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Ye Qiu was secretly delighted as he looked at the dumbfounded gazes around him.

This time, he had made a killing.

“Wow, the energy on Masters body is so much…” Little Linglong was dumbfounded and said in surprise.

She wanted to give half of her providence to Ye Qiu, but she realized that he had more.

In less than a moment, everyone present was shocked by Ye Qius shocking luck.

They all walked up to greet him and get close to him.

However, Ye Qiu wasnt interested in this.

He only turned around and said to Meng Tianzheng, “Senior Brother, this matter is over, Violet Cloud Peak will go back first.”

“Yes, we should go back too.” Meng Tianzheng nodded and prepared to set off.

However, Qi Wuhui did not want to leave.

How could he miss such a good opportunity to show off

Seeing that he was having fun, the others did not call him and left.

“Lets go.” After returning to his three disciples, Ye Qiu said lightly and turned to leave.

Ming Yue also caught up at this moment and said, “Junior Brother, lets go together.

We can take care of each other on the way.”


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Ye Qiu didnt refuse.

Just like that, Violet Cloud Peak and Heavenly Water Peak left Mount Yun Ding first and embarked on the journey back to the Heaven Mending Sect.

“Junior Brother, your Violet Cloud Peak has been in the limelight this time.

Im afraid Violet Cloud Peak will be filled with people for the disciple recruitment ceremony next year.

How about it How many disciples do you plan to take in next year” On the way, Ming Yue asked curiously, unable to hide the envy in her eyes.

If only her disciple could have such a dazzling performance.

This time, two disciples from Violet Cloud Peak alone had reached the top of Mount Yun Ding.

Little Linglong even snatched away the title of champion of Yun Ding.

Once this news was released, the entire Eastern Wasteland would probably erupt.

At that time, it would be impossible for Violet Cloud Peak not to be famous.

The descendants of the various large families and dynasties would definitely want to send their descendants to Violet Cloud Peak to cultivate.

Looking back at Ming Yues beautiful face, Ye Qiu thought for a moment.

Ye Qiu really didnt have much desire to take in a disciple.

Most importantly, three disciples were enough.

Although he had the Ten-thousand-fold Return System, no matter how many disciples he had, it was only icing on the cake and could not change anything.

He had already begun to consider changing to the Love Affinity System.

The first target was Ming Yue.

“Hmm… I dont have any plans.

Violet Cloud Peak is used to being idle and doesnt like crowds.

Ill leave this opportunity to Senior Sister.” Ye Qiu said with a smile.

Ming Yues heart trembled when she heard this.

He actually gave up the chance to take in disciples and strengthen the mountain range However, on second thought, she seemed to understand.

The previous masters of Violet Cloud Peak did not seem to like taking in disciples.

Almost all of them had one disciple.

Only Ye Qius generation was relatively special and accepted three.

This was more like a tradition.

Although there werent many disciples, there would always be an especially impressive figure in every generation.

Just like Daoist Xuantian back then and the current Ye Qiu.

Even the current Lin Qingzhu and Little Linglong already had the strength of peak masters.

Lin Qingzhus current cultivation had already reached level nine of Infinite Distance.

She was just one step away from entering the Five Realms.


As for Little Linglong, although she was only at level one of Infinite Distance, she even dared to beat up a Five Realms expert when she went crazy.

She really didnt know how Ye Qiu taught her.

It was too terrifying.

If this continued, they would soon be able to take charge.

“Alright, thank you, Junior Brother! My Heavenly Water Peak is not like Violet Cloud Peak where the disciples are all talented and omnipotent.

We can only strengthen the mountain range in terms of numbers.” Ming Yue smiled and said, feeling a little depressed.

She also wanted to be like Ye Qiu and have a few especially powerful disciples.

In the future, she would be very proud.

However, her disciples were useless.

It would be embarrassing to bring them out.

The only person who could make her feel a little proud was Liu Ruyan.

However, compared to Lin Qingzhu and Little Linglong, she didnt seem too good.

“Haha… Senior Sister, youve been a little sentimental recently.” Ye Qiu smiled and teased her.

Ming Yue glared at him.

Wasnt it because of him that she was like this He only knew how to give people a blow every day.

Every time Ming Yue felt that she could do it again, he would appear and ruthlessly give her a blow.

How infuriating.

“By the way, Senior Sister, do you remember what I told you before” At this moment, Ye Qiu suddenly thought of something.

He lowered his voice and whispered into Ming Yues ear.

Ming Yues heart trembled when she heard this.

This ambiguous action made her panic.

Thinking back, it seemed that when they were on Mount Yun Ding, Ye Qiu had said that she should visit Violet Cloud Peak when she was free.

He had a gift for her.

What kind of gift was it

Ming Yue couldnt help but ask curiously, “Youre so mysterious.

Junior Brother, what gift is it Tell me quickly.

