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Lin Qingzhu also smiled when she saw the little fellow struggling to get up from the ground.

It seemed that after this little fellow went up the mountain, the atmosphere on Violet Cloud Peak slowly became lively.

This was a good start.

She stood up while cursing and simply adapted to the weight of the hammer.

She said angrily, “I dont believe that the invincible lady of the same generation cant hold a lousy hammer.”

As she spoke, she used all her strength and gritted her teeth.

“Ah…” With her full strength, she suddenly pulled out the hammer from the ground and smashed it forward.

“Damn it…”

The few boulders in front of her were instantly smashed into powder.

This sudden explosion shocked even Ye Qiu.

One had to know that she had yet to start cultivating, but she had already erupted with such astonishing combat strength.

At this moment, her strength had already surpassed the ordinary ninth level of Qi Mastery.

If she really started cultivating, wouldnt she break through the limit of her strength

Ye Qius interest was immediately piqued.

This little guy was a good moldable talent.

He had to teach her well.

In the future, she would definitely be a good fighter with her fiery temper.

This way, he wouldnt have to personally deal with those small fries.

After all, he has the Martial Monarch Linglong by his side, who would dare to cause trouble


“Not bad, not bad.

It seems quite fun.” Ye Qiu smiled.

He already had a plan in his heart to nurture this little fellow.

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On the other hand, Little Linglong was shocked after seeing how powerful she was.

“Wow, am I that powerful” Looking at the huge rock that she had smashed into powder, Little Linglong came back to her senses and was pleasantly surprised.

She didnt expect the hammer her master gave her to be so powerful.

In the future, wouldnt she be invincible among her peers with this hammer

Thinking of this, she was extremely happy.

She threw down the hammer and pounced at Ye Qiu.

“Thank you, Master.

I like this hammer very much.

Master is like Father.

You treat me the best.

I love you to death… Hehe, with this hammer, lets see who dares to provoke me in the future…”

At this point, Little Linglong smiled evilly and gradually became deranged.

Ye Qius heart trembled when he saw her evil smile.

He had an ominous feeling.

This little girl was fearless and loved to fight.

Now that she had the hammer, she was even more powerful.

She wouldnt cause trouble in the future, right

Surely she wont, right

Ye Qiu comforted himself.

She was just a child.

What big trouble could she cause It shouldnt be a big problem.

He could suppress any calamity with his current strength.

[Ding! You have given your disciple a low-grade spiritual weapon, Spirit Wind Hammer, triggering a critical strike.]


The sudden system notification stunned Ye Qiu.

He thought for a moment and smiled.

This hammer was also something he had snatched from Gongsun Yang previously.

He had wanted to give it to his two disciples to trap them.

However, they all felt that this hammer was too heavy and unsuitable for them, so they didnt want it.

Unexpectedly, the thing they despised was now treated as a treasure by Little Linglong, and she cherished it extremely.

Ye Qiu was also happy in his heart.

It seemed like the heavy weapons in his hands finally had a home.

“Activate it.”

[Ding… congratulations, you have triggered Ten-thousand-fold Return and obtained a Connate numinous treasure, Clear Sky Hammer.]

Ye Qiu: “…”

Ye Qiu was speechless as he looked at the black hammer with lightning in the system space.

Why did it feel like he was intruding Was it that one Heavenly Hammer

“Haha, interesting! But why is it a Connate numinous treasure”

Ye Qiu smiled.

He didnt know if it was too high or too low.

This hammer was covered in lightning and was extremely offensive.

If it was used, it could attract the divine lightning of the Nine Heavens as an attack method.

Furthermore, it was extremely powerful.

Just one hammer weighed a million pounds.

It was a little ridiculous.

It should be an enhanced version, right

Ye Qiu looked down on this weapon, but he could keep it for now.

When Little Linglong grew up and became stronger, she could use it as a weapon.

At that time, wouldnt she be able to hammer anyone she saw with this weapon

Martial Monarch Linglong was so terrifying.

Ye Qiu valued his little disciple very much, but this little girl was a little lacking.

“Heh…” After playing with it for a while, Little Linglong finally adapted to the power of the hammer.

As she continued to swing it, her strength slowly increased.

Ye Qiu was secretly shocked.

