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The expressions of everyone present changed when this sword appeared.

“Heavenly Phoenix!”

That dazzling sword was Zhulu Academys heaven-grade secret technique, Heavenly Phoenix.

The pressure of this sword was not inferior to He Wushuangs Convergence of Myriad Swords.

Moreover, phoenixes were divine birds.

The soul pressure from a top-notch great ferocious beast shocked everyone.

Little Linglongs eyes, which had lost control of her emotions, also regained a little light at this moment.

Looking at the phoenix flying over from below, she felt a sharp pain in her mind and vaguely remembered something.

“Little Sparrow, is that you” She shouted excitedly.

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present was stunned.

“F*ck, I have to give in to you.

Youre too ruthless.

You even dare to call a divine bird like the phoenix a little sparrow”

What was that That was a divine bird! A supreme existence above the heavens, and you actually called it a little sparrow Can you bear such karma

After a while, Little Linglong shook her head as if she understood something.

She said, “No, youre not a little sparrow.

Little Sparrow isnt as ugly as you…”

Shocking… She… actually dared to say that the phoenix was ugly Youre the first one since the chaos of the world.

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Everyone was shocked.

Where did she come from She was so arrogant.

Oh, she was the reincarnation of an immortal.

Then there was no problem.

She understood that the phoenix illusion that Gu Haitang used was not the Little Sparrow in her memory.

Little Linglong was instantly unhappy.

She slowly raised the Linglong Hammer in her hand and smashed it down.


The huge hammer with lightning suddenly stretched out for thousands of feet and smashed down.

A terrifying power erupted in an instant, and the world trembled violently.

In just a breaths time, the phoenix shattered into ashes.


Gu Haitang suffered this heavy blow from the huge force.

His body instantly turned into a ray of light and disappeared from Mount Yun Ding.

When he appeared again, he was already outside Yun Ding.

“Sigh…” Cao Zhixuan shook his head helplessly.

Gu Haitang was depressed and walked to Cao Zhixuan with his head lowered.

“Master, Im sorry.

I… lost.”

Cao Zhixuan looked at his depressed eldest disciple and sighed.

He then turned around to look at his second disciple.

This second disciple had been whipped by him because he had bragged to Little Linglong and brought him along.

Now, he was hiding in a corner and trembling, while he was drawing circles…

“Its fine, disciple.

I saw everything.

You did well and didnt embarrass me…” Cao Zhixuan comforted him and glared at his second disciple behind him.

He was so frightened that his entire body trembled.

They were both his beloved disciples, but why was the difference between them so great

His eldest disciple fought a bloody battle and brought honor to the academy.

He did not give up until the moment he lost.

Look at this second disciple.

He didnt want to improve.

It was fine if he didnt advance, but he still bragged to her.

The worst thing was that not only did he brag, he even brought his master along to brag.

In the end, he was slapped in the face.

How embarrassing.

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His eldest disciple was still the best.

This second disciple was considered useless.

He would train another disciple.

On the other side, Zhao Waner had already returned to the Heaven Mending Sects team.

She didnt advance to the top level because her potential value wasnt enough, so she was eliminated.

Looking at Little Linglong who had lost control of her emotions in the image, Zhao Waner said worriedly, “Master, will Linglongs body be affected by overloading her body to stimulate her potential”

Ye Qiu shook his head and said, “No, her body has already reached a perfect level after being tempered by many precious medicines.

Its completely enough to stimulate the potential in her body.

Perhaps after this battle, her cultivation progress will greatly increase.”

Ye Qiu had been paying attention to his two beloved disciples.

If Little Linglong was at the Qi Refinement realm, her body might not be able to withstand the eruption of power in her body.

Fortunately, she tempered her body to the limit and did not have to worry about being affected by the backlash.

“Junior Brother, in this situation, our Heaven Mending Sects chances of winning are almost guaranteed…”

“This little fellow is indeed powerful.

She defeated five people alone.

Only the Jade-Lake Saintess is left with Qingfeng to restrain her.”

“At this moment, Martial Nephew Lin only needs to step onto that ancient path of starlight and sit on the throne.

This Dao Discussion will be over…”

Meng Tianzheng analyzed it seriously.

Right now, only Fuyao had combat strength on the mountaintop.

However, at this moment, she couldnt even take down Liu Qingfeng.

The possibility of her winning was almost zero.

The other four were also suppressed by Little Linglong.

The final outcome would be decided when the ancient path of starlight opened.

“I hope so…”

Ye Qiu smiled faintly.

He never doubted his disciples strength.

Moreover, the advantage was already in their hands.

If they still couldnt win in such a situation, then they shouldnt participate in the Dao Discussion in the future.

At this moment, on the top of the cloud, Lin Qingzhu quietly watched as Little Linglong displayed her might.

She fought one against five and defeated Gu Haitang, as well as the other four people.

She secretly laughed in her heart and looked to the other side.

Liu Qingfeng and Fuyaos battle had also come to an end.

After eating a Connate Great Recovery Pill, Lin Qingzhu entered a state of recuperation and tried to reach her peak state.

After a short recovery, she slowly stood up and looked coldly at the ancient path of starlight.

Suddenly, a golden light descended from the sky.

In an instant, the seal on the ancient path of starlight was removed.

At this moment, everyone lying on the ground instantly stood up.

They had been pretending to be dead just now, waiting for this moment.

As long as they rushed to the end of the ancient path of starlight and sat on the throne, they would still be first.

The moment the ancient starlight path opened, everyone moved.

Fuyao and Liu Qingfeng, who were fighting, also stopped at the same time and instantly rushed towards the ancient path.

The others also instantly exerted strength, wanting to reach the top.

Unexpectedly, just as they were about to step onto the ancient path, a hammer descended from the sky and ruthlessly smashed onto the ground, blocking everyones path.

“Its this little demon king again…”


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