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There were two words carved on that sword.

One was Xuan, and the other was Meng.

For some reason, the woman in red seemed to care a lot about this sword.


Suddenly, a shocking bang broke the silence of dawn like a bolt of lightning.

In an instant, the world opened up, and a ball of chaotic energy surged into the Eastern Wasteland.

Under the devouring of the powerful evil thought, all the sleeping ferocious beasts within a hundred miles of the uninhabited region instantly opened their blood-red eyes.

“The barrier has been broken.

Everyone, run…”

A hole appeared in the crack in the depths of the uninhabited region.

In the darkness, a strange creature emitting black aura slowly poked its head out from the other side of the strange world.

In just a few minutes, the wasteland trembled.

Everyone felt the threat of death.

The first to be affected was Guangling City.

It turned to ashes in a breath.

That scene was incomparably shocking.

Everyones hearts were numb.

“Roar…” The violent beast awakened at dawn.

It roared angrily and completely entered a state of madness.

In just a breath, it was corroded by this strange source.

Because these ferocious beasts had yet to develop intelligence and could not withstand the strange corrosion, they were the first to be devoured.

In an instant, a huge fire burned.

More than half of the Eastern Wasteland fell into an abyss of suffering.

The villages stationed in the wasteland had become the targets of these ferocious beasts.

Fortunately, these villagers had already retreated before this, and they missed.

There was also a portion of the retreating team that was heading towards Qin Chuan.

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Everyone was extremely nervous when they felt the flames of world destruction from behind.

Qin Chuans Heavenly Ridge.

The Heaven Mending Sect had long set up a large array here and made full preparations.

Qi Wuhui led the way, and the seven peak masters and elders presided over it.

“Martial Uncle…” The chaos in front of them had already begun to spread.

Liu Qingfeng hurriedly arrived at the top of Heavenly Ridge and reported, “Currently, tens of millions of people have already surged into Qin Chuan.

The number is extremely huge.

“Chaos is imminent.

Currently, there is still a large group of people rushing over here.

If we continue to delay, Im afraid something will happen…”

Liu Qingfeng stopped talking.

He was too shocked.

He did not expect that a single sentence from the Heaven Mending Sect could attract so many people to seek refuge.

Including the various ancient clans and commoners in Liyang, there were tens of millions of people.

There was nothing wrong with such a huge number of them.

The problem was that time was too short.

Now that the chaos had begun, if they didnt close the natural chasm barrier, it would be very easy for those ferocious beasts to disperse and disrupt their previous arrangements.

How could Qi Wuhui not understand this logic He frowned and was thinking about what to do.

The flames soared into the sky.

This battle had finally arrived.

Qi Wuhui felt very complicated as he looked at the dense group of people rushing towards Qin Chuan.

If they closed the natural chasm now, it would undoubtedly cut off these peoples escape route.

Just as Qi Wuhui was hesitating, a Patriarch of the ancient clans said in a panic, “Perfected Qi, dont care about the lives of those commoners.

Hurry up and close the natural chasm barrier.

Itll be too late if you dont.”

“Thats right, Perfected Qi, you have to look at the big picture.”

“The lives of a few million commoners are nothing to worry about.

The most important thing for us now is to guard this natural chasm.

Otherwise, tens of millions of Qin Chuans lives will be lost.”

Everyone was in danger.

Qi Wuhui listened to the suggestions of the heads of the so-called big clan and felt a wave of disgust in his heart and looked coldly at them.

He thought that he was ruthless enough, but he did not expect them to be even more ruthless than him.

The lives of millions of commoners were indeed nothing to worry about in the eyes of cultivators.

However, at this moment, the Heaven Mending Sect was holding the banner of saving the common people.

Even if they were commoners, thats still a life.

If he gave up, it would be equivalent to slapping his own face and going against his original oath.

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The young and handsome people present heard these words from the patriarchs of the big clans.

They couldnt help but clench their fists in anger.

“Damn it! These old foxes can even say such things for the sake of the clan.”

“Thats the lives of millions of commoners.

Youre giving up just like that”

“Everyone is hot-blooded and has sworn to protect Qin Chuan with their lives.

We came because of your reputation.”

“Now, these people, who are in Qin Chuan and are experts from large families who didnt do anything, actually said such words.

Its really disappointing.”

Hearing the dissatisfied discussions of the hot-blooded youths below, these big clan leaders and experts were also very ashamed.

However, for safetys sake, they intended to be shameless today and pretended not to hear anything.

Everyone immediately looked at Qi Wuhui! He was a Paragon expert, the strongest expert on the natural chasm barrier.

Everyone had to listen to him.

They wanted to hear if Qi Wuhui would agree to the suggestion of those experts and give up these millions of lives.

