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That small body carried a huge hammer and stood at the entrance.

No one actually dared to go forward alone.

When Gu Jianxuan saw this scene, his expression immediately became extremely ugly.

He walked to the side of the disciple and checked.

“Damn it, all the bones in his body are broken.

This force must have reached at least a million pounds.”

It was already a strength that exceeded ordinary peoples imagination.

Gu Jianxuan looked coldly at Ye Qiu.

Ye Qiu smiled and didnt say anything.

“Hmph, good move.” Gu Jianxuan sneered and ordered someone to bring that disciple away for treatment.

“Thank you…” Ye Qiu smiled faintly.

Supreme Hall had suffered in silence this time.

They were the ones who attacked first, but the ones who were injured were his own people.

“Hmph…” Gu Jianxuan flicked his sleeves and turned around to look at the disciples beside him.

They immediately understood and walked up at the same time.

The limelight was a little off.

It had just begun, but such a bloody confrontation had already erupted.

Everyone was shocked.

At the entrance, Zhao Waner returned, furious.

Just now, she was only focused on opening up a path in front and did not notice the situation behind her.

If it werent for Little Linglong, she would have been ambushed.

“Little Junior Sister, well done! Come to me…” After setting up the formation, Zhao Waner gently turned her right hand, and a wave of hellfire that could burn the world instantly bloomed.

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As soon as this Karmic Flame appeared, the disciples of the Supreme Hall stood down.

No one dared to step forward.

At this moment, Little Linglong suddenly said, “Senior Sister, go in first.

Leave these people to me.

Ill beat them up.”

Zhao Waner was stunned.

Little Linglong looked excited as she carried the hammer.

She couldnt help but laugh.

When she turned around and saw that Lin Qingzhu had already returned, she heaved a sigh of relief.

“Alright, let them be your practice opponents.

Ill watch from the side.”

Seeing that her senior sister agreed, Little Linglong was instantly delighted and twisted the sledgehammer with both hands.

“Charge…” With a loud cry, she instantly rose from the ground and rushed over.


The disciples of the Supreme Hall were instantly shocked.

They saw a sledgehammer smashing down from the sky.

Everyone resisted with all their might and erupted with all their might.

The moment they touched the Linglong Hammer, they felt like they had been electrocuted.

Like a mountain pressing down on them, the ferocious force smashed them into the ground.

“Gasp… Oh my god, whose child is this Shes so fierce.”

Gu Jianxuan stood up directly.

His expression was ugly and his anger attacked his heart.

The few sniper disciples he had originally planned to send out were actually defeated by a little girl with a single hammer strike

“Haha…” An inappropriate sneer sounded as Qi Wuhui slowly walked to the front of the Supreme Halls team.

“Let me see.

Whose disciples are they They cant even defeat a five-year-old child.

How embarrassing.”

“Qi Wuhui, you…” Daoist Qingmiao was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

This was undoubtedly the greatest humiliation.

A five-year-old child, who had not started cultivating, had actually beaten his disciple to the ground.

Wouldnt that be telling the world that his disciples were all trash

“Oh, so theyre the disciples of the Supreme Hall.

Thats not strange.

Thats not strange.” Qi Wuhui looked at it for a while and suddenly understood.

“Pfft…” Daoist Qingmiao was so furious that he couldnt recover for a moment and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Master.” The disciple behind him panicked and hurriedly came up to help him, but he pushed him away.

“Trash, all of you are trash.


I dont believe a five-year-old child can be strong.”

Following Daoist Qingmiaos order, everyone rushed forward and used various secret techniques to surround Little Linglong.

Faced with more than ten disciples from the Supreme Hall, Little Linglong did not panic at all.

Instead, she revealed an excited smile.

“Good, good, come at me together.

More, its not enough…”

“What an arrogant little girl.

Youre courting death…” A Supreme Hall disciple of the Infinite Distance realm shouted angrily and suddenly drew his sword to attack.

He was extremely fast and arrived beside Ling Long in an instant.

Just as he thought that his sneak attack had succeeded, what greeted him was an incomparably cold giant hammer.


A deafening sound rang out, accompanied by the faint roar of lightning, causing everyones ears to sting.