He said, “Alright, go back and pack up.

Prepare to move.”


Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Waner responded.

Little Linglong didnt have much luggage and didnt need to pack.

Ye Qiu turned around and went back to pack up.

Then, he brought her to the ancestral tablet and paid her respects.

It was the entrance ceremony.

Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Waner finished packing and came to the training hall.

The three of them stood quietly behind Ye Qiu.

Ye Qiu looked at them with satisfaction.

“Everyone is here.

Lets begin.” He turned around and burned three incense sticks on the ancestral tablet.

“Esteemed Ancestral Masters.

Violet Cloud Peaks eighteenth generation master, Ye Qiu.

I brought my disciples, Lin Qingzhu, Zhao Waner, and Linglong to pay their respects.

“Today, my Violet Cloud Peaks training hall is newly established.

I want to move the training hall to the north mountain, so I came to inform you.

Please forgive me for disturbing your ancestral tablets.”

After saying that, Ye Qiu turned around and gestured to his three disciples.

They each went forward and burned incense.

After the incense burned out, Ye Qiu looked up at the sky.

“Lets set off.”

After saying that, he waved his sleeve and brought all the ancestral tablets with him as he flew towards the North Mountain.

Even the wind chime tree was brought to the North Mountain by Ye Qiu.

At this point, this training hall that had accompanied countless generations of Violet Cloud Peaks ancestors bid farewell to the stage of history.

The new training hall was moved to the North Mountain.

It also symbolized that Violet Cloud Peak was flourishing and a new beginning.

After arriving at the Qianqing Hall, Ye Qiu arranged the ancestral tablets and offered three incense sticks.

After doing all the rules, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

When they arrived at the entrance of the Qianqing Hall, they planted the wind chime tree at the edge of the garden.

Ye Qiu turned around and said to his three disciples, “Alright! This tree was planted by my master.

It entrusted my masters hopes to me.

Today, I will also plant one for you.

I place my hopes for all of you on it.

I hope that you can also grow like this tree.”

Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Waner nodded solemnly.

Little Linglong didnt quite understand, but seeing her senior sister nod, she also nodded.

She was carrying a sledgehammer in her hand.

It was bigger than her entire body and she had the demeanor of a tough woman.

Hearing that Ye Qiu was going to plant trees for them, Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Waner were also looking forward to it and discussed it.

“What kind of tree will Master plant for us I think it should be a wind chime tree too, right”

Lin Qingzhu disagreed and retorted, “I dont think so.

Masters products are definitely top-notch.

Theyre definitely not ordinary trees.

Be bold.

Perhaps its a spirit tree”

Since the discussion was fruitless, Zhao Waner simply asked, “Master, what tree do you plan to plant for us”

Ye Qiu chose a place and turned around.

He smiled and said, “Hmm, Ill plant anything.

It mainly expresses the meaning of the tree, not the value of the tree.”

The two of them nodded.

No matter what tree it was, they had to take good care of it and protect it.

That was because that was their masters hope.

They silently made up their mind.

At this moment, they saw Ye Qiu take out an immortal peach tree from his storage jade.


The two of them, who had just prepared themselves, immediately gasped.

Good lord…

This dense immortal aura assaulted their faces, causing their faces to instantly turn pale.

They had never felt such astonishing immortal power.

For a moment, it was as if the spiritual energy of the entire Violet Cloud Peak had instantly become dense.

Both of them were shocked to see that their cultivation levels were showing signs of breaking through.

“Senior Sister, this… this is anything” Zhao Waner opened her mouth and said in surprise.

Her expression was exceptionally cute.

Lin Qingzhu was even more confused.

The random things her master mentioned were immortal trees

Good lord, they had been careless.


Suddenly, a loud sound came from her body.

Lin Qingzhu came back to her senses and was surprised to discover that she had… broken through.

She jumped from level two of Infinite Distance to level three.

Zhao Waner was the same.

She already had the opportunity to break through to Infinite Distance.

If she was given some time to enter seclusion, she would definitely break through.

“This is… unbelievable.

In just a breath, I broke through a realm” Lin Qingzhus pale face was filled with shock.

The shocking spiritual energy gradually formed a fog that surrounded the garden.

Cultivating here for a day was like ten days outside, or even a month.

The speed was astonishing.

