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Tianmeng seemed to have already guessed Qi Wuhuis answer and was not surprised at all.

Just like back then, the Heaven Mending Sect had mobilized the entire sect to surround her in the uninhabited region for the sake of the righteous path.

Sometimes, human faith was more important than anything else.

Qi Wuhuis eyes were filled with inexplicable sorrow.

He seemed to have recalled the scene back then and sighed.

“In the battle back then, hundreds of thousands of disciples of my Heaven Mending Sect were almost killed by you.

“The Sect Master died, and of the seven peak masters, only my Martial Uncle Xuantian survived.

However, he also left behind hidden wounds and his realm was damaged.

From then on, my Heaven Mending Sect fell silent for a hundred years and began to decline.

“Even so, we never regretted doing such a thing.

Every time the descendants of my Heaven Mending Sect mention something that our ancestors did, they are incomparably proud.

“I know that you came back this time to take revenge for the strike back then.

However, my Heaven Mending Sect… will never give in!!!”

Qi Wuhui said domineeringly, already prepared to die.

His expression was firm, but his legs were trembling.

He was terrified from the bottom of his heart, but he still did not retreat.

All the disciples of the Heaven Mending Sect present could not help but raise their heads when they heard his shocking words.

A trace of death suddenly appeared in their hearts.

Even if it was a hopeless battle, they silently stood behind Qi Wuhui and followed him forward and backward.

Seeing this scene, Tianmengs heart trembled.

In a daze, she recalled the scene a hundred years ago.

Even though these young disciples were no longer the same batch of people as back then, they were still in high spirits and their blood was boiling.

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She hesitated for a moment.

Looking at the broken sword on her body, the faith in her seemed to be greatly impacted.

Was faith really indestructible

Tianmeng gently flicked her sleeves and turned around, staring in the direction of the Heaven Mending Sect.

She did not attack.

Qi Wuhuis words seemed to have a huge impact on her.

She began to hesitate.

“Never give in” After a while, Tianmeng seemed to have made a decision in her heart and said, “Alright, I want to see how your Heaven Mending Sect wont back down.

I know that your Martial Uncle is still alive.

This time, I will spare your lives.

Go back and tell him that he can hide for a while, but he cant hide forever.

The next time I come back will be the time for you to repay the debt.

I hope he wont be absent…”

After saying that, Tianmeng smiled faintly.

The blood-colored skull under her grinned at everyone and turned to leave.

Only the ferocious beasts all over the mountain were crazily attacking the barrier below the Heavenly Ridge.

The hot-blooded youths below, the various large families of the Eastern Wasteland, and the disciples of the Heaven Mending Sect, resisted with all their might.

Above, everyone heaved a sigh of relief as the pressure disappeared after Tianmeng left.

However, Qi Wuhuis expression was not very good.

He understood better than anyone what Tianmengs words meant.

The other disciples did not understand.

Seeing that the crisis was temporarily resolved, they could not wait to ask.

“Martial Uncle, whats going on” Liu Qingfeng couldnt hide his curiosity and asked again.

Seeing that they all wanted to understand this matter, Qi Wuhui sighed and explained.

“Sigh… This was a hundred years ago.”

Qi Wuhui shook his head and continued to explain.

“That person just now is called Tianmeng.

She came from the Primordial Demon Clan and is the last descendant of the demon in the world.

“She has grasped the secret cultivation technique of the Primordial Demon Clan, the Heaven Swallowing Demon Technique.

She uses the cultivation technique of devouring the blood energy of all living beings to improve herself.

“This cultivation method is extremely extreme and cruel.

Ever since she mastered the divine technique, at least a million living beings died every time she used the demonic technique.

It can be said to be bloody and cruel.”


“A million”

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Hearing these words, everyones hearts trembled and they felt a chill.

In this world, such an evil technique was even worse than the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow back then.

This woman called Tianmeng had the appearance of a beautiful woman.

However, no one expected her heart to be so evil.

When Zhao Waner heard these words, her face was extremely pale.

She could not accept this at all.

Now, she suddenly understood why Qi Wuhui said that Tianmeng was a demoness who committed all kinds of crimes.

Apart from shock, they were more curious about what the ancestors of the Heaven Mending Sect had done back then.

Liu Qingfeng asked, “Martial Uncle, what happened back then Why did my Heaven Mending Sect become enemies with her Also, is the person she mentioned our Martial Uncle Xuanyi”

As soon as these words were spoken, all the Heaven Mending Sect disciples present looked over.

They were very curious and wanted to hear about their ancestors past achievements.

As well as some past matters regarding Grandmaster.

Seeing that they were so curious, Qi Wuhui did not hide anything.

At this point, there was no need to continue hiding.

“Back then, my Heaven Mending Sect was an outstanding place with flourishing luck.

We are fully deserving of being the number one holy land in the Eastern Wasteland.

There are hundreds of thousands of disciples and elders under the sect.

“Among them, Martial Uncle Xuantian is the strongest.