When the sparks faded, everyone saw that the rude man was already lying in a huge pit.


“Damn it, lets attack together!”

Seeing this, everyone present could not sit still anymore.

If they allowed her to continue fighting, the disciples of the Supreme Hall would probably be wiped out.

With an order, everyone rushed forward.

Countless lights flickered, and powerful precious techniques shook.


The sound of flames burning could be heard as a red flame instantly forced everyone back.

When they came back to their senses, they saw a white figure charging over and killing several people in a row, taking Little Linglong away.

“Little Junior Sister, dont waste your energy here.

Go in first…”

Lin Qingzhu grabbed Little Linglong and Zhao Waner, and the three of them instantly disappeared from the entrance.

Seeing this scene, Gu Jianxuan was completely enraged.

“Damn it! Dozens of people besieged three, with more than ten injured, yet they still couldnt take them down.

A bunch of trash…”

After cursing, all the disciples could only lower their heads and accept the scolding, not daring to retort.

At this moment, Gu Jianxuan was extremely angry.

When he saw that Qi Wuhui was still talking from the side, he went berserk.

“Tsk tsk, how embarrassing, how embarrassing…” Qi Wuhui walked a few rounds to the left and a few rounds to the right.

He kept surrounding Daoist Qingmiao and kept saying those few words.

Daoist Qingmiao was so angry that his Dao heart almost collapsed.

After a round of mockery, Qi Wuhui also felt proud and returned to his team.

He only felt refreshed.

“Ah… Awesome.”

It had been many years since he felt so awesome.

It had to be said that this little disciple of Violet Cloud Peak was not only fierce, but also very violent.

She had dared to beat up dozens of people from the Supreme Hall alone.

It was really a win for them.

The people present were all from famous holy lands all over the world.

They all saw it.

Perhaps in their hearts, a five-year-old child from the Heaven Mending Sect was already so terrifying.

How awesome were those disciples who had cultivated for many years

“Haha…” Meng Tianzheng also let out a rare laugh.

Regardless of whether Little Linglong could obtain a good result this time, it wouldnt affect her fame.

After all, she had erupted with such astonishing combat strength at the age of five.

How terrifying would she be when she reached adulthood

At this moment, Perfected Zi Yang and Perfected Yunxu were also greatly shocked.

They looked at each other, their eyes filled with surprise.

After a while, Perfected Zi Yang laughed and said, “Haha, this child really has the potential of a Martial Monarch!”

Perfected Yunxu smiled and turned around to say to Ye Qiu, “Young friend Ye Qiu, your disciple has an unlimited future.”

“Thank you for your praises, Senior.” Ye Qiu smiled faintly and pretended to be humble, feeling gratified.

He had already begun to consider what kind of posture he should posture in later.

After everyone entered Mount Yun Ding, there was a loud bang.

A ray of light descended from the sky, and images gradually appeared in the white light.

The world in the image was the world inside Mount Yun Ding.

Everything that happened inside was revealed to everyone.

At this moment, Lin Qingzhu and the other two had already entered Mount Yun Ding.

They stood on a wasteland, and the ground was filled with disciples from the various Holy Lands.

In front of them, a huge mountain stood under the natural chasm, reaching to the Nine Heavens.

It was incomparably huge.

The mountain was rugged and there was an ancient limestone path leading to the peak.

Many disciples of the Holy Lands had already started to climb the mountain.

Standing at the foot of the mountain, Lin Qingzhu watched everything coldly.

Zhao Waner walked up and said, “Senior Sister, Senior Brother Liu and the others have already started climbing the mountain.

Should we follow them”

When she came in just now, Zhao Waner searched for the whereabouts of the other disciples of the Heaven Mending Sect and discovered that most of them had already started to ascend the mountain.

She specially came over to ask Lin Qingzhu for her opinion.

Lin Qingzhu glanced at He Wushuang, who was not far away.

He was relaxed and looked like he was watching a show.

He was not in a hurry to climb the mountain.

Looking to the left, Fuyao was the same.

She just waited quietly.

The surrounding clamor did not affect her at all.

