yes…” Everyone responded in unison and left one after another.

Meng Tianzheng took a deep look at Ye Qiu and was very satisfied.

From the looks of it, the inheritance of Violet Cloud Peak was saved.

A few months ago, Qi Wuhui had even suggested to him to abolish Violet Cloud Peak.

After all, there was only Ye Qiu in this lineage, so there was no need for the peak to exist.

Meng Tianzheng was very glad that he did not agree to Qi Wuhuis suggestion.

“Junior Brother, Ill leave first! See you in the Martial Meeting.” Yang Wudi patted Ye Qius shoulder and left with a laugh.

His mood was exceptionally beautiful.

Soon, only Ye Qiu, his two disciples, Ming Yue, Liu Ruyan, and Liu Qingfeng were left on Violet Cloud Peak.

Seeing that everyone had left, Ming Yue reluctantly said, “Junior Brother, Im going back too! Goodbye.”

“Okay, Senior Sister, take care.

Come and visit when you have time.” Ye Qiu said calmly.

Ming Yue looked a little disappointed.

Wasnt he going to ask her to stay

Im so angry.

I was just saying casually.

I didnt really want to leave.

This damned man.

Am I that unattractive Ming Yue questioned her appearance once again.

No matter what, she was still the number one beauty of the Heaven Mending Sect.

She was mature, steady, knowledgeable, and generous.

She was the dream lover of many male cultivators.

But it didnt seem to be very useful with Ye Qiu.

Could it be that… he really liked men It was terrifying to think about it…

“Ruyan, lets go.” Ming Yue said bitterly and turned to leave.

Liu Ruyan followed Ming Yue in silence.

Until this moment, she had yet to wake up from the shock in her heart.

This martial uncle who was once considered trash had once again shocked them.

After Ming Yue left, only Liu Qingfeng was left.

“Eh, arent you leaving We dont provide food here…” Ye Qiu turned around and glanced at him.

Did this kid want to stay on Violet Cloud Peak

Liu Qingfeng smiled and said, “Martial Uncle, I havent thanked you properly.

If it werent for your guidance today, I wouldnt have been able to comprehend it so easily.”

Ye Qiu nodded in satisfaction.

This kid was not bad since he had taken good care of him all these years.

When everyone in the sect treated him coldly, only Liu Qingfeng maintained the respect he should have for him.

“Alright, theres no need to thank me!” Ye Qiu said again, “You must be busy as the chief disciple.

Go back early.”

Liu Qingfeng didnt refute and solemnly bowed, “Then Martial Uncle, I will take my leave.”

“Okay, go on…”

Soon, Liu Qingfeng left Violet Cloud Peak, and Violet Cloud Peak returned to its original peace.

Ye Qiu knew that todays matter would definitely spread throughout the sect, but he didnt care.

After everyone left, Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Waner walked up.

Zhao Waner tilted her head and looked in the direction of the Hidden Sword Peak.

She said, “Master, why has Martial Uncle Qi been targeting you”

She was not clear about the feud between Violet Cloud Peak and Hidden Sword Peak, so she was very curious.

The two of them had been watching from the side without saying anything.

However, they could feel the arrogance and disdain in Qi Wuhuis eyes.

Unfortunately, he left in a sorry state.

Ye Qiu smiled and explained, “Because our Violet Cloud Peak and the Hidden Sword Peak have been enemies for generations.

This kind of struggle had existed since a long time ago.

Almost every master would fight against each other.

“Unfortunately, from beginning to end, the Hidden Sword Peak has been suppressed by our Violet Cloud Peak.”

“After many years of accumulated resentment, this conflict has become even more intense.

Ever since Qi Wuhui inherited the position of peak master, he has treated Violet Cloud Peak as his only enemy.

However, your grandmaster was still around at that time so he didnt dare to be too rash.

“But the Violet Cloud Peak declined with the death of your grandmaster.

Qi Wuhui began to see hope and began to suppress our Violet Cloud Peak crazily.

For ten years, hes been constantly giving me pressure and making things difficult for me.

He wants to prove that the Hidden Sword Peak is not inferior to our Violet Cloud Peak.”

Zhao Waner came to a realization after hearing Ye Qius explanation.

It turned out that Violet Cloud Peak and the Hidden Sword Peak had such a past.

She also understood that the grudge between Violet Cloud Peak and Hidden Sword Peak might fall on them in the future.

She immediately felt immense pressure.

Violet Cloud Peaks previous peak masters hadnt lost.

Even Ye Qiu had responded forcefully.

Could they still maintain this state when the time came

“Thats why you have to work hard! Cultivate well.

You can lose to anyone, but not to the Hidden Sword Peak.

Otherwise, Qi Wuhui would not let go of this excellent opportunity to crazily humiliate me.” Ye Qiu said earnestly.

The two of them nodded, their eyes filled with determination.

“Master, dont worry.

We will definitely not disappoint you.”

Zhao Waner seemed to have a goal.

She looked meaningfully in the direction of the Hidden Sword Peak and muttered, “Generational grudges Interesting… Then we cant lose.”

She could already control the Red Lotus Karmic Flame in her body very well after she had grasped the Plum Blossom Palm.

Her combat strength was extremely astonishing.

Moreover, during this period of time, she had been constantly absorbing the power of the precious bone, and her cultivation was also rapidly increasing.

According to Ye Qius estimation, she should be able to break through to level nine of Black Finger before the Martial Meeting.

This was still a conservative situation.

If she worked harder, she might be able to break through to the Celestial realm.

After all, that precious bone was a descendant of the Hidden Life Five Realms realm.

The power contained in it was extremely powerful.

How could it be absorbed so easily

One the other hand, Lin Qingzhus cultivation level had already steadily increased to level two of the Celestial realm.

Her improvement was also very fast.

Perhaps it was because Zhao Waner was chasing after her, the pressure as the Eldest Senior Sister made her constantly have the desire to become stronger.

Under her crazy cultivation, her progress was also very fast.

At this moment, Qi Wuhui returned to the training hall and slammed the table angrily with a livid face.

“Damn it!” With a slap, the table instantly collapsed and turned to dust.

When the disciple outside heard the commotion, he trembled in fear.

He did not know what had happened to make him so angry.

He did not dare to go in and disturb him, afraid that he would be unlucky if he angered him.


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