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After understanding the situation, Ye Qiu smiled.

So that was the case.

Sorry about that.

Originally, Ye Qiu thought that he would have to suffer heavy losses to settle this matter.

From the looks of it, this conflict was started by Yang Bubai.

He was the one who asked for it, so he could not blame anyone.

Moreover, he was the one who could not defeat the other party even though he was the one who provoked her.

The Sword Evaluation Peaks reputation would be completely lost by him.

On the other hand, Yang Wudi was also trying to understand the situation from his son.

This kid was also simple-minded.

He didnt hide anything and didnt change the truth at all.

He directly revealed what had happened just now.

Yang Wudis face darkened when he heard this.

Is this kid really my son Hes so stupid… If you insisted on it, added fuel to the fire, and said that it was her fault, I wouldnt let you suffer this beating for nothing.

No matter what, Ye Qiu should compensate me, right

In the end, he started this matter himself and even foolishly confessed.

“Ill deal with you when we get back…” Yang Wudi cursed and turned to Ye Qiu.

“Junior Brother, it seems like this matter was caused by my son.

He suffered this beating because he was inferior.

He deserves it.

Ill definitely teach him a lesson when I get back so that he wont be arrogant and cause trouble.”

Ye Qiu laughed in his heart, but on the surface, he said very calmly, “Senior Brother, youre thinking too much.

Its normal for children to fight.

This disciple of mine didnt hold back and injured Martial Nephew.

Ill bring her to the Sword Evaluation Peak later to apologize to you.”

Yang Wudis face darkened when he heard this. Good lord… Is he trying to disgust me

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His son was older than Little Linglong and was also a boy.

He had nurtured him since he was young.

Now, he actually couldnt defeat Ye Qius new disciple.

Wasnt this clearly telling others that he, Yang Wudi, cant do it

“Theres no need, Junior Brother.

Its normal for children to fight.

If he loses, its because his skills are inferior.

He can just refine it when he gets back.” Yang Wudi didnt have the face to stay here anymore.

He grabbed Yang Bubais collar, bid farewell to his fellow disciples, and left.

The remaining children were also taken away by the peak masters of the various factions.

What happened today had really shocked them.

They all looked at the little girl beside Ye Qiu in surprise.

They really couldnt understand why this little girl was so good at fighting.

After a while, Meng Tianzheng walked over curiously to take a look.

He discovered that there was a stream of Qi surrounding Little Linglongs body, and he couldnt see the changes in her body at all.

He thought that it must be the aura left behind by Ye Qiu.

After carefully observing her, he suddenly discovered… a faint King seal between her eyebrows.

Meng Tianzheng immediately sucked in a breath of cold air and understood something.

“Haha, Junior Brother, your disciple is really unbelievable.

She has the looks of a celestial.” Meng Tianzheng exclaimed.

His eyes were filled with shock.

He knew very well what that King seal represented.

Ye Qiu replied humbly, “No, Senior Brother, you must be joking.

My disciple is stubborn and has a violent personality.

Its difficult for her to become great.”

The corner of Meng Tianzhengs mouth twitched.

Still pretending He had taken in such a terrifying disciple, yet he had hidden himself well.

He was really looking forward to how far this little fellow could grow in the future.

Stroking his beard, Meng Tianzheng was deep in thought when… Elder Xu walked over.

“Junior Brother Ye, bring this child back.

I cant teach her.

My bones are weak and cant withstand her dismantling.

Just treat it as doing me a favor and spare my life.”

Elder Xu was really afraid.

He thought that he had accepted an obedient and sensible student, but who knew that… she was pretending.

He had been careless.

She almost tore the school down.

Ye Qiu didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He had no choice.

This wretched girl was expelled on the first day of school.

This legendary event would probably accompany her for the rest of her life.

Martial Monarch Linglong was so terrifying.

“Alright, since Senior Brother is troubled, I wont trouble you.” Ye Qiu thought about it and could only give up.

Thus, on the first day of learning, Empress Linglong failed.

Ye Qiu had a headache.

Who should he ask to teach next

While Ye Qiu was having a headache, Little Linglong suddenly tugged at his clothes and asked curiously, “Master, I beat all of them up just now.