“Theres no hurry!” Lin Qingzhu thought for a moment and said lightly.

In the Yun Ding Dao Discussion, people will compete against each other.

The victor is determined in the Dao Discussion.

The winner advanced, the loser was eliminated.

If they went up the mountain now, they might be matched with Liu Qingfeng and the others.

It would be easy for them to kill each other.

Therefore, she was not in a hurry to go up.

She wanted to wait for Lu Yan from the Supreme Hall to go up the mountain.

If she was lucky, she would be matched with him.

That would be fun.

Seeing that none of them moved, the atmosphere immediately became oppressive.

“What the hell Why arent they up yet What are they waiting for”

“I dont know.

Im so anxious.

If theyre not going, Ill go first.”

The group of people discussed among themselves.

They looked at He Wushuang and the others who were still unmoved.

They could not help but go up the mountain first.

No one wanted to be opponents with these experts.

If they were matched, their journey to the top would really be over.

They wanted to wait until they fought their way up before starting to climb the mountain, but unexpectedly, none of them moved.

At the foot of the mountain, Lu Yan sneered as he sat on a rock to rest.

He stared coldly at Lin Qingzhu in the crowd.

A few disciples at the side said, “Eldest Senior Brother, that little girl injured several of our junior brothers just now.

Should we wipe them up now Let them be eliminated directly and end it before they can even get on the rankings”

Lu Yan thought for a moment and said, “Theres no hurry.

That Lin Qingzhu is quite capable.

Its not good for us to fight her to the death.

Now is not the time to make a move.

When she starts to climb the mountain, Ill directly beat those two little girls out to relieve the hatred in my heart.”

When everyone heard this, they immediately revealed evil smiles and rubbed their palms together.

They were just waiting to make a move later.

On the other side, Lin Qingzhu seemed to have felt Lu Yans provocative gaze and returned it without hesitation.

She also had an ominous feeling in her heart.

She turned around and looked at Little Linglong.

She was constantly looking around as if she was looking for a target.

She knew Little Linglongs combat strength better than anyone else.

If the Supreme Hall targeted her, then they had probably found the wrong person.

“Interesting…” Thinking of this, Lin Qingzhu suddenly had an idea.

She squatted down and whispered into Little Linglongs ear.

“Linglong, do you see those people”

Little Linglong nodded.

She continued, “Those people are our sworn enemies.

If they dare to attack later, beat them to death.

Dont show mercy, understand”

It would have been better if she didnt say anything.

Little Linglong immediately became excited once she heard those words.

“Hehe, alright.

Senior Sister, leave it to me.

Linglong likes this kind of thing the most.” Little Linglong excitedly gripped her hammer tightly.

She was originally worried about what to do, but now, she didnt have to worry about having nothing to do.

After instructing her, Lin Qingzhu slowly stood up and instructed Zhao Waner, “Waner, Ill go up first in a while.

Look after Linglong.”

“Alright…” Zhao Waner nodded and held Little Linglongs hand tightly, afraid that she would die if she let go.

After waiting for a long time, He Wushuang suddenly stretched.

“Ah… comfortable.” He slowly pulled out a sword and leaped into Mount Yun Ding.

Seeing that he had begun to climb the mountain, Fuyao, who was on the other side, also moved out.

She jumped up and was unwilling to fall behind.

“Its starting, its starting…”

The moment the two of them set off, the atmosphere immediately became excited.

A few more figures flashed past and headed straight for the limestone road.

Lin Qingzhu still didnt move.

Instead, she looked coldly at Lu Yan.

After a long time, he finally couldnt take it anymore and flew towards the limestone road.

Seeing this, Lin Qingzhu smiled and reminded her two junior sisters before stepping onto the limestone path.

Before coming, she had already understood the rules of the Dao discussion on Mount Yun Ding.

Only one person could reach the top of this long limestone path.

Every step would be matched with an opponent.

The winner would advance and the loser would be eliminated.

And those who entered Mount Yun Ding at the same time and belonged to the same level would have a high chance of matching up.

Therefore, she had been waiting.

The goal was to match with Lu Yan.

It would be best if he was the first to be kicked out.