I cant wait…”

Seeing that she was so eager, Ye Qiu smiled evilly and gently blew into her ear.

It was itchy, making Ming Yues face turn red.

He turned around and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that the disciples behind him did not follow.

Ye Qiu suddenly took out a pill from his pocket.

That shocking immortal aura instantly spread out.

“This… immortal pill”

Ming Yue was shocked.

She looked at the immortal pill in Ye Qius hand and was at a loss.

What did he mean Was he going to give this immortal pill to her

Ming Yue panicked and didnt dare to think about it.

This was an immortal-grade pill.

Even a low-grade immortal pill was a treasure that many people dreamed of.

At this moment, if she could eat this immortal pill, she would be able to break through to the Paragon realm in less than a month.

Ye Qiu smiled evilly in his heart as he held the immortal-grade Recovery Pill that he had obtained from Yang Wudi.

Although this pill was a recovery pill, it was no longer a pure recovery pill at the immortal grade.

The power contained in it was enough for a Cardinal to break through to the Paragon realm, not inferior to any Connate Spirit Pill.

Some time ago, after Ye Qiu obtained a few Connate Extreme Spirit Pills, this immortal-grade Recovery Pill was useless.

Therefore, he thought about whether he could use this pill to exchange for a wife to play with.

How could he not have some capital to pick up girls Coincidentally, what Ye Qiu didnt lack the most now was treasures.

He slowed down and suddenly revealed an affectionate gaze as he looked straight at Ming Yue.

Ming Yues heart skipped a beat.

He said, “Senior Sister, your current cultivation has also reached the peak of the Cardinal realm.

Youre just one step away from becoming a Paragon.

I dont have anything I can help you with.

Take this immortal pill as a token of my sincerity to help you enter the Paragon realm.”

Hearing his affectionate words, Ming Yue felt like the ice and snow in her heart had melted.

However, she hesitated when she looked at this immortal pill.

She really wanted it, but what right did she have to accept Ye Qius gift They were just from the same sect.

Furthermore, they were not from the same lineage.

Last time, he had given her a ginseng fruit tree.

Ming Yue was already very grateful.

Now, he wanted to give her immortal pills to help her break through.

Ming Yue felt very complicated.

If she was like Lin Qingzhu and the others, who were Ye Qius disciples, she could accept this gift.

The problem was that she wasnt…

“Junior… Junior Brother, this gift is too precious.

I cant accept it.

I appreciate your kind intentions.”

After hesitating for a long time, Ming Yue gritted her teeth and refused.

She had her pride and her principles.

Hearing her rejection, Ye Qiu acted like he was disappointed and even a little lost.

“Why… Senior Sister, are you going to reject me again”

“No…” Ming Yues heart trembled when she saw his disbelief and disappointment.

She didnt know what to say.

Seeing this, Ye Qiu secretly laughed in his heart.

This was the rhythm.

“Senior Sister, actually, Ive always wanted to say something to you, but I was afraid that you would refuse, so I didnt dare to say it…”

Ye Qiu was secretly delighted.

It was time for his performance again.

“What… What is it Tell me, Ill listen…”

Ming Yues emotions were instantly brought in.

She looked at Ye Qiu with anticipation, surprise, and excitement.

Ye Qius mind raced.

After summarizing his confession, a meaningful smile appeared on his face.

He slowly looked up at the sky and revealed his true feelings.

He turned around and looked at Ming Yue.

“To be honest, before I met you, I always thought that it was good to be single.

Ever since I met you, Ive been praying every day that we will eventually be together… I dont know what it means to be tempted.

I just looked at you and it was as if I had seen thousands of mountains and rivers.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Ming Yues body trembled.

She felt like she had been electrocuted and her body softened.

This… Ah, really Am I really that important in your heart Ming Yues thoughts ran wild as she listened to Ye Qiu continue.

“Perhaps its the spring breeze that makes me feel warm.

When I walk out, I always hope that this wind will bring my feelings to you.

Ill write your name on the paper over and over again.

I know I like you.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Ming Yue couldnt hold it in anymore and erupted.

“Stop talking.

I… I like you too.”

Who could withstand this After a series of attacks, her mental defense collapsed.

At this moment, Ming Yue felt like she was dreaming.

It was too illusory.

She never dreamed that she would be so important to Ye Qiu.

She originally thought that it had always been her one-sided love.

How could she not recognize Ye Qiu when she heard his true feelings


[Congratulations, host.

You have successfully unlocked a new love bond.]

[Love Bond: Ye Qiu—Ming Yue.]

“Haha, thats it”

As the system notification sounded, Ye Qiu almost couldnt help but laugh out loud.

He thought that his brain cells would have to die some today in order to say a few more words of love.

Unexpectedly, Ming Yue couldnt take it anymore.

The surprise came too suddenly and caught him off guard.


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