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“Roar…” A roar came from the sky, and the blood-colored skull that had been cut apart gathered again.

Ever since it reunited, a terrifying power instantly erupted.

The aura from a peak-level King-Ranked instantly erupted.


The pressure of the violent wind made it difficult for everyone to stand straight.

Those with low cultivation even vomited blood.

In the deep sky, Xuanyis eyes turned cold as he shouted, “Dirty thing, get lost!” With a loud shout, he slapped down from the sky.

The palm force actually distorted the void.

Tianmeng was shocked.

She did not expect Xuanyis strength to have reached the peak of the King-Ranked realm, and his combat strength was so astonishing.

It seemed that after mastering the Dao of Reincarnation, his strength had increased greatly.

In an instant, it suppressed the blood-colored skull again.

The blood-colored skull was gradually enraged.

No matter what, he was still a peak-level King-Ranked expert who had followed the empress for many years.

There were only a handful of people in this world who could hurt him.

However, before the battle began, he was suppressed by Ye Qiu and Xuanyi twice in a row.

Damn it, do you all think Im easy to bully The blood-colored skull could not help but open its mouth as it roared.

In an instant, a devouring power swept over.

A violent wind suddenly blew.

Amidst this suction force, everyone flew uncontrollably into his mouth.

“Not good, everyone, retreat…”

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For a moment, the entire Qin Chuan was in chaos.

In the chaos, Meng Tianzheng shouted, “Silence!” Everyone fell silent as he continued to shout, “Get into formation…”

In an instant, another array appeared and blocked this devouring power.

On the other side, Xuanyi frowned when he saw this scene.

He looked at Ye Qiu, who was already fighting Tianmeng.

He wanted to go over and help, but he could not go over unless he dealt with this blood-colored skull in front of him.

“Hmph… Disgusting thing, youve killed countless people.

Your crimes are unforgivable.

Today, I will send you to the Nine Nether World and you will never be able to reincarnate.

You will suffer for generations.” Xuanyi sneered and instantly slapped down with his palm.

That terrifying palm force spread out with a mysterious power of reincarnation.

In an instant, sparks flew above the Heavenly Abyss.

This shocking array shook the world in one battle.

The Infinite World kept trembling under the impact of this power.

The experts of the various domains surrounded the Infinite World and observed it.

They were very curious about what was happening on the other side.

They could all feel that the balance of the world seemed to be breaking, and the great turmoil of the future was about to appear.

Some were worried, while others were very excited.

“Tianmeng! Is this all youve got Back then, you used great methods to kill hundreds of thousands of my Heaven Mending Sects disciples.

Today, I want to see what you have.”

Ye Qiu gradually became furious.

He had waited and prepared for this battle for a long time.

The Immortal Slayer Sword in his hand went all out.

The sword intent that filled the sky covered the entire sky.

He turned around and slashed with his sword.

The vegetation moved and lightning surged.

Facing Tianmengs powerful suppression, Ye Qiu almost didnt hide anything and used all his trump cards.

He was actually able to remain undefeated under her suppression.

Such a shocking extraordinary performance really stunned everyone in the Eastern Wasteland who was watching this battle.

This was no longer a battle between King-Ranked.

It was a true Martial Monarch realm battle.

The fluctuation caused by the two of them fighting affected the entire Eastern Wasteland.

The strangeness was dispelled.

The Holy Lands all over the world looked up and paid attention to this world-shaking battle.


Tianmengs aura instantly turned cold.

A soaring killing intent erupted from her heart.

She stared coldly at Ye Qiu and could no longer suppress the anger in her heart.

Ever since she was born, she had been invincible in the world.

No one had ever dared to say such things in front of her.

Even the Heaven Mending Sect had spent hundreds of thousands of lives to heavily injure her back then.

Ye Qiu actually dared to challenge her alone

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As the last demon seed in the world, the only demon, Tianmeng had her own pride and did not allow anyone to threaten her existence.

Her hand turned in the air, and in an instant, a pitch-black sword appeared in her hand.

Tianmengs aura instantly changed.

The moment the sword appeared, Ye Qiu frowned.

Everyone present revealed terrified gazes.

“Immortal sword! She actually has an immortal sword too”

Everyone was shocked.

Who would have thought that Tianmeng would also have an immortal sword


To be precise, this was a demon sword.

Its quality was no different from an immortal sword, but there was no immortal energy on the sword, only demonic energy.

It made sense.

How could a Martial Monarch realm expert not have an immortal sword

A trace of fear flashed across Ye Qius eyes when he saw the immortal sword appear, even though the other partys sword was only low-grade and was on the same level as the Cloudy Heavens Sword.

However, Tianmeng was a Martial Monarch realm expert.

The difference in strength was forcefully balanced by Ye Qiu relying on the Immortal Slayer in his hand and the Liuxian Robe.