What Lin Qingzhu didnt know was that as soon as she left, dozens of disciples from the Supreme Hall instantly surrounded Zhao Waner and Little Linglong.

The atmosphere immediately became tense.

“What are they going to do”

“Could it be that they want to snipe the Heaven Mending Sects disciples here”

Everyone discussed spiritedly.

Those who wanted to leave immediately stopped and prepared to watch a good show.

Previously, when they were outside, there were already a few conflicts between the Heaven Mending Sect and the Supreme Hall.

Unexpectedly, the conflict became more and more intense, to the point where it could not be resolved.

Seeing their actions, everyone understood that they wanted to kick Zhao Waner and Little Linglong out while the Heaven Mending Sects disciples were already on the mountain.

“Theres a good show to watch!”

“I wonder if these two girls can withstand it”

The surrounding people had no intention of interfering.

Instead, they watched from afar.

“Lets see who else can save you this time…”

A disciple of the Supreme Hall, Cheng Feng, walked over with a cold smile.

His smile was extremely terrifying.

Zhao Waner knew why they were here.

“Run Why are we running” Zhao Waner smiled and asked without any panic.

“Hmph, arrogant.

At this point, do you think you can still escape” Cheng Feng said disdainfully.

Zhao Waner smiled without saying anything.

They had never thought of running.

Looking down at Little Linglong, Zhao Waner said, “Linglong, go ahead.

Have fun.

Have fun…”

“Alright, Senior Sister, just watch me.” Little Linglong revealed a harmless smile and slowly walked out with the hammer.

She held the hammer with one hand and suddenly smashed it into the ground, instantly creating a huge pit.

She shouted domineeringly, “All of you, attack together.”

The disciples of the Supreme Hall were instantly furious after being shouted at by a five-year-old child.

“Ignorant little girl, youre courting death…” With a furious roar, the three disciples attacked first.

Three blades slashed over at the same time.

That ferocious and domineering power was incomparably shocking.

If it was an ordinary person, they would definitely not dare to take it head-on.

However, who was Little Linglong What she was least afraid of was a competition of strength.

She revealed a harmless smile and suddenly pulled out her hammer.

She swept it horizontally and smashed it towards them at lightning speed.


With a loud bang, everyone present was stunned.

They came in early and did not know what had happened outside.

So they were dumbfounded when they saw it.


A white bolt of lightning flashed across the sky and struck the ground ferociously, stirring up dust.

When they turned around, the three disciples of the Supreme Hall were lying on the ground on their last breaths, their bones broken.

“What domineering power.

This is an extreme force impact.”

“How did she do it”

Everyone was shocked, and Cheng Fengs face turned pale.

Who would have thought that a harmless little girl would have such astonishing strength

“No, an illusion.

This must be an illusion.” Cheng Feng refused to believe it.

How could a five-year-old girl have such powerful strength This must not be true.

“Haha, it looks like the Supreme Hall isnt much.” Zhao Waner crossed her arms and smiled faintly.

She didnt even interfere and let Little Linglong beat those three opponents until they couldnt find their bearings.

“Arrogant…” Cheng Feng was furious and instantly erupted with the power of a level three Infinite Distance.

In that instant, a violent wind blew over.

The disciples of the Supreme Hall behind him all took out their Dharma artifacts and waited.

“Hmph, even if the heavens come today, they wont be able to save you.

Attack together.” Cheng Feng roared angrily and took the lead to charge forward.

The other disciples behind him followed closely behind.

He wanted to resolve the battle in the shortest time possible.

On this side, when Linglong saw so many people swarming over, an excited smile appeared on her exquisite face.

She slowly waved the Linglong Hammer.

In an instant, lightning flashed in the Nine Heavens, and a violent wind rose.

A shocking power erupted in an instant, causing everyone present to tremble in fear.

A trace of fear was born under the surging lightning.

When she used the Violent Wind Hammer Technique, Linglong seemed to have become a completely different person.

She was like an invincible god of war high up in the sky, easily neutralizing her opponents one after another.

She had comprehended this Violent Wind Hammer Technique on her own when Ye Qiu was constantly feeding her moves.

It was extremely suitable for group fights.


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