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The moment the taboo was removed, the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast let out a furious roar.

A huge force instantly spread out.

In an instant, Ye Qiu was sent flying back.

Lian Feng flew up and successfully caught it.

Her eyes were filled with concern as she said worriedly, “Qiu, are you alright”

No one would have thought that the guardian of this longevity medicine was actually a Deva Realm ancient divine beast, the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast.

Ye Qiu had suffered a huge loss the first time they met.

The surrounding crowd was also gloating.

“Haha, this kid is too bold.

He deserves to be killed.” A burly man said disdainfully, and the others echoed.

They could only be opponents here.

There was no need to be polite.

If Ye Qiu was injured and fought to the death with the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast, they would be the third party who gets the benefits.

Ye Qiu finally calmed down after taking a deep breath.

A crazy smile gradually appeared on his face.

“Ah… this long-lost pain.”

As if he was enjoying it, Ye Qiu quickly recovered from the pain.

He smiled as he felt the numbness on his arm.

“Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast A spatial divine beast with a pure bloodline.

Its rune precious technique happens to have the same effect as my lightning technique.

These violent runes are not lightning with immense lethality.

They are clearly charging treasures.”

Ye Qiu smiled, a very impudent smile.

Others thought that this Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beasts powerful lightning technique had already injured Ye Qiu.

However, what they didnt know was that not only did the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beasts attack not injure Ye Qiu, but it also made up for the lightning technique in his body.

Not to mention them, even Ye Qiu couldnt think of it.

Therefore, he was very excited now, as if he had been fully charged.

Back then, when Ye Qiu entered the Dao, he had passed the test of the Heavenly Tribulation and forcefully opened three paths.

It could be said to be astonishing.

He had also received the Nine Heavens Divine Punishment to the supreme realm.

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Unfortunately, there were still flaws that Ye Qiu couldnt make up for.

He had already used the few opportunities he had been given to restore other secret techniques and missed this chance.

Now that he saw this Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast, Ye Qiu was extremely excited. How is this a ferocious beast This is clearly my big treasure, the charging treasure.


He, who was gradually getting excited, revealed a strange smile and became even more impudent.

Lian Feng thought that he had gone crazy and couldnt bear to look at him.

“If it doesnt work, we should give up.

There are many treasures in this immortal palace.

We dont lack this one.

Dont force yourself.

If the longevity medicine is gone, we can find another one.

If youre gone, I will be a widow.

I dont want to be a widow at such a young age.”

Ye Qius smile stopped when he heard this.

The corner of his mouth twitched as he glanced at the serious Lian Feng. Damn it, this little girl actually doubted my ability and said that I cant do it

The corner of Ye Qius mouth twitched.

He stood up straight again and said, “Hmph, a mere Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast cant hurt me.

Stay here and dont move.

Wait for me to subdue it.”

Lian Feng: “…”

Alright, just be stubborn.

This mans greatest flaw was that he refused to listen to advice and was stubborn.

Perhaps when he had been dead for a hundred years and she dug up his grave, he would still stubborn.

“Be careful.”

Lian Feng knew that this guy wouldnt listen to her advice, so she didnt say anything else.

She was just constantly prepared to help if Ye Qiu was in danger.

No matter what, he was still her sweetheart.

Although he was a little stubborn, he was still good in other aspects.

How could she sit back and do nothing

Ye Qiu regrouped and stepped into that domain again.

At this moment, he seemed to have become a completely different person.

With a wave of his arm, his entire body emitted an invasive purple lightning.

The Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beasts heart trembled when it saw this.

It didnt know what great killing move this human man in front of it was hiding and was extremely cautious.

The moment he stepped into the void, Ye Qiu could feel that he had already entered the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beasts spatial domain.

It was a very strange spatial domain.

The distance between spaces was extremely complicated here.

Sometimes, one might not be able to cross the distance in a year or ten years.

In the domain, Ye Qiu frowned and didnt dare to be distracted.

This was his true opponent, an immortal-level opponent, and a pure-blooded ancient divine beast.

The most troublesome thing was that the other party was a spatial lightning divine beast and was extremely powerful.

It was even more terrifying than any opponent Ye Qiu had encountered back then.

All the Martial Monarchs present were shocked when they saw Ye Qiu step into the void.

“What does he want to do Could it be that he really wants to fight the Purple Cloud Swallowing Beast”

Everyone was shocked and found Ye Qius madness unbelievable.

“Does this kid really want to die Thats a Deva Realm existence, an immortal-level ferocious beast thats not suppressed by any order of heaven and earth.”

“Thats not the opponents he encountered before.

How dare he be so arrogant”

No one dared to believe what they saw.

They discussed animatedly and were shocked by Ye Qius madness.

In the depths of the darkness, Hua Feiyu silently watched this place.

After a long time, he sighed.

He, who knew Ye Qius background, shook his head.

“Sigh, hes bragging again.”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Others might not believe that Ye Qiu could win, but he believed it 100%.

There was nothing difficult in this world in front of this kid.

He was already used to it.

With Ye Qiu here, he knew that it was impossible for him to snatch the Longevity pill, so he simply looked elsewhere.

The atmosphere gradually froze.

In the tense atmosphere, a strong fighting spirit burned.

The Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast stared fixedly at Ye Qiu.

Ye Qiu was also looking at it.

The two sides had yet to fight, but they were already secretly competing.

It was as if they were the only ones left in this world.


After an unknown period of time, Ye Qiu took a deep breath.

He looked at the incomparably huge and mighty figure above and was incomparably shocked.

That purple electric cloud had an astonishing aura.

Ordinary people might have already retreated when they felt this pressure.

However, Ye Qiu didnt intend to give up.

He carefully sensed the change in his aura and thought to himself. “What a shocking aura.

This lightning technique is filled with destructive power, enough to destroy an immortal body.

This guy… is unprecedentedly powerful.”

Ye Qiu was very cautious, but he was also very excited.

“Unfortunately, its destined to be my charger.”

At this point, Ye Qiu smiled evilly.

His smile gradually became impudent.

The Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beasts heart trembled when it saw him smile.

“Gasp… What is this guy doing What is he laughing at Not good… He must be thinking of some scheme.”

The Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast pretended to be calm, but it was indeed panicking in its heart.

Others might think that he was very powerful, but he knew best how important he was.

He had slept in this immortal palace for millions of years and had never cultivated at all.

He had completely relied on his innate divine power and the nurturing of longevity medicine to grow to this point.

In the past thousands of years, countless fellows had designs on the Longevity pill.

The Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast was quite flustered at first.

Later on, he slowly discovered that his domineering appearance could mostly intimidate his opponents and make them retreat without fighting.

Therefore, he had spent a lot of effort on his appearance.

It could be said that his cultivation had been used for styling, but he had never cultivated any powerful precious techniques.

Seeing that it couldnt intimidate Ye Qiu, the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast began to panic.


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