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Wei San to the most luxurious place in the Imperial Capital Star.

“Is that an S-grade mecha” Wei San looked up at a row of mechas in a shop.

“The most common S-grade mecha.” Liao Runing was a little sorry that Wei San was not S-grade.

It’s fun for them to form a team.

Wei San attacked ruthlessly, with no rules and regulations.

Senior Shen Tukun, as a double S grade, is indeed strong.

Otherwise, he would not have taken Damocles Military Academy up a level with him, but he was too honest and was a typical soldier.

It was not fun to fight with him.

When Wei San walked in, she was dazzled by a long string of zeros behind the price tag, and confirmed that it was a mecha she could not afford.

She walked around the mecha and even touched it with her hands.

The painting technique was good, but on the whole, it was average.

Wei San thought of Yu Qingfei’s jumbled mecha data that he left.

Although they were incomplete data, she could still see the structural beauty.

And this one…… looks incongruous on the whole.

She looked at all the mecha in the shop and soon lost interest, as it did not meet her expectations for any S-grade mechas.

At least in the Sadu tar Square, she was amazed to see the replacement mecha of Major Li Ze, which is what grade S mechas should look like.

“It’s just a finished product made by some ordinary mechanic, and military students won’t use it.” Huo Xuanshan spoke from the side.

There are many rich people on the Capital Star.

Some people who did not attain S-grade were obsessed with this kind of mechas.

Although they cannot use it, they will buy it back for collection.

The three went out of the shop and walked further in.

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“Bowing, I was worried beforehand that the school chief of the school team would make mistakes.” Liao Runing put his hand on Wei San’s shoulder, and the two brothers spoke affectionately, “Since it’s you, then I won’t worry about it.

At that time, you should come up with your shameless style and get those chiefs.”

The three people stood together and talked, without any sense of strangeness.

Li Ze and his friends came out of the restaurant and saw this scene.

At the beginning, he first saw Wei San.

With the two boys beside him, he subconsciously thought it was Jin Ke and Ying Chenghe.

But they are going to have a meeting today to study the competition environment, and then he looked carefully at the other two main members.

Li Ze was breathless.

He never felt this way when he went to the battlefield.

Why did Wei San get to know Huo Xuanshan and Liao Runing again

Even Huo Xuanshan This was not far away from Shen Tukun becoming corrupted.

“Are those your students” The friend followed Li Ze’s eyes and questioned, “The three main mecha fighter members”

“The one in the middle is the super A-grade school team chief, not the main team.” Li Ze raised his hand and pressed his forehead.

His premonition became stronger and stronger.

This competition will never be peaceful.

“They are in a good mood and can still come out to play at this time.”

Li Ze: “……”

If Jin Ke and Ying Chenghe were not busy today, he was afraid he would see the main members coming out to play in a group.

“Let’s go first.

I have reorganized your mecha data.” The friend smiled.

“It’s good for them to relax once in a while.”

Wei San and her colleagues spent more than two hours wandering around.

Huo Xuanshan explained and took them to see some famous places in the Imperial Capital Star before returning.


“The Capital Star is still conducting the competition on a hill this time, but this year’s turn is the most difficult.” Jin Ke raised his hand to open the topographic map.

“At present, we don’t have an exact map in our hands.

These are the maps of their competitions in the past.”

Although it is the same hilly area, the capital star is vast, and the playing field is not the same place.

“The dust shield of the mechanical armor joint can be canceled to reduce the weight.

In addition, the firepower of the heavy mechanical armor needs to be added.” Ying Chenghe put forward suggestions on the transformation of the mecha.

In addition to maintenance, the mechanic should adjust the overall structure of the mechanic according to the competition environment.

“In the hill field, the shooter plays a big role, so let other soldiers of the school team pay attention to this point.” Xiang Minghua reminded, “For other deployment, Jin Ke, you should determine it yourself during the competition.

After you get the map, you should carefully consider everything.”



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