Other than that, our sect has the youngest martial uncle, Perfected Xuanyi.

He has an innate immortal bone and a peerless supreme physique.

“These two people are known as the peerless geniuses of my Heaven Mending Sect.”

Everyone listened carefully as Qi Wuhui slowly explained.

It turned out that Xuanyi was the son of the Sect Master before the previous Sect Master.

His identity was very special.

After Perfected Xuanfeng inherited the position of Sect Master, he doted on this junior brother.

Because his master had passed away early, he could only teach him on behalf of his master and teach him cultivation.

The seven peak masters of the Heaven Mending Sect also liked this junior brother very much and took special care of him.

Even Daoist Xuantian, this cold cultivation maniac, was very protective of Xuanyi.

Under the protection of his senior brothers, Xuanyi quickly erupted with his heaven-defying talent and potential.

He was only in his forties, but he had already reached the peak of the Cardinal realm.

He was known as the most stunning genius in the Eastern Wasteland after Daoist Xuantian.

However, geniuses were easy to break.

This saying was not wrong at all.

In the first half of Xuanyis life, he lived smoothly because of the protection of his senior brothers.

However, when he was about to step into the Paragon realm, he could not pass his Dao heart because he had too little experience.

Therefore, Perfected Xuanfeng asked him to go down the mountain to train in the mortal world and find his own direction.

At the same time, he wanted him to investigate the recent strange deaths of some villages.

Who would have thought that because of this wrong decision, the entire Heaven Mending Sect would almost be completely destroyed

Back then, Xuanyi entered the mortal world alone and was very curious about many things.

He sold the valuable jade pendant on him and prepared to leave after drinking a cup of wine.

He wanted to personally experience the Great Desolate World.

Who would have thought that before he set off, he would see a person with a red robe at the next table and go downhill from then If Xuanyi had not met that person in the red robe back then, his life might have been even more exciting.

However, this was fate.

This might be his fate.

On Baili Mo, peach blossoms filled the mountain.

This person in red had almost traveled through Xuanyis inner world.

Even though he did not want to provoke the other party, the other party seemed to have targeted him and had been pestering him.

How could Xuanyi at that time know that the other party was approaching him with a motive of using him to make more people become her cultivation resources The high-spirited him thought that the other party was obsessed with his handsome appearance and charming charm.

The two of them slowly developed a relationship from knowing each other after investigating some strange village deaths.

Xuanyi had never suspected Tianmeng, who had always been by his side, was the demon he had been investigating.

He thought that the demon who devoured these living beings was the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow that committed all kinds of crimes.

It was only when his senior brother, Daoist Xuantian, arrived that his beautiful fantasy was shattered.

It turned out that during the time he was with Tianmeng, Daoist Xuantian had entered the uninhabited region seven times and chased away the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow that had committed all kinds of crimes and wreaked havoc.

However, he accidentally discovered a shocking secret.

It turned out that the woman in red who had been following Xuanyi was the culprit of this calamity.

That Heaven Swallowing Sparrow was just a scapegoat to hide her crimes.

Xuanyi also did not expect that the woman he loved deeply had not only lied to him, but also wanted to borrow the Regenerative Bone in his body.

She tried to sacrifice the world to help her reach the Martial Monarch realm and transcend the Immortal Dao.

The reason why she came into contact with him was to help her cultivate.

She had never had any feelings for him.

After knowing these secrets, Xuanyi seemed to have gone crazy.

His world had collapsed.

After her secret was exposed, Tianmeng directly laid her cards on the table and fought with Daoist Xuantian.

At that time, Daoist Xuantian had yet to reach the peak of the Paragon realm, so how could he be her match He could only watch as she captured Xuanyi and entered the vast uninhabited region.

Just like that, the conflict between the Heaven Mending Sect and Tianmeng erupted.

Tianmeng wanted to dig Xuanyis Regenerative Bone, formed a perfect immortal body, sacrificed the world, and used the lives of all living beings in the Eastern Wasteland to help her reach the heavens in a single step.

Such a crazy method even made Daoist Xuantian break out in cold sweat.

Without stopping for a moment, he directly returned to the mountain to call for help.

The entire Heaven Mending Sect instantly moved out and used the entire sects strength to surround the demon, Tianmeng.

It was that battle that made the Heaven Mending Sect, the number one holy land in the Eastern Wasteland, which has more than a hundred thousand people to only tens of thousands of people.

They were almost killed by the demon, Tianmeng.

Xuanyis mental demon was also caused by this.

His heart was filled with guilt as he watched his senior brothers fall one by one in front of him.

The Heaven Mending Sect was almost completely wiped out in that battle.

Hundreds of thousands of people went out, but only tens of thousands returned.

Among the tens of thousands of people who returned, a large number of them were seriously injured.

As for the final outcome… Xuanyi forcefully destroyed his Regenerative Bone.

He heavily injured Tianmeng and broke the Intrinsic Sword in his hand, nailing her to the bottom of the Infinite Abyss.


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