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“Two billion.”

“Damn, Ive never seen so much money in my life.

How many years will it take to finish spending it”

For a moment, the atmosphere reached its peak.

Two billion taels of silver was equivalent to twenty million gold.

It had to be said that Prince Gong was really rich.

Ye Qiu couldnt help but turn around and ask, “Waner, are all the princes of Liyang so rich”

Zhao Waner pursed her lips and said, “Every prince in Liyang has their own fief.

This Prince Gongs fief is Guangling City.

Guangling is considered a big city.

Just the annual taxes alone are more than this.”

Ye Qiu pondered.

It seemed that this secular dynasty was really rich.

Only now did Ye Qiu know how poor he used to be.

The dignified peak master did not even have a single piece of steel on him.

Of course, he was only theoretically poor.

If Ye Qiu wanted to become rich, it was actually quite simple.

He could sell any treasure left behind by Daoist Xuantian and the money he gets will be more than this.

Ye Qiu rubbed his chin and smiled.

He suddenly felt that this Zhao Fu was getting more and more pleasing to the eye.

Thinking of this, his expression changed.

He looked at him angrily and shouted, “Three billion!” His expression was as if he had lost control of his emotions.

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Zhao Fu was amused by this scene.

“Haha, youre indeed a brat.

Are you so impatient” With a faint smile, Zhao Fu continued to shout, “Four billion.”

It was as if he wanted to completely suppress Ye Qius arrogance.

Zhao Fu didnt care how much money it was.

The price had reached its limit.

Ye Qiu finally smiled when he saw that it was about time.

The moment he saw this smile, Zhao Fu finally realized something.

“Not good.

Is this kid playing with me” Zhao Fus face sank.

He glared at Ye Qius meaningful smile and felt furious.

He finally understood that he didnt want to bid at all.

He was deliberately bidding to make him pay the price.

After thinking this through, Zhao Fu slammed the table angrily.

He was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood.

“Damn it! Continue investigating.

Find out everything about him.

Dare to trick me I want him to pay a heavy price.”

Soon, the second item was successfully bought by Zhao Fu for four billion.

However, after obtaining the spirit artifact, he suddenly felt that it was no longer that good.

Originally, he could still rely on his power to suppress the price.

Who would have thought that he would meet someone who did not give him any face He raised the price crazily to provoke him.

He had already learned his lesson.

Next time, he would definitely not fall for Ye Qius trap.

“Ah…” Returning to his seat, Ye Qiu let out a long sigh.

His mood immediately became beautiful.

“Four billion Haha… Are all old men so gullible nowadays”

He suddenly felt a little guilty.

Could he have cheated him of all his money

No way.

Zhao Waner had just said that the prince of Liyang was extremely rich.

Right now, Ye Qiu only needed to quietly wait for the auction to end and the money to be transferred.

At that time, he would directly cash it out and give it away.

However, he felt that the multiplier wasnt very high.

Why dont he… settle Ming Yue later and bind her to him

“Yes, I think its feasible…” Ye Qiu smiled evilly in his heart and thought of Little Senior Sisters shy appearance.

He felt a deep sense of guilt.

Yes, he could do it.

The auction continued.

It wasnt until the seventh item that Ye Qiu slowly stood up.

A few people slowly carried up a bright red flower and placed it on the counter.

The host introduced, “This flower is called Red Spider Lily.

Medium-grade spirit medicine.

Eating it can increase ones foundation and comprehension.

Its helpful in increasing ones cultivation.

The starting price is one million taels of silver.”

As soon as the host finished speaking, the venue erupted.

“Red spider lily”

Ye Qiu looked at the beautiful red flower below the stage and smiled.

“Master, this flower doesnt seem to be anything special, right” Lin Qingzhu asked curiously when she saw that Ye Qiu seemed to be tempted.

This was only a medium-grade spirit herb.

To others, it might be a treasure, but to them, it was nothing.

Just the treasures that Ye Qiu had given them werent something that this flower could compare to.

However, how could they know that this wasnt what Ye Qiu wanted It was because of its effect.

Ye Qiu explained, “If its just for consumption, this thing is indeed not a treasure.

However, this flower has other uses.”

They both said in unison: “What uses”



The two of them were stunned for a moment.

Ye Qiu continued to explain, “In the records, there is a very special pill called the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill.

Just this one pill can allow one to ascend on the spot.

“Of course, its only a legend.

We still need to consider if the effect can reach this level.

And the most important ingredient to refine this pill is this Red Spider Lily.” At this point, Ye Qiu was a little disappointed.

He said, “Unfortunately, this flowers grade is too low.

Its only a medium-grade spirit herb, and its not even a twin flower.

“However, its fine.

Although the grade is a little low, its enough to refine a lower level First Revolution Golden Pill.”

“Huh” The two of them were delighted when they heard this and hurriedly suggested, “Then Master, lets hurry and bid for it.”

