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“This is… the Ancient Heavenly Court”

Ye Qiu was shocked when he saw that golden light.

In the chaos, he seemed to see the dazzling scene of the gods.

As the underwater immortal palace appeared, the entire East Sea was instantly in chaos.

All the immortal holy lands and large clans began to stir.

The Path to Heaven was about to open.

Many people had waited thousands of years for such an opportunity.

“A great fortune has appeared.

Everyone, charge.”

A shout came from the crowd.

The instantly quiet crowd became violent.

Countless people rushed down.

But who would have thought that under the abyss, a golden light would suddenly emit and push everyone away


Qi Wuhui, who was the fiercest, was slapped against a cliff.

Ye Qiu turned around and smiled unkindly.

“Haha! Senior Brother Qi, I didnt expect you to be a promising person.”

Ye Qiu really couldnt hold it in anymore when he saw the two big bumps on Qi Wuhuis head.

His smile caused the others to start laughing too.

Actually, the most unkind person was Liu Qingfeng.

Originally, Qi Wuhui was an elder and he didnt dare to laugh.

But when he saw Martial Uncle Ye laugh, he couldnt help it.


Liu Qingfeng held his stomach and laughed until he couldnt straighten his back.

Even the usually cold Lin Qingzhu covered her mouth and tried her best to hold back her laughter.

She really couldnt be blamed.

It was mainly because Qi Wuhuis current appearance was too comical.

The originally oppressive atmosphere instantly became lively again because of Qi Wuhui.

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When Meng Tianzheng saw this scene, he grinned unkindly and said, “Junior Brother Qi, haste makes waste.

Youre already more than a hundred years old, yet youre still so rash.

Cant you be more mature like me”

Meng Tianzheng looked like he expected better from him, making Qi Wuhui so angry that his teeth itched.

He was already so miserable.

Yet, this group of fellow disciples even added insult to injury and mocked him.


Suddenly, there was a loud bang, and the underwater immortal palace trembled again.

A golden door slowly opened.

In the sky, golden light condensed into four words.

“Please enter the Dao”

Seeing this, Ye Qiu frowned.

What kind of new game was this

Just as they were feeling puzzled, someone couldnt hold it in anymore and rushed in the moment the door opened.

This time, he did not suffer a counterattack like before.

Instead, he successfully entered the Immortal Palace.

Ye Qiu carefully observed the laws of the Immortal Palace and didnt sense any danger, so he was relieved.

“Master, Mistress.”

At this moment, Lin Qingzhus voice came from behind.

Her gaze remained on her peers.

Seeing that those opponents had already begun to set off, Lin Qingzhu was also a little anxious.

She said, “Should we set off too”

Ye Qiu didnt respond.

Instead, he continued to think.

Lian Feng hesitated for a moment.

In the world of great competition, anyone who had the heart to become an immortal would definitely fight.

The opportunity was right in front of them.

Whether they fought or not depended on their choice.

Lian Fengs thoughts were more comprehensive.

These two disciples both had the potential to become immortals.

They naturally could not miss such a huge opportunity.

After thinking for a moment, she took out two jade talismans and handed them to the two of them.

“Take these two jade talismans and carry them with you.

If you encounter anything you cant resolve, you can crush the jade talismans.

Ill be behind you at any time.”

Hearing this, Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Waners hearts trembled.

They were incomparably touched.

They held the jade talisman in their hands and loved it.

This was a talisman given to them by their mistress and was also a life-saving method.

They cherished it very much.

“Alright, Mistress, dont worry.

We definitely wont disappoint you.” Lin Qingzhu said firmly.

Ye Qiu didnt say anything.

Instead, he silently looked at them, feeling a little surprised.

The Lian Feng in his heart was cold, as if she didnt care about anything in the world.

However, she still had such a gentle scene with his loved ones.

He even treated his disciples as her own disciples.

Ye Qiu nodded in his heart.

He could get along with his wife.

If anything happened, she would really do it.

It seemed like that longevity medicine was worth it.

“Go, I believe in you.”

Lian Feng revealed a rare gentle smile and gave a few final instructions before watching Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Waner enter the Immortal Palace.

Her kindness to these two girls even made Ye Qiu doubt himself. Arent they my disciples

Ye Qiu smiled and said, “Lianer, I didnt expect you to care so much about my disciples.

Im a little flattered.”

Lian Feng glared at him coldly and said, “What do you mean Isnt your disciple also my disciple”

Ye Qiu was stunned.

He thought about it carefully.

Yes, that made sense.

He pulled her over and said, “Yes, thats right.

My disciple is also your disciple.

If you want, I can give myself to you too.”

“Screw you.

Who cares”

Lian Feng revealed a rare playful expression, as if she despised him.

The way the two of them flirted caused someone to wail indignantly.


Hua Feiyus dream was completely shattered.

At this moment, they were a family.


At this moment, a heroic laugh came from the sky.

A mysterious Martial Monarch who had been hiding in the depths of the void had finally appeared.

Everyone hurriedly looked over and discovered that a burly man had appeared in the depths of the void.

He held a butchers knife in his hand and looked murderous.

“Hmm… Feng Tuwang of the Ten-thousand-mile Abyss”

Hua Feiyu frowned and felt an inexplicable sense of danger.

Even Lian Feng was stunned.

“Feng Tuwang actually appeared.”

Hearing Lian Fengs surprised words, Ye Qiu was stunned and looked up.

Feng Tuwangs entire body emitted an extremely dense murderous aura.

It was very terrifying.

It was obvious that he was a butcher who had killed countless innocent creatures.

Clearly, everyones expressions changed at his appearance.

It was obvious that he was strong and bloody and violent.

Ye Qiu smiled faintly and said, “Is Feng Tuwang very strong”

Lian Feng turned around and said with a solemn expression, “Very strong.”

To be able to say this from her mouth, it was enough to show that she was indeed capable.

Ye Qius interest was immediately piqued.

It was mainly because he was too lonely.

Finally, he had a good opponent.

As soon as Feng Tuwang appeared, the expressions of a Holy Land from the Extreme Domain changed drastically.

“Feng Tuwang, you actually dare to appear.

Pay for the blood debt of my thirty thousand disciples.”

Suddenly, a long sword tore through the sky and slashed towards Feng Tuwang.

Feng Tuwang looked at the old man in disdain and said, “Old Man Jueyun, you want revenge”

A gaze swept over, followed by the cold butchers knife.

In a single exchange, the old man was knocked down.

“First Elder.”

All the disciples were instantly furious when they saw that Daoist Jueyun had been severely injured by the saber of Feng Tuwang.

“Damn it, attack together!”


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