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While Xiao Zhan and Yang He were fighting, the others were not idle either.

Elder Xu was already heavily injured and could not fight anymore.

Yang Xiao, who saw an opportunity, was just about to make a move.

At this moment, a gray-robed old man landed steadily beside Xiao Yi.

This person was Wang Hai.

“Another expert of the Five Realms.

Damn it… The two Five Realms experts of the Xiao Clan actually moved out together.” Yang Xiao cursed silently and immediately retreated behind everyone.

At this time, the decision of this battle was entirely on the two people above.

The battle became more and more intense.

The entire street was in a state of chaos.

Everyone was scared half to death and hid at home, not daring to come out.

“Yang He, its been decades! Is this all youve got” The more Xiao Zhan fought, the braver he became.

With one hand, he was able to suppress Yang Hes explosive hammer and beat him back.

Although the Xiao Clans foundation was not as strong as the Yang Clans, they still had Xiao Zhan.

This guy had the attribute of becoming stronger when facing stronger opponents.

He had the battle record of not being at a disadvantage even when facing two experts of the Five Realms.

This was also the main reason why the Xiao Family could gain a foothold in Guangling City.

“Hmph, Xiao Zhan, are you really going against my Yang Clan for three girls” Yang He knew that he was no match, so he immediately retreated and threatened.

Before he came, he had wanted to use Zhao Waner and Lin Qingzhu as an excuse to make things difficult for the Xiao Clan.

Who would have thought that the Xiao Family, which had been backing down, would suddenly become so aggressive today

This didnt make sense.

“What a joke.

My son has been bullied.

How could I swallow my anger as his father”

With a heavy slash, Yang He was instantly knocked down from the sky by Xiao Zhan.

He was like a god of war, mighty and unyielding.

Yang He spat out a mouthful of blood and instantly sent out a transmission talisman.

In an instant, several black shadows flickered.

In less than a moment, the entire street was filled with people.

They were all experts from the Yang Family.

Seeing this, Xiao Zhan immediately understood that he had fallen into a trap.

“Xiao Zhan, Ill give you one more chance! Leave this place and hand these three girls over to my Yang Clan to deal with.

I can pretend that nothing happened today.” Yang He stood up again and said coldly.

Yang Xiao already told him that these two girls did not put his Yang Family in their eyes at all.

No matter what, he had to discipline them today.

Let the world see the consequences of offending the Yang Family.

Furthermore, he had noticed that Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Waner were born with divine bones.

He had actually encountered two people with this kind of unique physique.

At the time, Yang He had harbored evil intentions.

He had wanted to dig out their divine bones and graft them onto his son.

Otherwise, why would he have the time to fool around with Yang Xiao and fight Xiao Zhan over two girls

However, in the current situation, with Xiao Zhan as a bug, it was indeed not easy to deal with.

Therefore, he decided to settle for second best.

He would deal with Zhao Waner and Lin Qingzhu first.

There would be plenty of opportunities in the future to deal with the Xiao Clan.

At this moment, Xiao Zhans expression was a little grave.

He didnt know if he was doing the right thing because he didnt know how important these two girls were to Ye Qiu.

If they were just an ordinary disciple, then their Xiao Family might not be able to exchange for anything even if they risked the lives of their entire family.

At this moment, Zhao Waner calmly walked out.

Looking at the tense atmosphere, she said to Xiao Zhan, “Uncle Xiao, we appreciate your kindness.

However, we cant bear to sacrifice so many lives for us.

Life and death are up to fate.

We have seen everything that the Xiao family has done today.

If we can leave here alive today, we will definitely repay Uncle Xiaos kindness in the future.”

Xiao Zhan was extremely touched after hearing these words.

At least the other party was still considerate of him and wasnt an ungrateful person.

Since that was the case, he could not sit back and do nothing.

“Young lady, I will definitely take care of todays matter.”

“Hmph, stubborn.”

Just as Yang He was about to give the order to attack, Lin Qingzhu suddenly pulled out the Violet Cloud Sword.

Instantly, everyones attention was drawn over.

“This is…”

“Violet Cloud Sword”

“Isnt that Perfected Xuantians sword Why is it in this girls hands…”

Yang Hes heart trembled.

As an expert of the older generation, there was practically no one who didnt recognize this sword.

This was because its master used to be an existence that made all the major clans, immortal sects and holy lands feel fear.

The previous peak master of Violet Cloud Peak, the Paragon expert who had passed away ten years ago, Daoist Xuantian.

“Haha, its really the Violet Cloud Sword.” Xiao Zhan laughed.

Seeing the Violet Cloud Sword, he instantly understood how special Lin Qingzhus identity was.

Violet Cloud Sword was a symbol of status, which meant that she was the next successor.

To be groomed as Ye Qius successor, it was clear how important she was to Ye Qiu.

Previously, he was still wondering if these two people were worth saving.

Now that he saw this.

It was worth it, it was really worth it…

“Exactly who are you” At this moment, even Yang He had a look of fear on his face.

Lin Qingzhu coldly walked out from the crowd.

She held her sword in front of her and said, “I am Lin Qingzhu, the First Disciple of Violet Cloud Peaks master, Ye Qiu.”

The crowd was stunned by her words.

“Ye Qiu… No, thats impossible.”

At this time, Yang Xiaos face was ghastly pale and his heart was like dead ashes.

He did not believe this to be true, but he could not explain the Violet Cloud Sword in Lin Qingzhus hand.

Others might be unfamiliar with this name, but he had a deep impression of it.

This was because his master was the elder of the Immortal Mountains Sacred Ground, Li Changkong, who had fought against Ye Qiu back then.

He was also present when Ye Qiu defeated two Hidden Life Five Realms experts with one strike.

That scene was still fresh in his mind, like a nightmare.

Unfortunately, he did not notice Lin Qingzhu behind him.

Otherwise, he would not have dared to provoke Lin Qingzhu.

When he heard that she was Ye Qius disciple, his face turned pale.

The Heaven Mending Sect was not inferior to the Immortal Mountain.

Moreover, in terms of strength, it was likely above the Immortal Mountain.

Yang Hes face turned ashen when he heard that she was Ye Qius disciple.

He glared at his son furiously.

This incompetent fellow actually lied to him and said that she was just an ordinary person.

“Patriarch! What should we do now” The two experts unknowingly came behind Yang He.

They had heard about the two experts from the Lin family.

It would be hard to resolve this matter now that they had offended Ye Qiu.

“Damn it! No wonder that old guy Xiao Zhan would protect them.

It turns out that he placed his bet on the Heaven Mending Sect.

Damn it…”

Seeing their serious expressions, even Zhao Waner looked over in surprise and asked curiously.

“Senior Sister, where did this sword come from Why do they look so fearful”

Lin Qingzhu also didnt understand, so she explained, “I dont know either.

I heard from Master that this Violet Cloud Sword is the first sword of our Violet Cloud Peak for generations.

Most of its fame comes from Perfected Xuantian.

However, Master has never mentioned anything about Grandmaster to me.

“Master only told me that if I were to encounter these old fellows in the future, I would be safe as long as I took out the Violet Cloud Sword.

Our Grandmaster must be a peerless expert.

Otherwise, they wouldnt be so afraid.”

“I see.

I didnt expect our Violet Cloud Peak to actually have such a formidable grandmaster other than Master.” Zhao Waner came to a sudden realization and was delighted.

It seemed that todays disaster could be avoided.

She never thought that Ye Qiu would actually leave such a trick for Lin Qingzhu.

Once Violet Cloud Sword appeared, sure enough, all the experts of the Yang Clan didnt dare to move.


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