Am I invincible among my peers now”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present was stunned and looked at each other.

“Pfft…” Ming Yue covered her mouth and laughed.

She squatted in front of her and whispered, “Little fellow, who told you about the concept of being invincible among your peers”

Little Linglong tilted her head and stared straight at Ming Yues chest.

She stared at her and said, “Senior Sister said that as long as we beat all the children on the mountain, we can be invincible among our peers.

Ive already defeated them just now.

Arent I invincible among my peers”

This question stumped everyone.

That seemed to make sense.

“Haha…” Qi Wuhui laughed loudly.

This child… was an interesting little fellow.

So that was why she hit him “Junior Brother, your disciple has the potential of a Martial Monarch Realm expert.”

Qi Wuhui turned around and left the school.

Ye Qiu also had a headache.

He didnt stay any longer and left the First Peak with Little Linglong, returning to Violet Cloud Peak.

Todays matter had already become a joke in the entire Heaven Mending Sect.

Everyone was discussing it.

The rumor of the new disciple of Violet Cloud Peak beating up the children of the seven peak masters and the elders was widely spread.

At this moment, Qi Wuhui, who had returned to the Hidden Sword Peak, was still smiling.

Seeing him return so happily, the disciples were also confused.

Did something good happen Why was Master laughing

Qi Hao walked over curiously and said, “Father, what made you laugh”

Qi Wuhui smiled and said, “Today, Violet Cloud Peak accepted a new disciple.

Shes five or six years old.

On the first day she arrived at the school, she beat up all the students in the school.

At such a young age, she has a fiery personality and is incomparably irritable.

Your Martial Uncle Yangs biological son was beaten until his father couldnt recognize him.”

“Haha…” At this point, Qi Wuhui felt great.

The thought of Yang Wudis old face when he left made him feel much better.

Everyone was amused when they heard this.

When did Violet Cloud Peak take in such a disciple She was so fierce that she even dared to beat up Yang Wudis biological son But it was no wonder.

After all, her master was Ye Qiu.

Qi Hao and the others also laughed loudly.

This matter had completely spread among the disciples.

On the other side, Heavenly Water Peak, Wind Returning Peak, and the others were also spreading this matter.

Everyones first reaction when they heard this matter was extremely shocking.

After a while, Qi Wuhui finally calmed down and recalled what the Sect Master had said today.

He said to Qi Hao and the others, “Alright, all of you can go back and cultivate.

The Dao discussion on Mount Yun Ding is imminent.

I hope that you can get a good result and become famous…”

After a while, Qi Wuhui looked at his disciple, Li Caisi, who had his head lowered because of his inferiority complex.

He felt a wave of regret in his heart.

He had ignored him because his obsession was too deep and he cared too much about his grudge with Ye Qiu.

This caused this child to feel even more inferior.

Lin Qingzhu, who had entered the sect with him, had already become famous and her cultivation had advanced by leaps and bounds.

But he had only reached level nine of Black Finger.

His previous high spirits had already dissipated, and he had become inferior and lonely.

Seeing him lower his head, Qi Wuhui couldnt help but feel regretful.

Why did his grudge with Ye Qiu involve them Thinking of this, he wanted to make up for it in his heart, so he said, “Cai Si, come with me…”

In the crowd, Li Caisi, who had been called out, looked up in surprise.

He did not expect his master to call his name alone today.

He was a little surprised and hesitant.

Qi Hao also smiled and patted his shoulder.

“Little Junior Brother, go.”

Li Caisi looked at Qi Hao with a complicated gaze and nodded, not knowing what to say.

He lowered his head and followed Qi Wuhui into the training hall.

He, who was originally in despair, seemed to have a new hope.

His master had not forgotten him or neglected him.

When he walked into the training hall nervously, Qi Wuhui was already sitting firmly in his seat.

When he saw him enter, he looked at him apologetically and said, “Disciple, I know that you must hate me very much.

During this period of time, Ive also regretted everything that happened back then.

I know in my heart that I owe you guys too much.”

“Master, no.

