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Chapter 28: What is a support group


“I see.

This is where they sell most of their goods.”


And here… hmm”

That day, Kanata shuddered.

While showing Mira, who walked next to him, around more detailed parts of the city, he was surprised to find that he no longer felt uncomfortable with her presence.


“Is something wrong”

With Kanata staring at her, Mira tilted her head to see if something was wrong.

While the gesture was very cute, combined with her appearance, Kanata stopped to rethink how Mira had already blended into his daily life.

“… Okay, let’s move on to the next!”

Kanata switched to not overthinking things and started to walk away, but Mira froze on the spot, seemingly moved by something.

“What’s up”

“Uh, um… um!”

Kanata was alarmed to see her body shaking and her eyes moistening.

When he asked her a reason as to what was wrong, her reply was too trivial to be true.

“Just now… It was like real Haishin-sama ♪.”

“… Really”

It seemed that she was just impressed.

Let’s move on to the next~

It was not something he was particularly conscious of, but it was a phrase he mainly used to signal the next part of the letter… Kanata let out a sigh, not expecting that just this one phrase would be so marginalized.

(… Every time I used to see a popular streamer in my past life, I envied them for being so chirpy, wondering what it was all about.

Maybe it was because my mind was tired from seeing them.)

However, the fact that she tried to kill herself with just one word from Kanata makes him think he is carrying a bombshell of a baggage on his shoulders.

But on the bright side, he can’t neglect her because she has helped him to gather information by sneaking into the country of Senshi.

It seems that there has not been much disruption in the Empire when she stopped working as Raven, but it is still better than having her hands in the blood.

“But for now, Mira.”


“You should go live somewhere else.”

It was disturbing to have someone stay in your room forever.

Despite her childlike face, her body is well-developed and s**y, and she also possesses a certain beauty that makes you think she is out of this world.

But even if she is like that, he doesn’t want her to stay in his room like that.

It’s only been a few days or so, but he wanted to make sure she has a place to stay as soon as possible.

“N-no way!”

“… I don’t know why you’re surprised like that.”

Kanata sighed at Mira, who looked as if she got stuck by lightning.

It was nice to know that she likes Haishin that much, but it is important to draw the line where there should be one.

“I’m glad you’re a fan of mine, and I like how you didn’t tell anyone who I am because you found me.

And more to the point, I really appreciate that you used your abilities as Raven to help me out that time.”

“Ehe… ehehe, you think so ♪.”

“But stalking is wrong, you see”

“… Yes.”

Kanata endured her reaction, which was like that of an abandoned puppy.

For the time being, Kanata managed to get Mira to promise to take up residence here in the royal capital, meaning that Kanata would be able to return to his peaceful life alone.

However, it was clear that she had no intention of returning to the Empire at all.

Furthermore, she was not even thinking of going anywhere other than the capital.

“I want to stay by Kanata-sama’s side as much as possible.”

That’s what she said with a smile.

It should have made Kanata very happy but seeing such an adorable smile inevitably reminded him of the time when she stuck to the ceiling in a crouching position.

In conclusion, Kanata would never forget the weight of the spit at that moment.

“Well, that’s okay.

Let’s move on to the next one~”

“… Yay ♪.”

“Don’t react to every single word I say!”

And so they were back on the tour.

However, since they had already seen some large residences and places selling daily items, they just needed to finish their lunch and head home.

“It’s here…”

“… Ohh.”

Mira turned her attention to a fancy building… to the brothel Veneti.

The building was so magnificent that you wouldn’t think it was a brothel at a quick glance, but it was a famous place where Kanna, whom Kanata helped before, was also working.

“There are a lot of men who use it even though it is midday.”

“… Right.”

The scene of a small beautiful girl observing the men coming in and out of the brothel was quite surreal.

“It’s not strange that they are open day and night.

Regardless of the time of day, adventurers returning from the dungeon may be looking for a place to relax.”

“I see… heh.”

“And stop staring,” saying that, I poked her lightly in the shoulder.

However, looking at the building as Kanata did, she noticed naturally what kind of customers were there.

Looking at a man who came out with a woman with a risqué appearance, Mira murmured,

“He is strong… but too lax.”

The man Mira described as strong was quite delirious with the woman.