As an immortal-grade immortal tree, the immortal power contained in the Immortal Flat Peach Tree could nourish the entire Violet Cloud Peak, causing its spirit energy to become extremely abundant, like a cultivation array.

Ye Qiu looked at the change in front of him in surprise and was delighted.

He didnt expect such a change.

Then, he planted the immortal peach.

In an instant, an immortal power was expelled.

Immediately, a violent wind blew.

Dark clouds covered the sky, forming a huge vortex.

The spiritual energy of the entire Violet Cloud Peak seemed to be attracted over.

The mountains, rivers, plants, and forests instantly emitted exuberant vitality and had some spirituality.

The spiritual energy of the entire Violet Cloud Peak instantly increased by another level.

This sudden change was felt by the entire Heaven Mending Sect.

Everyone was shocked.

“Thats the direction of Violet Cloud Peak.”

“What happened to Violet Cloud Peak again Why is there such a huge change”

Everyone was shocked and looked at the spiritual energy layer circling above their heads in disbelief.

Everyone in the sect instantly flew towards Violet Cloud Peak.

In the Jade Pure Hall, Meng Tianzheng, who had just returned to the training hall, suddenly stood up before he could sit down.

He looked in the direction of Violet Cloud Peak and muttered to himself, his eyes filled with disbelief.

“This spiritual energy is actually so astonishing.

Could it be that… someone from Violet Cloud Peak has an epiphany again”

This situation was a little like the phenomenon caused by the epiphany back then.

However, the commotion this time was hundreds of times more terrifying than the previous time.

On Heavenly Water Peak, Ming Yue was delighted when she saw the ginseng fruit tree planted.

In an instant, a wave of spiritual energy was expelled, and the entire Heavenly Water Peak was instantly filled with spiritual energy.

Ming Yue was delighted when she saw this phenomenon.

It was finally her turn to be the protagonist today, right

Just this phenomenon was enough to shock all the mountains.

When the time came, they would definitely curry favor with her.

Ming Yue was still dreaming in her heart.

She smiled happily and almost lost herself under the admiring gazes of the many disciples.

Suddenly, an even more shocking phenomenon crushed the phenomenon brought about by her ginseng fruit tree.

The smile on Ming Yues face gradually disappeared.

“This, this, this, whats going on” Ming Yue was a little stunned as she looked in the direction of Violet Cloud Peak.

Wasnt it her turn to be the protagonist today

Liu Ruyan and the others looked in the direction of the phenomenon in confusion.

“Its Violet Cloud Peak.”

“Master, what big commotion did Martial Uncle Ye cause again Why is there such a shocking phenomenon”

Ming Yue pursed her lips and said aggrievedly, “How would I know Ill go take a look.”

Looking back at her ginseng fruit tree, she suddenly felt that it was no longer fragrant.

The Ginseng Fruit Tree was also one of the spiritual roots, but it had yet to reach the immortal grade, so it could not achieve the shocking effect of the Immortal Flat Peach.

If Ming Yue knew that Ye Qiu was planting immortal peaches today, she wouldnt choose to plant ginseng fruit trees even if she was beaten to death.

It wasnt easy for her to get a treasure that everyone envied.

Before she could show off, Ye Qiu snatched it away.

At this moment, the people from the other mountains also felt the shocking phenomenon and headed to Violet Cloud Peak to see what was going on.

Not long after, Violet Cloud Peaks new training hall was instantly filled with people.

Feeling the baptism of immortal power from the immortal peach tree, the entire garden was covered in fog, making one feel as if they were in a paradise.

Everyone was shocked.

“Gasp… This is the true holy land of immortals.”

“Heavens, I cant believe that the spiritual energy of Violet Cloud Peak can be so dense.”

“If we cultivate here, a day will be more than a month or even more than if we cultivate outside.”

“Ah… I suddenly feel a little regretful.

Why didnt I choose the remote Violet Cloud Peak back then If I had chosen it, I would have worked hard and endured it.

I might have made it.”

Looking at the changes in Violet Cloud Peak, everyone felt extremely regretful.

Violet Cloud Peak, which no bird was willing to come to back then, had now become a true immortal holy land.

The moment the immortal peach tree was planted, the entire Violet Cloud Peak seemed to come alive.

