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The scene that everyone still remembered was the scene of this blood-colored skull devouring a million living beings.

Although they did not see that scene with their own eyes, they were incomparably shocked every time they heard someone mention it.

Everyone instantly despaired upon its arrival.

That was a King-Ranked expert, an invincible existence.

Even Qi Wuhuis face was pale.

He had made complete preparations in advance, thought of various possibilities, and made countless defensive plans.

He never thought that this great god would personally descend upon Qin Chuan.

It didnt come from Strange Origin.

It was more like driving these ferocious beasts that had been corroded by the strange origin to attack Qin Chuan with a goal.

“Martial Uncle, what should we do now” Liu Qingfeng hurriedly walked to Qi Wuhuis side, feeling extremely flustered.

The other seven factions disciples stood side by side behind Qi Wuhui, waiting for his instructions.

On Heavenly Ridge, Qi Wuhui looked at the blood-colored skull from afar, feeling very helpless.

He turned around and looked at these young disciples, the hope of the Heaven Mending Sect.

Suddenly, another thought popped up.

If he sacrifices himself, he will get unlimited Dharmic powers.

“Wow… Senior Sister, look, what a huge skull.”

Just as he was thinking about how to deal with it, he suddenly heard a happy voice.

Qi Wuhui was stunned and hurriedly looked over.

Little Linglong stood happily on a huge rock and pointed at the blood-colored skull.

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“Hiss… F*ck, Little Junior Sister, you cant point at that.

Itll kill you.”

All the senior brothers and sisters present immediately became nervous.

That was a King-Ranked powerhouse.

How could a small cultivator like you offend it Daring to point at it was tantamount to provoking it.

“Linglong…” Seeing this scene, Zhao Waner was shocked and hurriedly stopped her.

However, it was too late.

The blood-colored skull above the Heavenly Abyss had already noticed Little Linglongs offense.

In an instant, a blood-colored aura spread out, causing the sky to turn red.

The might of a King-Ranked was not to be violated.

It wanted to teach this offending little girl a heavy lesson.

Everyones mood instantly fell to rock bottom and they were in complete despair.

As for Little Linglong, she was very confused.

The moment the blood-colored skull emitted its pressure, everyone present felt their hearts tremble, as if they had suffered a heavy blow.

As for her, she was also provoked by this pressure and a trace of unhappiness appeared in her heart.

Suddenly, the moment she endured the pressure, there was suddenly nothing behind Little Linglong.

In the sky, the figure of a peerless Great Empress vaguely appeared, as if she was staring at this place from the upper reaches of the river of time.


With a shocking bang, the world went into a daze and trembled.

Everyone came back to their senses.

To their surprise, they discovered that the blood-colored skull above the Heavenly Abyss seemed to have suffered some dimensional attack.

The blood-colored light was instantly dispelled and it almost fell into the Heavenly Abyss.


Everyone was shocked and uneasy.

They stared at the peerless beauty in the void and felt dazed.

“Haha… Interesting.”

Just as everyone thought that they had resolved the crisis and were preparing to celebrate, a fiery red light descended from the sky.

In the sky above the blood-colored skull, a beautiful woman in red appeared.

She only flew over lightly and slowly landed on the blood-colored skull.

She sat there elegantly and stared at Little Linglong on the Heavenly Ridge.

Her heart palpitated as she stared at the peerless beauty in the void.

At that moment, she felt a little dazed, but she quickly recovered.

Although that peerless and magnificent empress was powerful, her true body was not here.

The pressure she caused was only temporary.

Everyones hearts trembled as they looked at the woman in red who had suddenly descended.

Among them, Qi Wuhuis eyes revealed a shocked expression.

“This… How is that possible How is she still alive”

For a moment, all the elders of the Heaven Mending Sect present revealed shocked expressions.

Everyone looked at the woman in red on the blood-colored skull in disbelief.

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Hearing Qi Wuhuis surprised voice, everyone looked over.

Liu Qingfeng asked in confusion, “Martial Uncle, do you know who this person is”

They were all very curious.

When they saw that the elders of the Heaven Mending Sect present seemed to know this woman in red, they became even more curious.

Could there be another story behind this

Qi Wuhui took a deep breath and looked at the surrounding new generation disciples of the Heaven Mending Sect.

He shook his head.

They might not know that the bloody battle in the uninhabited region back then had almost killed the entire Heaven Mending Sect.

And the protagonist of that battle was this woman in red, Tianmeng.

It was also because of that huge battle that Daoist Xuantians foundation was damaged, leaving behind hidden wounds.

It also made Xuanyis heart die that he would not care about the world and cut all ties with the mortal world.

This was a past that everyone in the Heaven Mending Sect did not want to mention for a hundred years.

It was a sad history.

Now, he understood why these ferocious beasts had surrounded Qin Chuan.

So she had come back for revenge.

Thinking of this, Qi Wuhui instantly despaired.

At this moment, all the elders of the Heaven Mending Sect who had participated in that battle lowered their heads and remained silent.

The disciples became even more curious and anxious.

The moment Tianmeng appeared, Xuanyi, who was sitting in the Jade Void Cave Abode at the back mountain of the Heaven Mending Sect, suddenly opened his eyes.

His eyes were filled with disbelief, surprise, shock, hesitation, and uneasiness.