As she kissed him on the cheek as a parting gift, his face turned red like a boiled octopus, and he turned away while waving his hand.

“Are you interested”

“Well, some people are just like that… An”

He spontaneously spoke back but turned around to see who it was.

Kanata thought the voice sounded familiar, and there was a face he recognized.



It’s been a long time, Kanata-kun.”

She was Kanna, a high-class courtesan working at the brothel Veneti.

Her beauty was the same as always, and the s*x appeal emanating from her was enough to make you feel dizzy.

However, Kanata stood his ground, tightening his expression.

“… you are”


Kanna turned to Mira.

After exchanging silent glances with each other with Kanata in between, they nodded and shook hands with each other.

“Hi, I’m Kanna.”


No wonder…”


I guess so.”

Needless to say, Kanata wondered what on earth they were talking about.

After that, Kanata and Mira were taken into the brothel and arrived in the most magnificent room.

“… Awesome.”

“How much is it costing you”

Apparently, this was Kanna’s private room, and it was so gleaming.

The three of them were sitting around one table, and in front of them was a lineup of dishes that you wouldn’t see even in the finest restaurants.


I was just about to leave for lunch, and it was perfect timing.”

“Are you serious”

“You sure”

Kanata and Mira took advantage of Kanna’s generosity, saying they would not hesitate as she had requested and that he was a growing child.

Kanata also has the money he earned from streaming, so it wasn’t like he could afford such a luxury.

However, since he basically lived the same life as a commoner, this fine cuisine was new to him.

“Actually, I was in the presence of the saintly Lady Alphana just now.

And Princess Maria was also there.”


“Is that so”

Apparently, Kanna had a meeting with both Maria and Alphana in the morning.

Kanata thought that, as a high-class courtesan, she probably had some connection with the princess and saint.

… However, Kanata choked on his food because of what he heard.

“I’ve been accepted into the group that supports Haishin-sama.

I’m member number three.”

“What the… goho… goho!”

[EDN: Coughing.]

Kanata’s sudden reaction to Haishin’s name and its content was easy to understand.

Mira immediately handed him a glass of water, so it was not serious, but it was natural for him to want to ask what the meeting was about.

“W-what about the meeting, you say…”

He knew Maria and Alphana would be his supporters, but he had not heard they would create such a fan club of sorts.

Or rather, in the first place, it was also the first time he heard that Kanna was listening to his streams.

“Kanna-san, do you know about Haishin too”


He’s more important to me than anyone else.

He’s precious to me in every way.”

Kanna mouthed that while looking at Kanata.

Unlike Maria, Alphana and Mira, Kanna was not supposed to know the truth about Kanata… which made him a little itchy.

“… Together with Princess Maria and Saint Alphana… I see, I see.”

Mira mumbled something, but Kanata didn’t hear much.


After finishing the food, Mira went to the restroom for a bit, and Kanna opened her mouth as she shifted the front of her dress as if to take advantage of Mira’s absence.

“Kanata-kun, since you’re here, would you like me to give you a service…”

“… I-it’s too early to tell!”

“Oh, so it’s good when the time is right”

“… Ah… that… about that…”

Kanata started to panic when he was put in such an atmosphere, even though he had the age of a curious teenager.

As for Kanna, she was just making fun of him.

She laughed, apologized and returned to where she had been.

Thus ended the incident at the brothel, but Kanata decided to ask the two again after the academy break to see how far they were planning to proceed.

It is an association to support Haishin-sama, which Alphana has taken the lead in creating. 

Everything was set up to support Haishin, no, Kanata and to allow him to stream anywhere.

In the beginning, she planned to settle only those who knew about him, but later on, she decided to take in as many people as possible.

“… Ara, who is that”

And today, two new presences have emerged, who will become members numbers four and five.

“Excuse me! I want to join too!”

“Excuse me.

Me too.”



While Alphana was thinking about the future inside a room in the church, Mira appeared out of nowhere, and Shrouza emerged from a black magic circle… Thus the chaos was set in motion.

A saint, an assassin, and the demon lord, who would normally never cross paths, were together…

“Nice to have you here.

All for Haishin-sama.”

“Agreed! For Haishin-sama!”

“Without a doubt.

For Haishin’s sake.”

Oh no!


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