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308 A Competent Good Brother

On the other end of the phone, Wang Wen asked curiously, “What is it”

He Jing said, “I have a friend called Huang Baobao.

Hes from the 16th Consortium.

He said his fathers health is not good and asked to meet him.

Do you want to meet him”

The receiver was silent for a moment before it laughed, saying, “These people are competent.

Have they come to you Does that person from the 16th Consortium know you”

This sentence carried a lot of weight.

Huang Baobao had confirmed who the person on the other end of the phone was.

His heart was beating so fast that it felt like it was about to jump out of his chest.

He looked at He Jiong, his eyes full of pleading.

He was so low that he almost knelt on the ground.

He Jiong also seemed to have sobered up a little.

He looked at Huang Baobao with some hesitation.

When he saw his bitter face, he gritted his teeth and said, “Yeah, were friends.”

This sentence made Huang Baobaos eyes redden.

Then something happened that caught him off guard.

The person on the other end of the phone said, “Alright, bring him to the Tiansheng Groups headquarters.

Ill let you two in.”

Huang Baobaos brain nearly exploded, and he stood rooted to the ground.

He heard He Jiongs concluding words.

“Alright! Ill be there soon.

Thank you, Boss!”

He recalled the conversation.

He was numb.

He kept shaking He Jiongs hand.

He pursed his lips and hammered his chest repeatedly.

His voice was choked with sobs as he said, “My good brother!”

Huang Baobao knew the weight of the word friend.

Just the fact that a person who had never done anything before was willing to owe someone a favor to help him was not something expected in an ordinary relationship.

He grabbed He Jiongs hand and said, “No matter whether this matter succeeds or not, Ive decided to treat you as my brother.

Ill remember this favor for life!”

He Jiong was even more anxious than he was.

He pulled him to the door.

“Dont be so long-winded; hurry up.

My boss is waiting!”

That action dispelled the last bit of doubt in Huang Baobaos heart.

A scammer would never dare bring him to see the real deal!

The only explanation was that the man was also a big shot.

Their relationship was so close that he could get the job done with just a phone call!

So many people did not dare accept it.

Such a commonplace drunkard had done it!

Even though he did that fawningly.

That must be his high status!

Other people would not even have the chance to grovel!

At first, Huang Baobao was dragged along by He Jiong.

Within two steps, he was the one dragging He Jiong away.

They walked quickly past most of the guests still strolling in the hall.

Those who had made it to the door had no time to drive away.

One of them was Du Keke, who was complaining on the phone while leaning against a stone pillar.

Du Keke dialed her best friends number.

She was complaining about the terrible experience she had at the banquet.

She did not get to know many famous scholars and elites.

Instead, she had utterly lost her pride in front of everyone.

The more she spoke, the angrier she got.

Her heart was filled with rage toward the man who had humiliated her.

She could not help but open her contact list and block the mans phone number.

She resolved never to see him again in this life.

She had just finished all of that.

Du Keke saw the ideal husband helping the evil man out the door.

The man was quite drunk.

The cold wind outside the door caused him to vomit on the flower bed.

Du Keke was initially smitten by the fact that Huang Baobao was the ideal husband.

He was so nice that he even personally sent off a stranger.

Finally, she noticed the ideal husband yelling angrily at his subordinates beside him.

“Dont just stand there and watch! Water! Towel! Clean clothes! Tell the driver to drive the car over! Make sure the heater is on! If my brother gets a cold, I will wring your heads off one at a time!”

Du Keke was taken aback.

The other guests in the room were astounded as well.

Fortunately, the waiter was not a moron.

He dashed over and took care of the drunk guest.

He Jiong drank some warm water and wiped his face with a hot towel.

He struggled to his feet after a brief recovery and pushed away the service personnel who had surrounded him to assist him in changing his coat.

“Dont waste time; lets go,” he told Huang Baobao.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Huang Baobao waved at the chauffeur to open the car door and invite him in without waiting for the service staff.

Some people came forward and asked, “Young Master Huang, what are you doing”

Huang Baobao walked around the car and walked to the other side.

Initially, he was in a hurry and did not want to bother with them.

After thinking for a while, he said loudly, “My brother, He Jiong, really helped me find a way! Im going with him now.

My dad and the 16th Consortium will be saved!”

His voice faded.

He got into the car and left.

The guests were whispering to each other.

Some quick-thinking individuals jumped into their cars and followed Huang Baobao.

A smart man took the lead.

The remainder of the crowd followed in groups of two or three.

In any case, that nights banquet ended on a sour note.

A bunch of idle people who had nothing to do after eating their fill had no fun.

They were worried about where to go next.

What a coincidence! They chased after him!

Finally, a large crowd rushed to the Tiansheng Groups headquarters gate.

Even Du Keke hid in the crowd and watched quietly.

She had assumed that her ideal husband was simply a well-mannered individual who escorted the drunk guest.

She had not expected him to drive him away and refer to him as a brother.

She did not understand it.

She only knew that Huang Baobao called that man brother.

He Jiong was the 16th Consortiums Young Masters brother.

Was there a mistake

When did that happen

She had not heard about it.

If that were true, He Jiong would have been bragging about it to the heavens!

Du Keke was skeptical.

She felt that there must be something fishy about that matter.

She wanted to see what was going on!

Hence, she followed the crowd there.

Following that, she noticed Huang Baobao assisting He Jiong, who was swaying unsteadily through the main entrance of the Tiansheng Groups headquarters as if he were his father.

They said something to the guard and were allowed in.

One of the security guards even escorted them into the building, and a uniformed staff member picked them up before they returned.

The onlookers outside the gate exchanged glances.

A man, Director Fang, was talking to someone else next to Ning Li.

“These two companies are very arrogant.

The last time I came here to discuss business with them, I couldnt even get in.

I didnt expect them to get in so easily!”

Upon hearing that…

Ning Li secretly snorted and thought,Its not difficult to enter.

That means I can enter too.

He frowned.

He looked at the two figures that had entered the building.

He narrowed his eyes, thinking,Its difficult to be so polite and respectful!

At the Tiansheng Groups headquarters

Wang Wen answered a phone call and said, “Just come in.”

After that…

The meeting rooms door was opened from the outside.

Two dumbfounded figures entered the room stiffly.

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