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Qiao Xi was so angry that her whole body was trembling.

Her eyes were red, but she restrained herself from crying.

“Since Wang Wentao is so good, why dont you marry your daughter to him” She took a step forward, looking at those women who stood there and spoke without thinking twice.

She rolled up her sleeves to reveal the crisscrossing scars on her arms.

“Where were you when Wang Wentao that bast*rd hit me when he was in a bad mood As neighbors, couldnt you hear it But did you care Now that Wang Wentao has made a mistake, youre saying I ruined his life.

He was the one who ruined my life first!”

“We couldnt interfere in your matter, could we” A middle-aged woman grinned and explained, “its not good for us, outsiders, to get involved in your matters.”

“Then why are you meddling now Why do you have to say something about it now” Shen Hanxing sneered and said, “will mocking other peoples miserable experiences make you look superior Will it make you happy Since you dont think its a big deal.

Then, I wish your daughter or granddaughter marries a man like Wang Wentao in the future!”

Before those women could get angry, Qiao Xi wiped her tears.

She stared at them fiercely.

“Yes! Since Wang Wentao is so good, I wish your daughters to marry a man like him and get beaten and scolded daily! You will only know how painful it is when you experience it yourself!” Qiao Xi had enough of these women.

They kept mocking her by saying it was for her good.

Living in an environment like this got her beaten up and looked down upon by Wang Wentao countless times.

She was not a fool.

She knew those women were part of the reason.

But every time, these women would put on a kind and come over to tell her that women had to bear with anything their men did to them.

She should endure it, and it would be over.

In the past, she was stupid, and Wang Wentao deceived her.

But these women were not kind either! They were the ones who encouraged Wang Wentaos arrogance!

Qiao Xis gaze was like a wolf.

She wanted nothing more than to pounce on these women who were gossiping to tear them apart.

Those women wanted to say something, but when they thought of Wang Wentaos miserable state when the policeman pressed him into the police car, they all shivered.

They did not dare to look Qiao Xi in the eye.

They thought, “Oh My, has Qiao Xi gone crazy”

“If she doesnt want to hear it, then we wont talk about it…” One of the women muttered, “we are only saying this because we are her neighbors” After that, she wanted to flee.

She patted her clothes and continued, “Alright, Im going home to cook for my husband.

Im leaving.”

“Wait!” Shen Hanxing raised her voice and shouted.

These women in front of her were people who would even throw their tantrums before the police.

But when they saw Shen Hanxing, they were terrified.

Shen Hanxing not only had a face that was so beautiful that people could not take their eyes off her.

It was also because her clothes were expensive or a special aura on her body that was indescribably elegant and fierce.

It made them subconsciously obey her as if she was supposed to be so high and mighty.

“I want to tell you the police arrested Wang Wentao not because Qiao XI did not do a good job or anything,” Shen Hanxing lifted her head and said coldly, “Wang Wentao was shameless and an ungrateful person.

He broke the law.

So naturally, he had to accept the punishment!”

After a moment, Shen Hanxing smirked, and she said with a mocking gaze, “You think Wang Wentao is a good person, but you dont know that he has been cheating on Qiao Xi for a long time.

When he graduates, he will dump Qiao Xi and marry that girl! Wang Wentao is a heartless beast!”

Those women were instantly stunned as they thought, “That… Wang Wentao is a bast*rd!”

“Qiao Xi works day and night to earn money only to pay for Wang Wentaos tuition fee.

In the end, he betrayed her”

“Broke the law Ive been thinking Wang Wentao doesnt look like a good person! He doesnt know how to be grateful.

What a bast*rd!”

The women gathered together and gossiped.

After satisfying their desire to talk, they even surrounded Qiao Xi as they spoke, “Qiao Xi, why are you so weak and easy to bully You should have taught Wang Wentao a lesson a long time ago!”


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