I dont hate you.” Hearing this, Li Caisis eyes turned red as he continued, “I only hate myself for being mediocre and useless, that I cant help Master.

From beginning to end, I have never hated Master.”

“Sigh…” Qi Wuhuis heart trembled as he looked at Li Caisi, whose eyes were red and who was crying bitterly.

He sighed.

“Poor child.

Its my fault for neglecting you.

From today onwards, cultivate with me.

Although I cant be like your Martial Uncle Ye of Violet Cloud Peak, I wont bury your innate divine bones.

“I didnt hope to make up for my mistakes back then.

I only hope that you can become an immortal and attain the Dao without burying your divine talent.”

At this point, Li Caisi felt touched.

He had already given up hope, thinking that Qi Wuhui had already given up on him.

Unexpectedly, Qi Wuhui did not give up on him and was even willing to bring him along to cultivate.

He was grateful and did not know how to repay him.

He knelt down heavily and kowtowed to Qi Wuhui.

He was also very grateful to that Martial Uncle Ye of Violet Cloud Peak.

Qi Wuhuis sudden realization could not be done without Ye Qiu.

If not for him, his situation would probably have lasted for a lifetime.

“Alright, get up! The Dao discussion on Mount Yun Ding is about to begin.

Im going into seclusion for a period of time.

Come with me.

I hope that this seclusion will allow your cultivation to advance by leaps and bounds and you will obtain a good result during the Dao discussion.”

Sighing, Qi Wuhui brought Li Caisi into seclusion.

He wanted to guide Li Caisis cultivation while he was in seclusion.

Violet Cloud Peak…

A stream of light streaked across the square in front of the Qianqing Hall.

Ye Qiu brought Little Linglong back to Violet Cloud Peak.

When Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Waner heard the commotion, they hurriedly came out to welcome them.

Seeing Ye Qius headache, Lin Qingzhu asked curiously, “Master, didnt you bring Little Junior Sister to school Why are you back so quickly”

Ye Qiu didnt say anything.

He lowered his head and looked at Little Linglongs smiling face.

He was extremely depressed. Learn Learn my ass… No one else would be expelled on the first day of school.

Shaking his head, Ye Qiu said, “This damn girl beat up your Martial Uncle Yangs son on the first day of class.

She didnt even let go of the teacher.”

“Its only the first day and shes already been expelled.”


The two of them were speechless after hearing Ye Qius explanation.

His reminder was useless to her.

He said it for nothing.

It went in one ear and out the other.

She had to make a fuss.

Zhao Waner didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

She went to Little Linglongs side and said, “Little Junior Sister, didnt I tell you to study hard How can you hit someone”

Little Linglong said in all seriousness, “Who asked him to provoke me and even want to take me in as his underling Hmph… Ill beat him up into a pigs head.

Who asked him to be so arrogant.

Oh right, Senior Sister.” At this point, Little Linglong blinked her big, watery eyes and smiled.

“Can I be said to be invincible among my peers now”


The two of them covered their heads and didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

This old beggar had harmed a lot of people.

Why did he have to tell her that she was invincible among her peers It made her want to beat up anyone she saw.

“Master, what should we do now” Lin Qingzhu said worriedly.

This concerned her junior sisters cultivation.

If she couldnt read, how could she cultivate in the future She couldnt even understand cultivation techniques, let alone comprehend higher-level secret techniques.

She also had a headache.

Ye Qiu shrugged and said angrily, “What can we do They sent her back.

We can only teach her ourselves.

But it doesnt matter.

In any case, shes still young and doesnt need to comprehend any profound Dao techniques for the time being.

“The two of you, try to teach her how to read for the next few days.

If you cant teach her, you can only train her body.”

The two of them nodded.

It was not impossible to cultivate if they could not read.

Body tempering was the simplest and most crude method.

There was no need to comprehend any Dao techniques.

One only needed to temper their body.

Originally, Ye Qiu wanted her to temper her body first and stabilize her foundation.

After her bone age grew, she would cultivate.

However, based on the current trend, there seemed to be no need to consider cultivating.

She could just refine her body.

This body tempering technique could be said to be the simplest and most crude cultivation method.

