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Chapter 415 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game LVIII

by BobaTeaTranslations 

After all, there were differences between the image of the game and the image of the real person.

Everyone may support the role of the person in the game, but in the real world, what people talk about was still idol stars.

It wasn’t until the characters who called the wind and called the rain in the game break through the dimensions and came to the real world from the holographic game, that the roster was also off.

This was originally a beauty selection.

Most of the people on the ranking and reputation lists were handsome men and women.

It was amazing for a while, fans from all walks of life were enthusiastic.

Besides some dizziness, Duhuo jumped to the top of the popularity rankings in one fell swoop.

Girls were attracted by the contrast between his image in reality and in the game.

Even if they failed to accept the fact that he had a disabled leg at the beginning, when they saw his wanton and arrogant appearance in the game, they were immediately moved by him.

Even his shortcomings became cute!

Wen Ying said congratulations to him when she met him in the corridor.

Duhuo: “……”

When the two said goodbye and were about to walk to their rooms, he suddenly said: “That stupid dragon (long) didn’t eat at night.

He lost the game today.

According to his weak heart, he is probably hiding in some corner and sulking.”

The bodyguard behind him was a little surprised and stole a glance at Wen Ying.

Wasn’t this the girl who bumped into his young master at that time Speaking carefully, there was a large amount of money change in the private account of the young master a while ago, and then the young master became particularly gloomy for a period of time.

When he went in to change the nutrient solution, he saw the young master looking at her photo.

The eyes were too complicated for him to understand, but he could see that the young master’s hand was especially gentle when he stroked the photo.

Generally speaking, this is the meaning of “like.”

But since the young master likes her, why should he mention another man’s information to her Wasn’t this too generous……

It seems that their young master’s brain couldn’t be cured.

It’s easy to be stupid when he meets this girl.

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Wen Ying didn’t hear the bodyguard’s slander, but it seemed to be a bit of an accident.

She looked back at him, nodded and said, “En, I know.”

Duhuo nodded, waved back to her, and let the bodyguard push the wheelchair away.

Just as Mobei Eagle entered the room and was about to close the door, he suddenly saw a figure passing through the crack of the door, which made him hold his hand on the door frame, but failed to fully close the door.

There is only one girl in a white shirt on this floor.

She passed by his room and went to the room next door.

There was Ling Long’s, that is, Prince Long’s room.

Then, he heard a knock on the door from next door, and his heart seemed to leak with the sound.

His eardrums were agitated, and his fingers showed a blue and white color because of force.

This feeling was so strange that he could not close the door for a long time.

Wen Ying didn’t seem to notice that he lives next door.

She just keeps knocking on Ling Long’s door.

Nobody seems to be there and nobody responds.

Her knock on the door was slow, but it never stopped.

After a while, even the people on the opposite side of the room had to open the door to see what was going on, and the door was finally opened.

“What’s the matter”

The man’s upper body is naked, his bronzed chest is wide, and water drops constantly fell from his wet hair, following his chest muscles, spinning on his eight powerful abdominal muscles, and finally sinking into the white bath towel around his lower body.

With his big hands half pressing on his head, he was wiping his hair with the towel in the hotel.

He raised his eyebrows to look at her through the gap.

“Looking for me”

“His room is next door.

You’ve got the wrong one.”

Wen Ying shook her head.

“I’m not looking for him.” She lifted the paper bag in her hand and said, “Didn’t you have dinner I brought you something to eat.”

He stood sideways, twisting the door handle for a moment, and said, “I’ll call room service if I’m hungry.”


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