Now that the immortal sword appeared, the balance was broken.

“Its over! Theres no hope…” This was what everyone thought.

“No, we have to believe in Perfected Ye.

We believe that he can win.

How many times have we thought that we were in despair Wasnt it him who gave us hope This time, the miracle will definitely happen again.” Someone said firmly.

Hearing these words of encouragement, everyones hearts seemed to have been injected with steroids and were revived.

At this moment, above the Infinite World, many people gathered in the void and used great methods to watch the battle on the other side.

“Strange, what happened on the other side Why is it emitting such shocking energy fluctuations Could it be that there are Martial Monarch experts fighting” Someone asked curiously.

As soon as these words were spoken, it immediately attracted everyones attention.

A Martial Monarch was an extremely rare existence even in other domains.

Wasnt the Eastern Wasteland known as the poorest and most backward realm How could there be Martial Monarchs, and two at that

“According to the situation of the Infinite World, only Martial Monarch experts can make the Infinite World tremble frequently.”

“Im really curious.

Who is it”

The surrounding people became more and more curious.

They all wanted to see what was happening on the other side.

A sage-like old man came from the clouds and arrived at the Infinite World in a step.

He smiled and said, “Move aside.

Let me see who it is.”

Seeing his arrival, everyones hearts trembled and they retreated.

From everyones reaction, it could be seen that his status and strength were extremely terrifying.

A Dharma artifact appeared in his hand.

It was a very special mirror.

With a raise of his hand, he injected a powerful force into it.

He used a huge method to send his power into the Infinite World and projected what was happening on the other side into their eyes.


What they saw was a shocking battle on the natural chasm.

The two people fighting were a man and a woman.

They all had peerless beauty, powerful and unfathomable strength.

One of them was actually a legendary Martial Monarch realm expert.

However, what was even more shocking was that the other was only at the peak of the King-Ranked realm.

A peak-level King-Ranked versus a Martial Monarch Thinking of this, everyone instantly sucked in a breath of cold air.

How arrogant was this Since ancient times, such a thing had never happened.

“Heavens, I cant believe it! How crazy is it to fight a Martial Monarch realm expert as a King realm expert The most terrifying thing is that hes actually not at a disadvantage.

Is he a pervert”

Everyone was shocked.

No one could believe what they were seeing.

“Where did he come from Hes so bold.” Someone asked.

He really couldnt understand who this person was.

“Its him…” Someone recognized Ye Qiu and shouted in surprise.

Someone asked in confusion, “Fellow Daoist, do you know who this person is”

That person said with a strange tone, “This person once appeared in the Monarchs tomb.

His name is Ye Qiu.

He came from the Eastern Wastelands Heaven Mending Sect…”

“Heaven Mending Sect”

Everyone was stunned when they heard this.

Wasnt the Heaven Mending Sect from the Heaven Domain Why was there one in the Eastern Wasteland

At this moment, the various domains were discussing this matter.

It was very lively.

They admired this peak-level King-Ranked expert who suddenly appeared, especially his courage to challenge a Martial Monarch.

They were more curious about his strength.

The person continued, “Im not too sure about the details.

Ive only heard from the people who came back that a true natural born supreme being appeared in the Eastern Wasteland and turned the tide in the Monarchs tomb.

He suppressed the crowd alone and successfully took away the Longevity pill.

In that battle, even the Saint of Mount Yao, Hua Feiyu, lost to him.”


As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was shocked.

From this moment on, they truly recognized this name.

Ye Qiu, a young expert from the Eastern Wasteland, a rising star.

There might be a place for him in the future.

At this moment, the atmosphere gradually froze from the moment Tianmeng took out her Intrinsic Sword.

Ye Qiu could feel his Immortal Slayer Sword trembling with excitement, as if he had seen his favorite prey.

This immortal sword that was known to be able to kill immortals was notorious.

It had destroyed countless rare treasures.

Unfortunately, it was destroyed in the ancient battle and fell silent for an era.

Now that it had appeared again, it began to become excited when it encountered a Dharma artifact above the immortal grade for the first time.

The hostility on the sword was gradually aroused.

“Haha, looks like youre even more excited than me!” Ye Qiu sneered.

He felt the terrifying power from the Immortal Slayer Sword and muttered, “Alright, today, the two of us will kill the immortal and suppress the demon.”

Feeling the terrifying pressure from Tianmeng, Ye Qiu gradually opened his hands.

In an instant, a red light flickered between his eyebrows.

Suddenly, a shocking sword intent was released from the Immortal Slayer Sword.

Everyone was shocked.

That unprecedented sword intent was extremely terrifying.

They had never seen Ye Qiu use this sword technique.

This was the first time he used this sword technique, and it shocked everyone.


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