“Shes… still alive” Xuanyi muttered to himself with mixed feelings.

He immediately understood.

She came back this time to take revenge for that strike back then, right

With a raise of his hand, a half-broken sword appeared in his hand.

Xuanyi took a closer look and lowered his head weakly.

He felt Tianmengs aura, as if she had deliberately released it for him to feel.

However, Xuanyi did not respond and continued to stay in the Jade Pure Cave Abode.

On the Heavenly Ridge, Tianmeng stared at the mountain peak in the horizon in disappointment.

She turned around and looked at Little Linglong with some fear.

After hesitating for a while, a meaningful smile appeared on her face.

“Little girl, how about you follow me I can give you anything you want…”

“Shes afraid of Linglong”

Qi Wuhuis eyes lit up as if he had grabbed onto a life-saving straw.

Originally, he was still thinking about how to survive this calamity.

After all, Tianmengs strength was unfathomable.

Moreover, a hundred years had passed.

With the powerful devouring effect of the Heaven Swallowing Demon Technique, her cultivation had probably long reached the Martial Monarch realm.

If she really wanted to attack, the entire Heaven Mending Sect would probably be destroyed.

However, Qi Wuhui never expected that the one who saved the Heaven Mending Sect in the end was actually the youngest member of the Heaven Mending Sect, Little Linglong.

Tianmeng was afraid of Little Linglong and did not dare to take the initiative to attack, so she wanted to lure Little Linglong to follow her.

After thinking this through, Qi Wuhui hurriedly said, “Linglong, dont listen to her.

This is a bad woman, a female devil who kills without batting an eyelid.”

Little Linglong was stunned.

She took a closer look.

Tianmeng didnt look like a bad woman.

How could she be a bad woman when she was as beautiful as her two senior sisters

Qi Wuhui saw that his words were useless and hurriedly looked at Zhao Waner.

Zhao Waner immediately understood something.

She immediately said, “Linglong, listen to Martial Uncle and ignore her.”

Little Linglong, who was originally wavering, immediately sobered up when she heard her senior sisters words.

She was young and immature, so she was easily bewitched.

Fortunately, Ye Qius previous nourishment gave her the ability to resist this bewitching method.

After she reacted, Little Linglong immediately said angrily, “Bad woman, Im not going with you.

If you dare to lie to me again, Ill beat you up.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Tianmengs heart trembled.

She looked up at the peerless beauty behind her and felt a little afraid.

She firmly believed that this little girl was definitely not lying.

She might really do it.

Of course, it was impossible for her to hurt her with her current strength, but Tianmeng was more afraid of the person behind her.

Who knew if she had left any trump cards behind before she reincarnated and might activate them at the critical moment After thinking for a moment, Tianmeng did not choose to attack.

At least, it was not the time yet.

“Haha, interesting girl…” Tianmeng calmed down and didnt care.

She chuckled.

She turned to look at Qi Wuhui with a faint smile and said, “Qi Wuhui, are you very surprised to see me”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was shocked.

Everyone looked at each other.

No one expected this mysterious Martial Monarch to know Qi Wuhui.

Moreover, from her tone and Qi Wuhuis reaction, there seemed to be a grudge between them.

For a moment, everyone was stunned and looked at Qi Wuhui.

“Whats going on Could it be that this person once had a grudge with the Heaven Mending Sect and specially came to take revenge today”

“From Perfected Qis expression, he seems to know this mysterious Martial Monarch.

Perhaps theres really an unknown story here.”

Everyone discussed animatedly.

Some of the older people present seemed to know some secrets, and their expressions became extremely ugly.

At this moment, Qi Wuhuis heart trembled when he heard Tianmengs question.

He cupped his hands and walked forward, not daring to be arrogant or rude at all.

He said, “Junior Qi Wuhui greets Senior Tianmeng…”

Tianmeng smiled faintly and gently brushed her clothes.

In an instant, the world lost its color, and a powerful pressure instantly descended.

Everyones hearts trembled.

It was as if a mountain was pressing down on them.

Their breathing tightened, and they felt like they were looking straight at death.

Qi Wuhui was the same.

In front of a Martial Monarch, even a Paragon was like an ant.

She said coldly, “Qi Wuhui, theres no need to pretend.

Back then, your Heaven Mending Sect used the power of your sect to kill me in the uninhabited region.

Have you ever thought that such a day would come Do you… know your mistake”

She was questioning like a high and mighty god judging insignificant ants.

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was shocked.

Everyone looked at each other, so nervous that they could not say a word and broke out in cold sweat.

It turned out that there was really a secret behind this.

Back then, the Heaven Mending Sect actually used the entire sects strength to surround and kill Empress Tianmeng Why had such a big event never spread in the Eastern Wasteland

Everyone was puzzled, especially the young and handsome ones.

They were even more curious about what had happened.

Qi Wuhui was extremely nervous at this moment.

He did not refute Tianmengs words because it had indeed happened.

However, he still did not regret this matter even after more than a hundred years.

No one in the Heaven Mending Sect who survived that chaos regretted it.

He said indifferently, “Senior Tianmeng, my Heaven Mending Sect has enforced justice on behalf of Heaven, killed evil, and suppressed demons, opening peace and prosperity for the righteous path of the world.

Whats wrong with that”


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