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262 Pains of Love

“What the f*ck!!” Qin Ya cried out, “Bo Silin, are you crazy! Why did he bring wedding candy with him I thought we were going to be blown apart!”

[Ding! 5000 shock points received.]

Qin Ya swallowed her next words and smiled in pain.

‘Thank you, Bo Silin.

In the animal arena!

Ever since Su Feifei entered the room, she could feel the breathing of the person beside her.

“Bo Silin, are you drunk” She asked.

From the beginning, Bo Silins breath smelled of alcohol, and his steps were light.

However, she did not taste any alcohol when she kissed him just now.

Speaking of wine, Su Feifei had been craving it recently.

The last time she drank the gas station, it tasted pretty good.

When she was in the mood, she would find an opportunity to have another two sips.

Further behind, Gu Sheng kicked the wedding candy away and gritted his teeth.

Qin Ya coughed lightly and looked at Gu Shengs side profile with sympathy.

boxn ovel.


What a shame.

The pain of love was something only those who were in a hurry needed to suffer.

Fortunately, she was smart.

Nothing was difficult in this world as long as she was willing to never give up.

“Are we still going in Can you still take it” Qin Ya asked.

“Why cant I” Gu Sheng pressed his lips.

He was prepared to atone for his sins, so how could he give up on the first step

He, Gu Sheng, was not someone who would give up so easily!

Qin Ya handed the earphones over.

“Lets hear what theyre doing inside first.”

She turned on the audio and heard Su Feifeis voice.

“Thats the mission for tomorrow.

As long as we get it in advance, there wont be any problems.”

“How did you know” Bo Silin asked.

“I asked Xiao He to find out.”

Qin Ya immediately turned off the audio and became excited.

“Look! I told you! They definitely knew something!”

As expected, it turned out that Su Feifei really sneaked in tonight for a mission!

She knew it.

With Su Feifeis personality, why would she do something useless

“Ive struck it rich tonight.

At least I didnt make a wasted trip! Lets go in!”

Gu Sheng nodded.

The possibility of a successful ambush outside was too small.

Only by going inside would they have a chance of victory!

The two of them quickly reached the door.

He reached out and pushed, but it didnt move.

“Its locked” Qin Ya raised her eyebrows.

“Yes, thats her style.”

“Its a small problem.” Qin Ya took out a key.

“I can open it too.”

Gu Shengs eyebrow tilted.

[Gu Sheng thinks youre joking.]

[These two teams are really funny.

Gu Sheng keeps getting surprised at everything she does.]

Qin Ya turned around.

The next second, the door lock opened!

Gu Shengs pupils shrank, and the comments were filled with shock!

[What the hell was this Was that a key How did it work]

[Qin Ya is always prepared.]

[Real strength comes from within!]

[Qin Ya has always been very powerful, okay Qin Ya, you can do it!]

[What are they fighting for this time]

[Theyre going to fight!]

“What are you looking at I told you I had it!” Qin Ya pushed the door open and walked in smugly.

However, before he could smile, a stick suddenly came from the air and the two figures fell to the ground.

“Did you catch him Did you catch him!” Su Feifei looked to the other side.

Bo Silin put Gu Sheng down.

“There might be a small problem.”

They might not win in the open, but how could they lose in the dark

“Drag him out!” Su Feifei chuckled.

Bo Silins body stiffened.

He couldnt believe that the laughter just now had come from Su Feifeis mouth.

Under the moonlight, two figures finally came out of the animal arena.

[Why are there only two people]

[Was it really nothing all along]

[Thats not right! It was Su Feifei and Bo Silin! [ theyre still dragging things in their hands!!! ]

[Its Qin Ya on the ground! Theres also Gu Sheng!]

The two men looked at each other and quickly tied the man up.

Everyone in front of the camera was dumbfounded.

Qiu Yes flustered and exasperated voice was heard from the broadcast, but he still lowered his voice.

“What are you two doing!”

The two figures acted as if they had not heard anything and got to work.

“You help me, Ill help you.”

“Tie him up.” Bo Silin pointed at Gu Sheng and said.

Su Feifei did as she was told.

Qiu Ye exploded, “Stop messing around! We have to follow the rules! Its written in the new version of the contract that Ill have to pay even if the guests are all gone! You guys better not do anything dangerous! Half of my lifes fortune is here! Dont pretend you didnt hear me! What are you doing For f*ck sake! Why did he even take off the clothes Say something!”

“Alright, dont cause a scene.” Bo Silin turned to look at the drone.

“Qiu Ye shut up.

We know what were doing,” he said slowly.

We dont break laws… You dont need to remind us.”

Qiu Ye was speechless.

Whether Su Feifei was a person who broke the law or not, everyone knew, okay

“Dont worry.” Bo Silin said, “Our team has always believed in healthy competition!”

“I dont believe you!”

The megaphone of the Festival Group fell.

Su Feifei put away her slingshot and looked at the broken stones on the ground.

“Theres no need to chit-chat, get to work.”

Qiu Ye was speechless.

Something big is going to happen!

The next day, at six in the morning, Gu Sheng opened his eyes to a rising sun on the deserted island.

Everything that happened last night felt like a dream.

Then, he heard a faint rustling sound.

“How did you get up such a tall tree”

“You cant take it away from me!!”

“Hurry up and move aside.

I want to take a few pictures and post them online!”

“Pay up people! A group photo costs ten dollars, a solo shot costs five!”

What the heck was going on

Gu Sheng frowned and looked around.

To his dismay, he found that he was hanging from the tallest coconut tree on the island, and all the trees around him were shorter than him.

Qin Ya was still sleeping soundly beside him!

Below them, a group of elderly residents was gathered!

Everyone was crazily taking photos of him with their phones.

Some of them even had huge cameras that could zoom into their pores!

The cameras clicking sound finally woke Qin Ya up.

“Whats going on” Qin Yas vision was hazy.

She suddenly paused and her eyes widened the moment she realized her feet werent touching the ground.

“Gu Sheng! W-what did you do while I was asleep!”

“Me” Gu Sheng frowned.

“I didnt do anything!”

“No! Youre… Y-y-you!” Qin Yas entire face was scrunched up, and her teeth were sore.

Her whole body trembled one after another, and her eyes began to sweep down from the top of his head, hissing continuously.

“Forget it, everyone has their own hobbies.

I need to respect that…”

“What nonsense are you spouting” Gu Sheng suddenly paused.

After fainting last night, he vaguely remembered being dragged by someone, and something seemed to have been taken from behind him.

Gu Sheng was shocked and immediately lowered his head in dismay!


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