“Okay…” Ye Qiu calmly replied.

He already knew what was going on and slowly appeared at the window.

Everyone immediately became excited when they saw him appear again.

“Here again”

“Hehe, looks like theres going to be a good show.”

It seemed that every time Ye Qiu appeared, Zhao Fu would suffer heavy losses.

Would Zhao Fu fall for it this time

Zhao Fus face sank the moment he saw Ye Qiu appear in the private room.

“Damn it, this kid actually dares to appear.”

The follower beside him persuaded, “Your Highness, you cant fight with him anymore.

This kid is purely trying to raise the price.

Hes playing with you.”

Zhao Fu turned around and glared at him fiercely.

He berated, “Shut up.

Do you think I cant tell” Then, he said, “Hmph, this time, I wont be tricked again.”

As the host announced the start of the auction, Ye Qiu slowly revealed the price.

This time, he didnt raise the price directly.

Instead, he called out a low-key price of 10 million.

He also gave Zhao Fu a provocative look.

Zhao Fus face darkened when he saw this.

“You still want to provoke me Damn it, does this kid really think Im a fool”

How could Zhao Fu fall for it The first time Ye Qiu had directly shouted 100 million, he had fallen for it.

He had also suffered a huge loss because of this.

The second time, Ye Qiu used the same trick and raised the limit to one billion.

It made Zhao Fu think that he had flown into a rage out of humiliation and lost his rationality.

Who would have thought that he was just playing with him

Now for the third time, he shouted ten million.

What kind of new game was this

Zhao Fu really couldnt figure it out, but Ye Qius provocative gaze clearly told him that there was a trap.

Thinking about it, the silver he brought out this time was a little insufficient.

The finale and the greatest treasure didnt appear.

If he bid again, he really wouldnt be able to afford it.

“Ill tolerate it…” To everyones surprise, Zhao Fu, who had always been at odds with Ye Qiu, actually held back this time.

“Haha, interesting…” In the Black-class room, the woman in red seemed to have seen something and smiled faintly.

She was also very curious in her heart.

Which familys young master could actually control Zhao Fu so tightly

Now, he was like a bird that was startled by the mere twang of a bow.

He didnt even dare to call out ten million

“Pavilion Master!” A maid slowly walked in from behind and said coldly, “Weve already investigated.

The guest in the Earth-class private room is the Prince of Liyang, Zhao Fu.

“We didnt find anything about the guests in the Heaven-class private room.

However, someone reported that the shopkeeper of Xunyang Pavilion, Situ Changfeng, is very polite to this person.

I think he has a great background.”

The woman in red was stunned for a moment before nodding.

“Alright, I understand.

You can leave.”

After thinking for a moment, she muttered to herself, “Who is this person To be able to make Situ Changfeng curry favors like this, hes not as simple as he looks.”

Since she couldnt figure it out, she might as well stop thinking about it.

As Zhao Fu didnt make a move, the others were also watching.

After all, Ye Qiu was a distinguished guest of the Heaven-class private room.

Usually, those who could enter this private room were not ordinary people.

No one wanted to offend him unless they wanted something in particular.

Ye Qiu was speechless.

He had actually spent only ten million to buy the red spider lily

“Hehe, Im a little surprised.

This old man doesnt seem to be able to withstand deception.” Ye Qiu was amused.

It was all because he had probably been tricked twice and was afraid, right

Ye Qiu finally won the bid for the red spider lily.

After obtaining the item, Ye Qiu wasnt interested in the auction.

By now, the auction was almost over.

The last two items were about to go on stage.

They were two inner armors and the Ghost King Needle.

Because Zhao Fu was on guard, Ye Qiu didnt continue to trick him.

He might as well let them bid for it themselves.

Anyway, he had earned enough this time.

With this money, he could buy more herbs and start refining pills.

However, what surprised Ye Qiu was that someone actually dared to raise the price of the last two treasures.

The price was raised to an astonishing ten billion.

This really surprised Ye Qiu.

Ye Qiu looked deeply at the woman in red in the Black-class private room.

He was very puzzled.

Why was this person so interested in the Ghost King Needle He couldnt figure it out and couldnt be bothered to think about it.

“Lets go.

Theres still time.

Lets go to the Immortal Mountain.” Ye Qiu said calmly and prepared to push open the door to leave.

He did not need to worry about the rest.

He believed that Situ Changfeng would help him deal with it and send the money obtained from this auction, as well as the medicinal herbs he bought, to Violet Cloud Peak after deducting the processing fees.

What How much was the processing fee Situ Changfeng probably knew in his heart.

Yes, he should know.

After walking out of the Treasure Pavilion and informing Situ Changfeng, Ye Qiu was about to bring his two disciples to the Immortal Mountain.

At this moment.

“Kid, you want to leave after provoking me”



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