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Twisting a cycle, the Linglong Hammer in her hand suddenly smashed into the ground.

In an instant, the violent wind gathered its strength and sent several people flying.

In less than a moment, those dozen people were defeated by Little Linglong one by one.

“No… impossible.” At this moment, Cheng Fengs face was pale and he finally revealed a trace of fear.

He never thought that a five-year-old girl would have such astonishing strength.

The hand holding the saber began to tremble as he looked at the harmless Linglong in front of him in disbelief.


At this moment, outside Mount Yun Ding.

A white light flashed and more than ten miserable figures were sent flying.

They were the disciples of the Supreme Hall.

They had been eliminated before they even started climbing the mountain.

Gu Jianxuan was furious.

He looked at his disciples and grand disciples who were in a sorry state and cursed, “Trash, all of you are trash.”

Daoist Qingmiao was also afraid.

He hurriedly came up to comfort him and said, “Master, dont be angry.

Be careful not to hurt your body.”

“Haha…” Before he could finish speaking, Qi Wuhui walked to the side of the dozen or so Supreme Hall disciples.

“Tsk tsk, so this is the Supreme Hall.

This is it Its nothing much.

Sigh… Im so disappointed.

I thought you guys were so ruthless, but this is it”

“Qi Wuhui, dont go too far.” When Daoist Qingmiao heard this, he almost couldnt hold it in and spat out a mouthful of blood.

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“So what if I bullied you” Qi Wuhui sneered and said, “Shameless old thing, you cant even take down a little girl with dozens of people besieging her.

Ill feel ashamed if word gets out.”


Ye Qiu couldnt suppress the scheming in his heart as he watched Qi Wuhui attack crazily.

He slowly walked up and said, “Senior Brother, how can you say that Theyre from the Supreme Hall after all.

Didnt you hear it just now Other peoples disciples all have unique skills.

Their reputation is built on their own efforts, not blown up.

How can you say that about them Dont they need any shame If this gets out, how will others view the Supreme Hall How will they continue to survive in the Eastern Wasteland”

Qi Wuhui understood what Ye Qiu meant.

“Oh, blame me, blame me.

Its all thanks to Junior Brothers reminder.

I almost forgot that their disciples all have unique skills.

How can they be so weak Yes, these people are definitely fake.

They are definitely not disciples of the Supreme Hall.”

“Pfft…” The two of them echoed each other.

Gu Jianxuan instantly spat out a mouthful of blood.

His anger attacked his heart, and he almost couldnt catch his breath.

He directly kicked his legs and went…

“What a humiliation, what a huge humiliation…”

The incompetent rage in his heart wanted to prove something, but his disciples were useless.

He turned around and looked at the two of them.

They were echoing each other and looking like they were thinking for him.

Their words were like a knife that stabbed his heart crazily.

Fight He couldnt beat him.

He couldnt win against him in words either.


Gu Jianxuan almost fainted from anger.

Fortunately, the disciples reacted quickly and quickly supported him.

Seeing this, Ye Qiu smiled faintly and felt happy.

Who told you to pretend

Qi Wuhui felt even better.

He had never felt so good in his life.

He had always been the one who was slapped in the face.

Now that he experienced the pleasure of acting cool, he felt comfortable.

“Ah… this is awesome.” He was intoxicated.

As expected, he still had to follow his junior brother.

So there was such a happy thing in life.

Seeing him like this, Ye Qiu couldnt bear to disturb him.

At one point, he was a little suspicious. Wasnt that my disciple Why was he the one bragging

“Junior Brother, youre too ruthless.” Ming Yue snickered when she saw that Gu Jianxuan was furious.

She was gloating too.

Ye Qiu smiled faintly.

He lowered his head and glanced at the great evil.

“This is nothing.

I have something more ruthless.

Senior Sister, do you want to see”

Ming Yue rolled her eyes at him.

She knew that he must be thinking of something bad and couldnt be bothered with him.

“Damn it!” Gu Jianxuan stood up and flew into a rage.

He turned around and said to a young man in green, “Wanfeng, its time for you to appear.



A trace of killing intent flashed across the eyes of the disciple named Wanfeng.

The corners of his mouth curled up into a smile as she said, “Disciple accepts the order.

Master, dont worry.

I will definitely not disappoint you.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyones hearts trembled.

This person is actually Gu Jianxuans disciple Didnt that mean that he was of the same generation as Daoist Qingmiao

No one had expected that there would be a young disciple beside Gu Jianxuan.

Furthermore, he seemed to be quite strong and had hidden his strength very well.

At first, no one noticed.

Seeing him slowly walk towards the entrance, the corners of Gu Jianxuans mouth curled up into a cold smile.

“Hmph, Ye Qiu, you didnt expect this, right I still have something up my sleeve.

This is the gift I prepared for you.

Just you wait.

Lets see how I return the humiliation you gave me earlier…”

Gu Jianxuan said without any hesitation.

Qi Wuhui also frowned and realized that something was wrong.

He could vaguely sense that the young man called Wanfeng was at least at level eight of Infinite Distance.

Perhaps he had already reached level nine.

If he were to use him to snipe…

Could Little Linglong still withstand it He could not help but worry for the two little fellows.

“Junior Brother, this old fellow is going to use a killing move.

Do you want me to get Haoer back to help” Qi Wuhui walked to Ye Qius side and said.

He was not interested in the rankings, but he was quite interested in the disgusting Supreme Hall.


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