Everyone shed envious tears.

“Wow, there are so many people…”

On this side, Little Linglong, who was still in a daze, turned around and saw a dense group of people standing behind her.

She was instantly frightened.

“Senior Sister, why are they looking at us like that” Little Linglong shook her head and asked as she looked at the envious gazes.

Lin Qingzhu also turned around and said, “They are looking at us with envy.

They are envious that our Violet Cloud Peak has an Immortal Peach Tree.”

“Oh, this tree.

Is it very powerful” Little Linglong was stunned for a moment and asked innocently.

“Of course its amazing.

This is the best treasure in the world.

When it matures and bears fruit, as long as you eat an immortal peach, you will be invincible among your peers.”

Little Linglongs eyes lit up when she heard that.

She picked up the hammer on her shoulder and her heart lit up.


There seemed to be nothing more attractive to her than being invincible among her peers.

If there was, it would be ten thousand roasted sweet potatoes.

Zhao Waner said, “Really, so you have to protect it well.

Dont let the bad guys steal it.

Otherwise, you wont be invincible among your peers…”

Hearing this, she was delighted and whispered, “Yes, yes, Senior Sister, I understand.

I will definitely protect this tree well.

If anyone dares to have any thoughts about it, I will beat them to death.”

Zhao Waner suddenly felt guilty when she saw her eager expression.

Lying to a child…

Lin Qingzhu sweated and did not interrupt.

Suddenly, a few lights flashed across the sky.

A few elders and peak masters arrived at Violet Cloud Peak at the same time.

The first to arrive was Meng Tianzheng.

He stepped forward and immediately discovered the immortal peach tree in the center of the garden.

His eyes were filled with shock.

“This… is the legendary Immortal Peach Tree!”

Qi Wuhui also arrived above.

After seeing the immortal peach, he revealed the same expression as Meng Tianzheng.


Junior Brother Ye actually has an Immortal Peach Tree” He muttered to himself, his face filled with disbelief.

However, when he regained his senses and thought about the immortal treasures in Ye Qius hands, he wasnt surprised anymore.

This guy never seemed to lack immortal treasures.

Thinking of this, Qi Wuhui felt lucky.

Fortunately, he had cleared his name early.

Otherwise, he would be in trouble.

“Haha, Junior Brother, you really gave us another huge surprise without saying a word.” Meng Tianzheng laughed loudly and looked enviously at the immortal peach tree on the ground.

The moment the immortal peach tree was planted, the entire Violet Cloud Peak came alive.

It was full of vitality and immortal aura.

It was no longer as dilapidated and desolate as before.

The current Violet Cloud Peak was the true holy land of immortals.

It was an existence that the other mountains could not compare to.

Qi Wuhui also said in shock, “The legendary Immortal Peach Tree, tsk tsk… I cant believe that Junior Brother actually has such a supreme treasure.

From now on, Violet Cloud Peak will truly be reborn.

The disciples of Violet Cloud Peak will be able to advance by leaps and bounds with the help of this tree.

Congratulations, Junior Brother…”

Ye Qiu gently stroked the branches and leaves of the Immortal Peach Tree, feeling very excited.

On the surface, he was calm and said humbly, “Senior Brother, you must be joking.

Its not a treasure.

Im just continuing the tradition of Violet Cloud Peak.

I just want to plant a tree and place my hopes on it to remind my disciples to cultivate properly.

“Its nothing, nothing.

Its not worth mentioning…”

When everyone heard this, their hearts trembled.

This… How could this be called nothing

Qi Wuhui called him an expert.

Good lord, he was too good at pretending.

He was even better at pretending than him.

Was this the posture of a Paragon expert

After carefully tasting it, Qi Wuhui was shocked.

Damn! This way of showing off was really unique.

He immediately understood and thought to himself, “Hehe, Ill try it when I get back.

I suddenly feel… quite good like this.

I will silently stun everyone.

Im about to break through to the Paragon realm anyway.

Ill adapt in advance.”

They had never heard of Violet Cloud Peaks tradition of planting trees to place their hopes on.

However, after hearing Ye Qius words, he became interested.

Should he plant one later to warn his disciples

However, when he looked at the immortal peach, he immediately stopped thinking.

Forget it, they werent worthy.


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