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I Missed You

“Someone, bring Miss Yu down to change her clothes,” Huo Zhao said slowly.

Immediately, a maidservant walked forward.

“Yaoyao, wait for me here obediently. Ill change my clothes and come back to look for you immediately,” Yu Linlang spoke in a soft, slow voice.

Shen Yaoweis attention was already attracted by the pastries again. She picked up a peach blossom pastry, took a bite, then nodded in response.

After Yu Linlang left, Huo Zhao watched as Shen Yaowei sat there eating pastries.

The girls cheeks were puffed up with pastries, making her look like a little hamster.

He couldnt deny it.

Shen Yaowei was beautiful and charming. Coupled with her cute actions, he couldnt take his eyes off her sometimes.

Unfortunately, she was a fool.

If she was a normal person, he would definitely be willing to dote on her and let her be his consort.

Shen Yaowei felt extremely disgusted by Huo Zhaos gaze.

However, the Love Curse should be acting up now.

One, two, three…

When Shen Yaowei counted to five in her heart, Huo Zhao suddenly stood up.

“Im going out for some air. Eat slowly here and dont run around. Do you hear me”

Shen Yaowei nodded slightly.

Huo Zhao turned around and walked out hurriedly.

Shen Yaowei looked at his urgent back view and put down the pastry in her hand. The corners of her lips gradually curled up, revealing the cunningness of a little fox.

The pair of jade pendants that had been enchanted with the Love Curse were her first gift to Huo Zhao and Yu Linlang.

While Yu Linlang was in her carriage today, she had secretly sprinkled aphrodisiac powder on her.

As long as Huo Zhao and Yu Linlang did that today, they would be restrained by the Love Curse in the future and would never be able to escape each other again.

Yu Linlang came to a side room not far from the hall to change. She had just changed into a clean dress when Huo Zhaos voice sounded outside the door.

“Linlang, can I come in”

“Come in.” Yu Linlang raised her hand to her wildly beating heart.

Huo Zhao pushed open the door and strode in. He immediately saw Yu Linlang standing beside the soft bed.

At this moment, Yu Linlangs face was a little red, looking especially seductive.

“Linlang, I missed you very much.” Huo Zhao quickly walked to Yu Linlang and grabbed her small hand. He placed it between his thin lips and kissed it.

“I missed you too, Your Highness. But Yaoyao is still waiting in the front hall. I…” Before Yu Linlang could finish, Huo Zhao had already pulled her into his arms and sealed her mouth.

His nose was enveloped by the womans unique fragrance. Huo Zhao ended the kiss and carried Yu Linlang to the bed not far away.

“Your Highness…” Yu Linlang was a little frightened by Huo Zhaos enthusiasm. She and Huo Zhao had been expressing their feelings for a long time, but they had never really crossed the line.

“When the time is right, Ill ask Father to give you to me as my secondary consort.” Huo Zhao stared at Yu Linlang deeply and asked in a husky voice, “Will you feel aggrieved to be my secondary consort”

Yu Linlang had been waiting for Huo Zhaos promise for a long time. She smiled and said, “As long as I can be with you, I dont care about status.”

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As soon as she finished speaking, Huo Zhao placed her down on the bedsheets.

After almost two hours, Yu Linlang returned to the front hall.

Shen Yaowei heard her footsteps and looked up at the woman walking toward her.



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