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The mans mouth was covered again.

His voice was extremely loud.

At that moment, the carefree old man stood up and looked at the child, who was refusing to run away and crying while holding the woman.

The woman could not move and could only look at the child and cry.

The man cried silently against the wall.

The old man sighed.

He took the initiative to stand up and cupped his hands at Wang Wen.

“Master, please wait a moment.

Ive been practicing martial arts since I was young, and my body is still considered strong.

If you need to take someones blood to cultivate, please take mine.

If you can be merciful and leave this family a way out, Ill be even more grateful!

Wang Wen turned around.

He looked around.

“You think Im a demon” He did not know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at the old man.

“We came to your house to have a meal when we were hungry, which was equivalent to buying food with money.

Why do you look like you want to fight me to the death Did I give you too little money”

The old man shook his head and said, “Buy food with money That is not as simple as you say.

Youre clearly trying to take it by force.”

Wang Wen raised his eyebrows, and a bold guess flashed through his mind.

He walked in front of the old man, held up a gold nugget, and asked, ” “Do you know what this thing is”

“They might not know, but I am quite knowledgeable.

Ive heard of jewelry and gold.” The old man was a little proud.

Wang Wen was speechless, “Since you know about gold, why are you still so bitter This one is enough for an entire lamb, let alone a piece of your meat, right”

The old man said, “We cant use gold.

Many martial art masters have stolen gold from somewhere.

They might have the life to take it but not the life to spend it.

Youre giving us useless gold for the only piece of salted meat for our family of four.

Isnt that what bandits do”

After hearing the old mans words…

Ren Ruoruo froze.

Zhu Xingguos words jumped to his throat, but he swallowed them back.

He looked at the drone and sat back on the stone bench in a depressed mood.

Wang Wen put the gold nugget back into the bag.

He shook his head and laughed.

He did not know what he was laughing about.

He only felt that it was a broken world, indeed.

It was so ridiculous.

It would make people laugh.

In an era where the economy was backward, one could not spend money even if one had it.

That was a kind of helpless sorrow!

He kept the gold and asked the old man, “Then please tell me, what can I do to not act like a bandit I like rules; its only right to pay for food.

I cant eat for free.”

However, the old man refused to speak, no matter what.

He just stood there and shook his head in silence.

He looked pitiful and hateful.

The small sun in Wang Wens hand condensed and scattered and then condensed again.

He took a deep breath and felt that it was a little strange.

He had been a tower climber for two lifetimes, so how did his heart become so evil

He waved his hand to release the man by the wall from his restraints, and the man rushed forward with a fist.

Wang Wen held onto the transparent barrier and let him hit that.

He asked, “Im very powerful.

I can get you anything you want.

Do you dare to give me a challenge”

Zhu Xingguo stood up and spread his hands, saying, “Thats right! Just say whatever you want! I dont believe I cant deal with you unruly people today!”

The mans eyes were red as he glared at them.

He gritted his teeth and said in a muffled voice, “Give me back the cured meat! It has to be exactly the same! No more, no less!”

Zhu Xingguo was stunned, and he could not even utter a word.

A drop of sweat rolled down Wang Wens forehead.

He had bragged too early.

That was too challenging.

He pulled Zhu Xingguo aside and said, “The structure of organic matter such as flesh and vegetables is too complicated.

Even a Broken Might master cant solve it, let alone something that requires time, such as curing meat.

This question is complicated.

I can only try my best.”

Zhu Xingguo looked at Ren Ruoruo, who had the same serious expression, and tried to ease the atmosphere, saying, “Master, you can do it! I believe you can do it!”

“Why dont I dance for them” Ren Ruoruo enquired helplessly of Wang Wen.

Wang Wen, who was frowning and gathering his energy, looked up at her.

“What kind of dance”

Ren Ruoruo heard that.

She smiled and said, “Any is fine.”

Wang Wen said expressionlessly, “Any is not fine.”

It was a joke.

The atmosphere became a little more relaxed.

Wang Wen extended his hand.

An object with the texture of flesh slowly emerged from the void.

The shape and size were almost the same.

Even the color looked more and more similar as it went on.

Wang Wen heaved a long sigh of relief, his forehead covered in sweat.

He then placed the almost identical piece of dried mutton on the ground.

They only heard asound.

It was like the collision of gold and iron.

Zhu Xingguo took out a knife and tried to cut the cured mutton.

The meat was intact.

The blade was chipped.

Zhu Xingguo raised his knife; his mood was very complicated.

Wang Wen looked at the cured mutton on the ground.

He had thousands of words to say, but in the end, he only said one sentence, “Its so hard to follow the rules.”

“Its so hard to be a good person who follows the rules.” Zhu Xingguo nodded in agreement.

Anger rose in Ren Ruoruos heart.

She grabbed a handful of gold nuggets from the sack and stood up.

She ran out of the door in a few steps, grabbed a random man, and asked, “Whos the richest here”

The man pointed in a daze at a big stone house in the center of the village.

“That mans salary is 100 stone coins.

He doesnt have to worry about labor or taxes.

Hes the richest person in the area.”

Ren Ruoruo left the man behind and went straight to the big stone house.

Not long after she entered the house, she led a fat sheep from the back.

Beside him was a middle-aged man who cupped his hands in greeting.

She was leading the sheep.

She returned to the mans house.

She threw the rope in front of him and said coldly, “I dont believe that theres any problem in the world that money cant solve!”

The man was stunned.

The old mans face changed, and he exclaimed, “Thats the village heads sheep! Take it away; dont harm us!”

“He has already sold it to me!” Ren Ruoruo was furious.

The old man and the man looked at each other.

He sat on the ground dejectedly, looked at the fat sheep in front of him, and sighed, “Its over.

Its all over.

It was just a piece of meat, but now I dont know how much money Ill have to pay to offset that sheep.”

The man was silent for a long time.

He slapped himself hard in the face.

He knelt and kowtowed to the old man, saying, “Its all my fault.

Father, I have to leave now.”

The old man finally burst into tears.

He did not stop the man, who got up and left.

“Where are you going” Ren Ruoruo grabbed the man and asked.

The mans face darkened.

“I will beg for forgiveness from the village chieftain.

I can give him my life as compensation.

“What are you doing What areyou guys doing” Ren Ruoruo was so angry that her eyes reddened, and she was about to cry.

She stomped and shouted, “Why are you doing that He has already sold the sheep to me; why are you still doing that What can I do to make you guys feel at ease”

Wang Wen, who had been silent all that time, let out a long breath.

He took Zhu Xingguos hand and inserted a standard copper coin.

Zhu Xingguo was puzzled after the conditioned reflex of “Whats wrong, Master”

Wang Wen did not say anything.

He continued to make copper coins and put them in his hands.

The old mans eyes were wide open.


Wang Wen handed the old man a handful of copper coins and said, “Ill have to trouble you to find a way to buy a piece of meat and marinate it again.

Is there enough salt If theres not enough, I have some too.”

The old man took the copper coins in a daze, his hands trembling.

The man by the door, who was already prepared to die, saw the coin and immediately pounced over with shining eyes.

He grabbed two copper coins and rubbed them together.

Her face instantly brightened, and he said happily, “So you guys are rich! You should have said so earlier! I would have bought fresh meat for everyone! Look at this mess!”

He called out to the woman in the distance, “Mother! Why are you standing there Quickly! Pour some tea for these masters!”

He turned around and said respectfully to Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo, “My honored guests, are you full Do you want some wine Ill go to the village and borrow a chicken to cook for you.”

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