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Ye Qiu didnt expect that this Red Lotus Karmic Flame was even more terrifying than he had imagined.

With just a glance, Ye Qiu felt a little suffocated by the shocking pressure.

If he successfully cultivated this technique, would there be anyone in the world who could match him

The only secret technique that Ye Qiu could compare to was the Cursive Sword that had just been restored.

Both were extremely offensive secret techniques.

Their power was unimaginable.

The Red Lotus Karmic Flame was more comprehensive.

Cultivating this technique could accelerate ones cultivation speed.

Moreover, after cultivating the Red Lotus Karmic Flame, he no longer needed to worry about karma.

Because it… was immune to it.

“Oh my god, Ive made a killing this time.”

A drop of cold sweat flowed down Ye Qius forehead as he muttered with lingering fear.

Without hesitation, he began to comprehend the Red Lotus Karmic Flame.

This secret technique was a supreme immortal technique.

Zhao Waners talent was not enough, so he had to comprehend it first.

He had to simplify it and condense the essence before passing it to Zhao Waner.

Fortunately, Zhao Waner had the previous incomplete version as her foundation, so it was relatively easy for her to comprehend this technique.

She only needed to open the bloodline in her body, reconstruct the True Fire, and deduce the laws of Karmic Flame.

Therefore, everyone, please dont misunderstand.

Ye Qiu didnt want to cultivate this himself. It was mainly for my disciple.

Yes… for my little darling.

Its really not that I wont let go of anything.

Isnt this all for the sake of my disciple

“Hehe… Red Lotus Karmic Flame, Im coming.”

Rubbing his palms together, a golden light flashed across Ye Qius eyes.

In an instant, a wave of righteousness erupted.

The moment he entered a state, a violent wind swept past, and a terrifying power instantly condensed on Violet Cloud Peak.


In an instant, three Dao Flowers condensed and soared into the sky.

A shocking power instantly spread out.

“What happened”

At this moment, the expressions of everyone in the Jade Pure Hall changed drastically when they discovered this shocking change.

Their expressions changed again when they saw that it was in the direction of Violet Cloud Peak.

“Its Violet Cloud Peak.

Could it be that Master has broken through again”

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Lin Qingzhus expression changed.

She was extremely anxious because of Violet Cloud Peaks situation.

At this moment, Liu Qingfengs figure hurriedly flew over from the sky and landed in front of everyone.

Qi Wuhui saw that his face was pale and he looked very flustered.

When he saw that Daoist Qian Yi was not by his side, he suddenly had an ominous feeling.

“Qingfeng, whats going on Why are you back Wheres your Martial Uncle Qian Yi” Qi Wuhui asked impatiently.

The other masters also looked over in confusion.

Liu Qingfeng didnt have time to explain anything and hurriedly said, “Master, Martial Uncles, quickly… quickly go to Violet Cloud Peak.

Martial Uncle Ye wants to kill Martial Uncle Qian Yi.”


Everyones expressions changed when they heard this.

Ye Qiu wanted to kill Qian Yi Why Could it be that Daoist Qian Yi had offended Ye Qiu That shouldnt be the case.

They were all familiar with Ye Qius personality.

He was definitely not a bloodthirsty person.

Before he could understand the ins and outs, Meng Tianzheng instantly waved his arm and rushed to Violet Cloud Peak.

The other masters also followed closely behind and rushed to Violet Cloud Peak.

However, when they arrived above Violet Cloud Peak, they were surprised to discover that they could not enter at all.

Everyone was instantly extremely anxious, but they could only stare from outside, unable to step into the scorching fire domain.

“Its over, its over.

Looks like Junior Brother Qian Yi is doomed this time.” Qi Wuhui said helplessly.

Something big must have happened for such a big battle.

As for Qian Yi, he was only an early-stage Paragon realm expert.

In the Great Desolate World, he might be considered an expert.

But in Ye Qius eyes, it was no different from an ant on the ground.

What was an ant It was so small that even a spit could drown it.

How could it be Ye Qius match In front of Ye Qiu, it was nothing.

(Heavenly Horned Ant: “”)

“Heavens, whats going on Did Daoist Qianyi really anger Junior Brother Ye”

The more Qi Wuhui thought about it, the more anxious he became.

Of all people, you just had to provoke the one you couldnt afford to offend.

Now, the agreement between the two sects has ended.


Just as everyone was feeling nervous, a ball of Heavenly Karmic Flame suddenly pounced towards them.

The entire Violet Cloud Peak instantly became incomparably hot.

Everyone was incomparably shocked by this power.

Meng Tianzhengs expression changed.

“Red Lotus Karmic Flame!”


Everyone was stunned.

Was that flame just now the Red Lotus Karmic Flame Everyone knew about this secret technique because Violet Cloud Peaks Zhao Waner cultivated the Red Lotus Karmic Flame.

However, everyone had seen her performance.

This Red Lotus Karmic Flame didnt seem very strong.

“Senior Brother, are you really sure that its the Red Lotus Karmic Flame” Qi Wuhui questioned, and everyone else also cast their doubts.

Meng Tianzhengs face darkened, revealing an incomparably serious expression.

He could feel that the ball of flames was the Red Lotus Karmic Flame.

It was extremely similar to the scene he saw in the illusion of the Grand Primordium Ancient Ruins.

This was the feeling.

Yes… Even though a hundred years had passed, this matter was still a memory that could not be forgotten.

Back then, when he was exploring the ancient ruins of the Grand Primordium, he had seen this terrifying flame in the illusion of the ancient ruins.

This was the true strongest fire in the world, the Karmic Flame that could burn the heavens.

“Im definitely not mistaken.

This is the true Red Lotus Karmic Flame.” The more he thought about it, the more excited he became.

Meng Tianzheng said with an intense tone, “Its this kind of fire, the legendary invincible fire.

This is a supreme immortal technique.

I saw this kind of fire in the Grand Primordium Ancient Ruins a hundred years ago.

This is fire from the Heavens.”

The more he spoke, the more excited he became.

After hearing his words, everyone present was instantly shocked.

“Fire from the Heavens!”


“How is that possible…”

No one dared to believe that what Meng Tianzheng said was true.

However, they all felt the feeling of looking straight at death just now.

This kind of fire was very terrifying.

If this fire had rushed towards them just now, it would have burned them to ashes in an instant.

This was definitely not a joke.

The most terrifying thing was that Meng Tianzheng actually said that this Red Lotus Karmic Flame was actually a supreme immortal technique Thats not right.

Wasnt the Red Lotus Karmic Flame only at the Heaven-grade Could it be that Ye Qiu had perfected this technique and restored it, successfully returning to its peak

“How is this possible Although Junior Brother Ye has already reached the Martial Monarch realm, he still cant escape the boundary of mortals.

Were still worried about a heaven-grade secret technique, but hes already starting to cultivate immortal techniques”

Everyone was shocked.

That was an immortal technique.

They could not even cultivate a Heaven-grade secret technique, let alone a god-grade one.

Why was the difference between people so great when they were clearly from the same orthodoxy


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