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“Master, did I hear wrongly A hundred thousand years of cultivation”

Zhao Waner was stunned.

Ever since she entered the sect, she had never experienced the thrill of imparting cultivation.

Previously, she had heard from her senior sister that her masters cultivation impartation was very comfortable.

She did not need to cultivate and her cultivation level was rising.

She had been envious for a long time, but her master had never imparted it to her.

But now, she didnt expect Ye Qiu to impart a hundred thousand years of cultivation.

This wasnt a small sum.

Lin Qingzhu was even more shocked.

The thousand years of cultivation last time had already frightened her.

Now, their master actually said that he wanted to impart them a hundred thousand years of cultivation If the two of them added up, that would be two hundred thousand years

After a short shock, Lin Qingzhu hurriedly said, “No, Master, youve already done a lot.

Well remember it in our hearts.

You cant waste your cultivation on us anymore.

If your foundation is damaged, I will never be able to forgive myself in this lifetime.”

As expected of his little darling.

She was unmoved by these hundred thousand years of cultivation.

Instead, she was very concerned about her masters body.

How could Ye Qiu know that he was Lin Qingzhus everything How could she damage her masters foundation for her cultivation A hundred thousand years of cultivation was not a small sum.

She would rather work hard and slowly cultivate.

One day, she would also be able to reach that realm and not let her master damage her own cultivation.

Zhao Waner was also very touched.

However, she heard from her senior sister that imparting cultivation was actually so dangerous.

She immediately dispelled the thoughts in her heart and said, “Master, Senior Sister is right.

Youve already treated us well enough.

How could I dare to have other expectations You cant impart your cultivation again.”

Ye Qiu smiled in relief when he saw their touched gazes.

Sigh, it had to be a little darling.

If it was a male disciple, he might have taken it with a chuckle.

How could he still care about his master However, you guys must accept it.

If you dont want it, how can I trap the children

Should I look for Ming Yue What would she think if I wanted to impart my cultivation to someone of the same generation as her Would she think that Ye Qiu looked down on her and felt that she was too weak, so he imparted his cultivation to her Therefore, I wouldnt consider Ming Yue so as to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings.

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Should I impart it to other Heaven Mending Sect disciples then

That was even more impossible.

Good things should not go to outsiders.

My precious disciples were still hungry.

Therefore, both of you had to do it.

“Yes, Im very glad that you think so.

However, this Path to Heaven is your only chance.

How difficult is it to kill your way out on this path I cant do much, this is all I can do.

Alright, theres no need to negotiate now.

Its settled.”

Ye Qiu insisted with a firm tone.

The two of them had never seen their master so serious.

They wanted to resist, but they were afraid of making their master unhappy.

“Master…” Lin Qingzhu said with a trembling voice, feeling incomparably touched.

For her, her master had already sacrificed his cultivation countless times.

She hated her own incompetence for making her master so worried.

If her aptitude was a little better, would her master not have to work so hard

Ye Qiu was a little moved when he heard her sobbing tone.

He couldnt bear it and comforted her, “Alright, its not a big deal.

Dont worry, these two hundred thousand years of cultivation is just the tip of the iceberg to me.

It wont hurt my foundation.

I have high expectations for you.

I hope that you can make a name for yourselves in the future and bring honor to Violet Cloud Peak.”

Hearing this, the two of them were moved.

They nodded and said, “Yes, yes.

Dont worry, Master.

We will work hard and not embarrass you.”

“Alright, sit down.”

After a short emotional moment, the main show began.

This time, Ye Qiu planned to impart two at once.

After reaching the Martial Monarch realm, his upper limit of imparting cultivation was increased to 200,000 years.

However, the cooldown period became longer, several times longer than before.

Therefore, in order to treat them equally, Ye Qiu prepared to evenly distribute these two hundred thousand years of cultivation to the two of them.

As for Little Linglong She was still sleeping.

In ten years, Ye Qiu probably wouldnt need to impart his cultivation.

He estimated that when she woke up, she would at least be a Martial Monarch.

There was no need for Ye Qiu to impart his cultivation.

The two of them listened to Ye Qius words and obediently sat cross-legged in front of him, silently waiting for Ye Qiu to impart his cultivation.

He slowly pushed out his hands, and in an instant, a majestic force surged into their bodies.

“Un,” The two of them had pained expressions, as if their bodies could not withstand this power for a moment.

Lin Qingzhu was fine.

She had already reached the Five Realms, but Zhao Waner was in more pain.

As she was still in the Infinite Distance realm, her body could not take it.

Ye Qiu controlled his strength and slowly injected his power into their bodies.

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“Dont be distracted.

Defend your origin and absorb this power.”

The two of them suddenly woke up and hurriedly began to absorb it.

However, they did not expect their masters power to be so ferocious.

Their bodies were trembling and they were drenched in sweat.

They felt as if all the meridians in their bodies were filled.

Lin Qingzhu endured the pain and silently activated the Violet Cloud Treasured Tome, slowly absorbing this power.

However, the grade of the Violet Cloud Treasured Tome was not high, so it was relatively difficult to absorb.

Fortunately, Ye Qiu was already prepared.

With a raise of his hand, two golden scriptures entered their bodies.

He then said, “This mental cultivation technique is called the True Primordial Record.

Its a peerless immortal technique.

Today, I will impart this technique to you.

I hope you can comprehend it well.”

Thats right.

The mental cultivation technique Ye Qiu imparted was the True Primordial Record that he had eliminated previously.

After Ye Qiu comprehended and analyzed it, he made some adjustments.

He put in some explanations into them so that they could better comprehend it.

Otherwise, with their aptitude, they would not be able to comprehend the profundities of this mental cultivation technique without the guidance of an expert.

This was also the reason why Ye Qiu hadnt taught them because he hadnt finished tidying up.

Now that the time was right, he would teach them.


The two of them were shocked when they saw the scripture appear in their minds.

This scripture was actually a legendary god-grade cultivation technique.

Its quality was not inferior to immortal techniques at all.

If it wasnt an incomplete version, this would definitely be a fully deserving immortal technique.

The most terrifying thing was that there were many notes in this obscure scripture.

The two of them looked at it for a while and immediately understood that those notes were written by their master.

They also understood their masters good intentions.

They were extremely touched.

They never thought that in order for them to better comprehend this mental cultivation technique, their master would spend so much effort to mark it and explain it bit by bit.

After the impartation of cultivation was completed, the two of them began to comprehend the True Primordial Record.

Ye Qiu slowly stopped.

What he could do was almost done.

How much they could obtain next would depend on their own luck.

“Hehe… System.” Ye Qiu clapped his hands and shouted.

[Ding… You have imparted 200,000 years of cultivation to your disciple, triggering a Critical Hit Return.]

[Do you want to activate it]


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