Moreover, its growth potential was extremely terrifying.

Once it was cultivated to the highest realm, its combat strength would be extremely astonishing.

However, this cultivation was also extremely difficult.

It was not easy to achieve anything.

One needed a large number of natural treasures and precious medicines to temper their bones, body, and strength to reach the most perfect state.

Once it was refined, its potential was unimaginable.

Its combat strength was not something that people of the same level could compare to.

Ye Qiu had thought of cultivating both paths, but he never had the chance.

Now that he saw Little Linglong, it seemed like he could test it out.

“Yes, Master.

Then Junior Sister and I will take turns to take care of her.” Lin Qingzhu suggested.

Ye Qiu waved his hand, “Okay, go! Try your best to teach her.

Im going into seclusion for a few days.

Well talk about it after I come out of seclusion.”

The two of them nodded and left with Little Linglong.

Ye Qiu also entered the Qianqing Hall and came to a small secret room.

Violet Cloud Peaks spiritual power was extremely astonishing because of the Immortal Peach Tree.

His cultivation speed was extremely fast with this enhancement.

Ye Qiu slowly took out a precious bone from his storage jade.

That precious bone was the one he had obtained from Lian Feng.

Back then, Ye Qiu only learned the precious technique of the precious bone, but he didnt absorb the power inside.

Now was the time to absorb the power of the precious bone.

As for the longevity medicine, Ye Qiu didnt plan to absorb it for the time being.

When his cultivation reached the peak of the Paragon realm, he would consider absorbing it and reaching the King-Ranked realm in one go.

“Kun Pengs remains Haha, the power contained in the remains of an Immortal Ancient giant can support me to reach such a realm” Ye Qiu muttered and speculated in his heart.

The current him was at the early-stage Paragon realm.

After this period of time, he had stabilized his mental state and his cultivation foundation had reached a perfect state.

If he didnt break through now, when would he

Holding the broken bones in his hand, Ye Qiu slowly circulated the True Primordial Record and evolved the rune power of the broken bones.

In a moment, an astonishing power surged into his body.


Ye Qiu sucked in a breath of cold air.

The power contained in this Kun Peng bone was even more shocking than the True Dragon bone last time.

It was not that the Kun Peng was stronger than a True Dragon, but the degree of preservation of this bone was more perfect than a True Dragons bone.

The power contained in it was naturally stronger.

As this shocking power surged in, Ye Qius limbs and bones emitted waves of pain.

He used the True Primordial Record with all his might to suppress this power.

“Suppress!” With a cold snort, Ye Qiu erupted with his full strength.

In an instant, a crazy sword intent echoed in the secret room.

Under the powerful suppression of the True Primordial Record, this power was gradually suppressed and finally calmed down.

When Ye Qiu saw this, he didnt hesitate and started to absorb this power.

As that shocking power surged into his body, it reverberated from the spiritual spring and his prefecture sea.

In his body, the two blooming Dao Flowers continuously absorbed this power.


There was a loud bang.

Ye Qius cultivation had broken through.

“Mid-stage Paragon realm”

It wasnt over yet.

The moment his cultivation broke through, more power began to pour in and advance to the next level.

One day…

Two days…

Five days passed.

After five days of absorption, another rune appeared on the surface of Ye Qius body.

The blue rune was the rune power of Kun Pengs precious bone.

The moment this rune power appeared, Ye Qiu could feel that his speed had increased several times.

“F*ck!” Ye Qiu was shocked after carefully sensing and comparing the speed in his consciousness.

When he used the Kun Peng Treasure Technique with all his might now, his speed was astonishing and unimaginable.

“Isnt this too fast” Ye Qiu was shocked.

At his current speed, he could be called the fastest man in history.


Apart from the improvement of the Kun Peng Treasure Technique, his sword techniques and palm techniques had also been greatly improved.

This situation continued until the tenth day.

Ye Qiu began to unleash his full strength, pushing his cultivation to the late-stage Paragon realm.

There was a loud bang in the secret room.


A golden light flickered, followed by a blue light.

In a moment, a powerful force was expelled.

Ye Qius aura also changed.

“Late-stage Paragon!”


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