If Qi Wuhui really gave up, these hot-blooded youths would probably be completely disappointed and lose their fighting spirit.

This was because the faith they firmly believed in had already collapsed.

The spirit that supported their struggle was gone.

Qi Wuhui looked around the Heavenly Ridge.

He could see the furious expressions on these young talents faces.

“Perfected One, dont hesitate anymore.

Hurry up and make a decision.” Seeing that he did not speak for a long time, another Five Realms expert urged anxiously.

Qi Wuhui looked at him coldly and finally gave his answer.

“Hmph, you cowardly dog.

Since my Heaven Mending Sect has said that we want to advance and retreat with all living beings, its impossible for us to give up on anyone.

Even if the other party is just an insignificant civilian, hes still someone we have to protect.

If youre worried that you cant hold on, you can leave on your own.

I, Qi Wuhui, wont stop you…”

As soon as these words were spoken, the entire place fell silent.

After a full three seconds of silence, intense cheers suddenly erupted from the crowd.

“Well said!”

“Well said indeed.

As expected of the Disciplinary Elder of the Heaven Mending Sect, he should be so domineering.”

“Hmph, these cowardly dogs.

They usually bully others with their power and are only after benefits.

Finally, someone can deal with them.”

“If youre afraid that you cant hold on, hurry up and get lost.”

“Its an insult to us to fight alongside people like you.”

The publics anger was instantly stirred by Qi Wuhuis words.

Previously, they were forced by the deterrence of these families and did not dare to get angry.

Since they had Qi Wuhui to support them, how could they miss this chance So they immediately cursed at them.

The experts of those large families instantly turned ashen, but they did not dare to say anything.

“Perfected Qi is mighty…”

“Perfected Qi is domineering…”

“Perfected Qi, I want to give birth to your children.”

When the hot-blooded youths heard Qi Wuhuis words, the fighting spirit in the depths of their hearts was aroused again.

This is the dominance and aura they wanted.

The entire Heavenly Ridge echoed with cheers.

Perfected Qis mighty voice was deafening and shocking.

That scene made Qi Wuhui feel extremely good. I didnt expect that I would be able to show off so beautifully one day.

However, Qi Wuhui happened to hear the wordsgive birth to your children in the crowd and his eyes lit up.

He looked into the crowd and saw who said it.

After looking around, he realized that it was a burly fat girl.

He suddenly shuddered.

“Ahem ahem…” Qi Wuhui hurriedly retracted his gaze and said to Liu Qingfeng, “Qingfeng, bring two thousand disciples to the entrance to maintain order and bring everyone in as much as possible.

Get the disciples of the Hidden Sword Peak and Wind Returning Peak to assist from the side and settle these refugees.

We have to ensure that they are safe and sound…”

“Understood.” Liu Qingfeng said solemnly and looked at Qi Wuhui in admiration.

He turned around and left the peak to get busy.

Another day passed.

Qin Chuans situation still hadnt changed much.

The current chaos was still spreading, but it was not spreading very quickly.

It was still lingering in the direction of Guangling City.

Early in the morning, Qi Wuhui was still dealing with matters on Heavenly Ridge when he suddenly felt a suffocating aura slowly approaching.

In a hurry, he looked up and saw dense ferocious beasts on the wasteland below.

They opened their blood-red eyes wide and attacked the entrance below.

“Prepare for defense!” Upon discovering this scene, Qi Wuhui made a prompt decision and directly issued an order.

Fortunately, they had been fully prepared for the past few days.

Yesterday, they had already accepted all the refugees from the wasteland.

Standing on Heavenly Ridge, he looked at the ferocious beasts emitting black aura.

It had already lost its rationality and surrounded Qin Chuan.

For a moment, everyone panicked.

They thought that those beasts would only come from one direction.

Therefore, they waited for a day yesterday and were prepared to face the enemy at any time.

However, these ferocious beasts did not arrive as expected.

Instead, they came a day late.

Now, they suddenly understood.

They hadnt run the wrong way.

Instead, they had a purpose, which was to surround Qin Chuan.

“No… this is impossible.” Qi Wuhui could not believe it as he looked at the encirclement below.

“These ferocious beasts have already lost their rationality.

Its normal for them to kill each other.

Why would they group up and surround Qin Chuan”

Qi Wuhui could not figure it out.

No matter how he thought about it, he could not figure out this problem.

Just as he was feeling puzzled, the sky suddenly turned hazy and blood dyed the sky red.

Everyone looked up and saw a blood-colored skull staring at them from above the natural chasm.

“Hiss… thats it.”

At this moment, everyone held their breaths.

Their hearts raced as they felt like they were looking straight at death.

That blood-colored skull was none other than the terrifying existence that devoured a million living beings in the uninhabited region when the calamity had just begun.

No one expected its first target to be Qin Chuan.


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