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“Damn ant, you actually dared to kill my young master.

Just you wait.

When our patriarch comes personally, he will make you pay with your blood.”

A follower shouted angrily and quickly escaped.

It was obvious that he was going back to report.

Lu Feng saw that the situation was wrong and berated, “Stop him.”

The scene was instantly in chaos.

All the disciples of the Heaven Mending Sect instantly attacked, preparing to stop those white tigers followers.

However, Zhao Waner raised her hand and pushed them back.

“Theres no need.

Its impossible to hide this matter.

Theres no need to waste your energy.”

Her heart was as clear as a mirror.

She knew very well that this matter could not be hidden at all.


Lu Feng still wanted to persuade her.

He raised his hand and lowered his head helplessly when he saw that the few of them had already fled far away.

“Sigh… Martial Niece, you were indeed too impulsive.”

Lu Feng also sighed and was a little speechless.

Why was the temper of the people from Violet Cloud Peak so strange Did they not consider the consequences when they killed They originally thought that in the entire sect, only Ye Qiu didnt play by the rules.

Who would have thought that his three disciples had perfectly inherited his personality

The other Holy Lands were also worried about Zhao Waner killing the white tiger.

Daoist Tiantong said, “Martial Niece Zhao, I think you should leave this troublesome place first.

It wont be long before the White Tiger Clan makes a comeback.

At that time…”

His meaning was very clear.

If her master was here, she might still have something to rely on.

However, the problem was that no one had seen Ye Qiu yet.

They couldnt help but worry for her.

Just as the old powerhouses were discussing countermeasures, a teasing voice came from the horizon.

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“Haha… exciting, exciting, too exciting.”

As soon as this voice appeared, the scene fell silent.

Everyone couldnt help but look over.

In the void, a man in green suddenly appeared.

His face was filled with a confident smile.

His appearance immediately caused the entire East Sea to fall into a cold atmosphere.

Everyones breathing became tense.

“Martial… Martial Monarch.”

“Mountain Yaos Saint, Hua Feiyu…”

“He actually broke through to the Martial Monarch realm”

For a moment, everyones expressions changed drastically.

The appearance of a Martial Monarch realm expert on this battlefield meant that this conflict had changed.

The moment Hua Feiyu appeared, everyone immediately became nervous.

No one knew why he was here.

They only knew that as soon as he arrived, he stared fixedly at Zhao Waner and teased this disciple of a Martial Monarch realm expert with a playful and disdainful tone.

“Who are you”

Zhao Waner instantly became nervous.

She could feel that Hua Feiyu was very strong.

She had only felt such an aura from her master, and she panicked.

Unexpectedly, the White Tiger Clan did not appear.

Instead, a mysterious Martial Monarch appeared.

Moreover, the other partys gaze seemed to be filled with ill intentions.

“Me” Hua Feiyu smiled faintly.

He recalled his experience of being tortured by Ye Qiu and a trace of anger flashed across his eyes.

“Haha, you dont have to know my background.

You only need to know one thing.

Your master still owes me a debt.”


As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of everyone from the Heaven Mending Sect instantly changed.

“Not good, this person actually has a grudge with Martial Uncle Ye.

Looks like were going to be completely wiped out today.”

“Only a being like Martial Uncle Ye can deal with such an expert.

Even if we attack together, we will only be sending ourselves to our deaths.”

“Martial Uncle Lu, what should we do now”

Everyone discussed animatedly and was extremely nervous.

They all asked for Lu Fengs opinion.

The current situation was very disadvantageous to the Heaven Mending Sect.

No one expected a Martial Monarch to suddenly appear.

At this moment, Lu Feng was even more dumbfounded.

He didnt know what to do either.

He was only at the early-stage Paragon realm.

He couldnt even defeat Zhao Waner, let alone Hua Feiyu.

“Its over.

Im done for.”

Lu Feng had clearly given up resisting when he heard this.

At this moment, the calmest person was Zhao Waner.

When she heard that the other party had a grudge against her master, her heart instantly calmed down.

At this time, panic could not solve the problem.

Only by being calm could he think of a countermeasure.

Seeing that they were silent and looked like they were facing a great enemy, Hua Feiyu smiled disdainfully and said, “Haha, theres no need to be nervous.

I disdain to bully a junior girl.

I will personally ask Ye Qiu for the debt he owes me.”

He had his own pride, so he would not stoop to bullying a junior.

After all, everyone present was watching.

If he attacked, wouldnt he be telling the world that he was inferior to Ye Qiu He couldnt defeat Ye Qiu, so he bullied his disciple

He, Hua Feiyu, could not afford to lose face.

Hearing Hua Feiyus words, everyone heaved a sigh of relief, but they had yet to recover.

Hua Feiyu sneered again and said, “Compared to me, you should think about how to face that lunatic first…”


Everyone was puzzled.

They followed his gaze and saw dark clouds pressing down from the clouds.

An incomparably terrifying power shocked the Nine Heavens and crushed over.

Judging from his aura, his strength was at least at the peak of the King-Ranked realm.


“White Tiger Clans Clan Master, Li Yuan”

In an instant, everyones expressions changed drastically.

They immediately recognized the huge white tiger with a murderous expression above the clouds.

That was the Clan Master of the White Tiger Clan, the father of the little white tiger that Zhao Waner had killed just now.

“What speed.”

Zhao Waners heart trembled when she saw the other partys figure.

She knew that something was wrong.

Not long after the little white tiger died, his father had already arrived.

They had no time to react.

The huge white tiger shouted angrily with a condescending gaze.

“Who killed my son Come out!”

His hateful gaze examined everyone.

Wherever his gaze swept, everyone lowered their heads and did not dare to look straight at him.

At this moment, Li Yuan was very angry.

He had just taken a nap and his son had actually been killed.

That was the successor appointed by the Patriarch.

The only hope of the White Tiger Clan to return to the peak was actually killed.

At this moment, his anger had already gone to his head.

He was determined to make the person who killed his son pay with his blood.

No matter what the other partys background was.

With this angry shout, Zhao Waner walked out from the crowd and pushed away Lu Feng, who was blocking her, replying, “Its me.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Li Yuans murderous gaze instantly looked over.

“Alright, you have the courage to take responsibility.”

Li Yuan suppressed his anger and continued to ask coldly, “Who are you Do you dare to tell me your name I want to see who is so bold to make an enemy of my White Tiger Clan.”

Zhao Waner staggered and couldnt stand still.

However, she still endured it with difficulty.

Cold sweat flowed, but her aura did not decrease at all.

She said, “Why wouldnt I dare to admit it Since I dare to do it, I dare to admit it.

I am the disciple of Ye Qiu of the Heaven Mending Sect.

Zhao Waner, I killed your son.

If you want to kill or torture me, feel free to do so.”


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