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Once such a heavenly flame is successfully cultivated, how can anyone in the world be a match for it”

Meng Tianzheng took a deep breath and became even more excited.

This was because such a heaven-defying secret technique had actually appeared in their Heaven Mending Sect.

Who would dare not admit that they were orthodox with this set of immortal techniques

While they were shocked, everyone was curious about what happened inside.

However, this scorching heat suppressed them until they could not take a step forward at all.

They could only stare from outside.

“Ah… Im so anxious.

I really want to go in.

I wonder if Junior Brother Qian Yi is dead or alive” Qi Wuhui said anxiously.

Daoist Gui Yun said seriously, “I think that if Junior Brother Ye goes crazy, his chances of survival are almost zero.

We should think about how to prepare his funeral first.

Make the arrangements more dignified.”


Everyone instantly arrived.

Lin Qingzhu did not say a word as she listened to the martial uncles discussion.

She was incomparably nervous.

She knew better than anyone what this fire was.

That was her junior sister, Zhao Waner, who had cultivated the Red Lotus Karmic Flame.

However, the Red Lotus Karmic Flame in her memory seemed to be unable to reach this level.

The only explanation was that this Karmic Flame was released by her master.

Lin Qingzhu nervously pinched the corner of her clothes and pursed her lips.

She really wanted to take the risk to go down and see what was going on inside.

While they were getting impatient, at this moment, in the Qianqing Hall.


“Whats wrong with Master”

Below, Zhao Waner, who was still quietly waiting for Ye Qiu to impart his technique, was shocked when she realized Ye Qius sudden change.

She could feel an incomparably familiar flame burning in Ye Qius body.

That flame seemed to come from the same source as the fire in her body, attracting her all the time.

As Ye Qiu began to deduce the karmic flames, her body slowly became hot.

“Hmm… What a strange feeling.” With a soft groan, Zhao Waner tugged at her clothes, feeling a little uncomfortable.

Why was it so hot in Qin Chuan when its still snowing

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Ye Qiu slowly pushed with his hands and a ball of flames instantly condensed in his hands.

“This is…”

Zhao Waner was completely shocked when she saw the flames.

It was the Red Lotus Karmic Flame that she cultivated.

It had the effect of attracting the precious bone in her body.

Because of this ball of fire, the power in her body began to boil uncontrollably.

“Disciple, sit down!” Ye Qiu suddenly opened his eyes and said seriously.

After Zhao Waner heard this, she hurriedly sat down with her back facing Ye Qiu, not daring to hesitate.

Ye Qiu slowly pushed his hands out and gently pressed them against Zhao Waners back.

The karmic flames in his body instantly entered Zhao Waners body.

That terrifying power instantly burned Zhao Waners body until she was drenched in sweat.

She was red and felt extremely uncomfortable.

“Dont be distracted! This technique is a supreme immortal technique.

Its obscure and difficult to understand.

Its extremely profound.

Its difficult for you to comprehend with your talent.

You just need to follow my qi and do whatever I do.” Ye Qiu closed his eyes and instructed again.

It was only when she heard this that Zhao Waner understood her masters good intentions.

She was incomparably touched.

She did not expect this to be a supreme immortal technique.

Indeed, just as her master had said, it was almost impossible for her to comprehend this immortal technique.

Even a god-grade secret technique was very difficult for her to comprehend, let alone an immortal technique.

Her master actually specially went to cultivate the Red Lotus Karmic Flame for her.

The goal was to scout the way for her and make notes on the Red Lotus Karmic Flame so that it would be easier for her to cultivate.

Thinking of this, Zhao Waner choked off a sob.

Her master had done too many things for her, so she didnt know how to express it.

The only thing he could do was to try her best to comprehend this technique.

She could not disappoint her master and not let him down.

After making up her mind, Zhao Waner gradually entered a state of mind and slowly activated the Red Lotus Karmic Flame in her body.

Zhao Waner was even more shocked as she felt the profound laws of Ye Qius Karmic Flame.

She could feel that the karmic flames her master cultivated were hundreds of thousands of times stronger than hers.

If she could really cultivate such a shocking immortal technique, she might be able to fight against those so-called innate supreme beings in the future.

“Its starting!”

With a surprised cry, a ball of Karmic Flame surged into her body and crazily surged through her blood.

Zhao Waner immediately perked up and carefully observed the flow of the karmic flames.

In an instant, Ye Qiu pushed out his hand and said, “This scripture is the supreme profundity of the Red Lotus Karmic Flame.

Remember it.

Later, Ill teach you how to deduce it.”


Zhao Waner didnt hesitate and instantly entered a state.

However, she didnt have Lin Qingzhus photographic memory.

It was indeed a little difficult to remember this obscure scripture.

Fortunately, this scripture was an extension of the one she had cultivated before.

Therefore, she only used two hours to memorize it.

After Zhao Waner memorized it, she was completely shocked.

“Heavens, theres actually such a terrifying technique in the world.”

Zhao Waners face instantly turned pale after reading the complete scripture.

No matter what, she never thought that her master would actually teach her such a shocking technique.

Even her senior sister had never grasped such a technique.

She was even more delighted in her heart.

Looks like Master still loves me.


“Dont be distracted.

Focus and watch how I deduce.”

“Oh, oh…”

Zhao Waner was shocked and cursed herself when Ye Qiu reminded her.

It was too worrisome to be distracted at this time.

She instantly entered a state of concentration.

She only felt the blood in her body gradually being cleared by Ye Qiu.

The blood in her body was boiling, and the scorching karmic flames continuously baptized her body.

Her strength instantly increased by a level.

This surprising change shocked Zhao Waner so much that her heart trembled.

In the void, a ball of flames vaguely appeared and gradually evolved into laws and order.

She followed Ye Qius deduction path and deduced again.

She suddenly discovered that the divine bone in her body was transforming.

“Gasp… To be reborn and become an immortal”

Zhao Waner was shocked.

The divine bones in her body were actually transforming after the baptism of karmic flames.

It would gradually transform into an immortal bone.

Once she successfully transformed, her innate aptitude would surpass those so-called innate supreme beings.

She would widen the distance and become a genius that attracted the attention of the world.

She could even stand shoulder to shoulder with Little Linglong.

That was truly a fully deserving immortal body.

How could she not be shocked!

“Immortal… Bone!”

Zhao Waner was completely stunned.

She never dared to think that she would one day reach such a heaven-defying physique, that she could also become a genius with a supreme immortal body that attracted the attention of the world.

Even Ye Qiu was shocked by this transformation.

Clearly, he didnt expect the Red Lotus Karmic Flame to be so terrifying.

Using Karmic Flame to establish a foundation and reconstruct ones foundation had truly achieved the shocking effect of transforming a cocoon into a butterfly.

Zhao Waners transformation could be said to be a complete transformation.


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