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Before Ye Qiu left, he stuffed a pill into Monkeys hand and said, “Monkey, we are fated.

Today, I will give you an immortal pill.

“Remember, you cant eat this pill unless you have no choice.

You have to eat it at the moment of life and death.

It will definitely change your fate.”

Ye Qiu didnt forget to remind him.

He knew the monkeys habits very well.

He had always liked to eat rare treasures as snacks.

If Ye Qiu hadnt instructed him, he would have eaten the immortal pill like a melon seed in less than a second.

He must not doubt that he could really do it.

Hearing Ye Qius serious instructions, Monkey immediately understood the importance of this pill and promised, “Senior, dont worry.

Unless its absolutely necessary, I definitely wont eat it.”

Ye Qiu was doubtful and didnt dare to believe it after seeing his sincere guarantee.

However, time was tight and he didnt have time to chat with him.

After giving his instructions, Ye Qiu hurriedly left.

The monkey watched him leave and only retracted its gaze after he had flown far away.

“Immortal pill”

Looking at the small immortal pill in his hand that emitted a charming fragrance, Monkeys appetite was whetted and he swallowed his saliva.

“It smells so good.

What magical effects does this pill have”

He became even more curious.

It was like a cat scratching his heart.

“No, no.

I promised Senior that I would never eat it unless it was absolutely necessary.”

The monkey, who was about to swallow it, thought of Ye Qius instructions and dispelled this thought again.

However, the more he looked at this immortal pill, the more he wanted to eat it.

Of course, he was not a glutton.

He was mainly curious about the effect of this pill.

After struggling for a long time, Monkey finally endured it.

He did not choose to eat this pill but kept it well.

At this moment, Ye Qiu had already entered Qin Chuan.

He ignored the situation at the foot of the mountain and headed straight for the Heaven Mending Sect.

As soon as he entered the array, a few disciples greeted him.

“Who are you!”

Ye Qiu wasnt angry.

He only saw a few figures flying out of the fog.

Those disciples were all disciples of the First Peak.

When they saw that it was Ye Qiu, they instantly became excited.

“Greetings, Martial Uncle Ye!”

“Get up.”

Ye Qiu didnt have the heart to understand.

He only said, “Get up.” Then, he looked at the First Peak and said, “Is the Sect Master here”

“Martial Uncle, Sect Master is in the Jade Pure Hall discussing matters with the masters.

Martial Uncle, feel free to go.”

“Alright, go ahead.”

After Ye Qiu heard this, he didnt choose to return to Violet Cloud Peak first.

Instead, he flew towards the Jade Pure Hall.

At this moment, in the Jade Pure Hall, a few elders of the First Peak and Meng Tianzheng were surrounding a little boy.

They had kind expressions and carefully taught him how to cultivate.

The scene was a little comical.

Usually, when they taught their disciples, they were strict with them and would beat and scold them.

But now, in the face of a little fellow, they were restrained.

They did not dare to speak loudly, nor did they dare to reprimand him sternly and carefully.

The other masters secretly laughed at such a comical scene.


Even the usually cold Lin Qingzhu couldnt help but laugh.

Most importantly, this little fellows background was too great.

No one dared to provoke him.

One had to know that everyone in this hall was brought up by this little fellow.

Now things have changed, but the ideal status change has not happened.

The humble group of people back then were still very humble.

“Senior Brother, I cant teach him.”

Qi Wuhui wiped his cold sweat.

This little fellow was originally taught by those elders in the forbidden area of the back mountain.

However, they said that they couldnt take it anymore after teaching for a few days.

Meng Tianzheng had no choice but to pick him up.

He was personally nurtured by the seven peak masters.

However, the seven peak masters also faced such a problem.

Meng Tianzheng also sighed.

This was really a hot potato.

“Hey, Little Martial Uncle, you cant touch that thing.

Its dangerous.”

The elders in the entire hall panicked when they saw the little fellow grabbing at a sharp sword.

They hurriedly chased after her to stop him.

The entire hall was filled with elders following behind a little fellow.

One ran in front of him while the other chased behind him, afraid that they would bump into something.

Logically speaking, with this little fellows seniority since he had just entered the sect, he should be in the same generation as Little Mengli.

At most, he was in the same generation as Lin Qingzhu.

However, the problem was that no one dared to take him in as a disciple.

In the end, Meng Tianzheng decided to give him a Dao name, Xuanyi.

It could be considered as restoring his identity.

Therefore, he was undoubtedly the youngest in the Heaven Mending Sect, but had the highest seniority.

Just as everyone had a headache and did not know what to do, a gust of wind blew past.

Everyone was shocked and hurriedly looked up.

They saw a handsome man in white standing in front of Xuanyi.

Little Xuanyi panicked and hurriedly hid behind an elder.

“Who are you…”

Ye Qiu just looked at him quietly.

He was expressionless and looked very strict.

Little Xuanyi was so frightened that he didnt dare to move.

After a while, Ye Qiu smiled again, revealing a gratified smile.

“Haha, as expected, Little Martial Uncle, long time no see.”

Ye Qius expression suddenly changed.

He grabbed Xuanyi from the ground and raised him high.

“F*ck, Junior Brother Ye, be gentle.

Be gentle.

Dont let Little Martial Uncle fall.”

When the elders saw this, they were shocked and hurriedly ran up, as if they were afraid that Ye Qiu wouldnt be able to hold on and would fall.


Seeing this, Ye Qiu couldnt help but laugh.

As Xuanyi returned to the Heaven Mending Sect, the fateful battle back then finally ended.

Meng Tianzheng walked up with relief and said, “Junior Brother, when did you return to the mountain Why didnt you inform me You left for half a year without any news.

I was so anxious.”

Ye Qiu smiled and complained, “Senior Brother, Im used to being alone.

I was careless.”

The few of them asked about her well-being.

Only then did Ye Qiu notice that there was a small figure following behind Lin Qingzhu.


Ye Qiu immediately felt surprised and hurriedly walked towards Lin Qingzhu.

When Lin Qingzhu saw her master walking over, she hurriedly said, “Greetings, Master.”

Ye Qiu didnt answer.

Instead, he looked at the little fellow behind her.

With his Heavenly Eye, he could see the endless power in her body.

“Good lord, theyre all here.”

This glance shocked Ye Qiu.

He turned around to look at Little Xuanyi and found it funny.

He then said, “Disciple, who is this little fellow”

Little Mengli was a little afraid.

She looked at the handsome man in front of her and felt that he was a little like the demon she often saw in her nightmares.

Countless times, Little Mengli had dreamed of the same man.

He held a sword and stabbed herself crazily.

Now that she saw Perfected Ye Qiu, her face turned pale.

It was him, the demon in her dream.

“Master, Im afraid…”

Little Mengli was so frightened that her entire body was trembling.

She held onto her masters thigh tightly and hid behind Lin Qingzhu, trembling.

Lin Qingzhu felt that it was strange.

Why was this little fellow so afraid of her master

“Mengli, be good.

Dont be afraid.

This is your grandmaster.

He wont hurt you.”

She explained patiently, but Little Mengli was still very afraid and refused to listen.


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