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Marco looked at Yaeger’s beautiful hands that were in mid air with wide eyes.

Yet, his pupils narrowed to the size of a pinhole.

‘My family heirloom!’ He screamed horrifically in his heart.

‘She said she would give it back after using it but it was completely broken!’

Looking at the direction where the shattered fragments went, Marco saw a magical formation that glimmered in blue light.

Within the magical formation, something was floating out.

‘A mermaid! That must be a mermaid.

My God, she actually summoned a mermaid!’

Marco was instantly overjoyed.

Although his heirloom meant a lot to him, getting to meet a mermaid lady for the first time was also equally important.

As the blue light became stronger, that figure became clearer to see.

She was massive.

Her physique was much bigger than the typical human, but she was unquestionably a bipedal lifeform.

‘This mermaid lady looks pretty strong…’ Marco suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Greedy humans.

Your end is nigh!”

Then, he heard a strange roar.

No matter how he perceived it, she didn’t sound like a woman at all!

Inside the blue light, a glowing bipedal creature flashed into existence.

It had a strong body covered in golden scales.

It had robust limbs and gills.

Its eyes were as being as melons, and its mouth was filled with fangs—so much so that they nearly reached its gills.

Two large sea shells were pasted on top of its robust pec muscles and its lower body was covered by seaweed.

It also held a trident that glimmered in blue light.

“Marco, is that the pretty mermaid that you speak of” Yaeger spoke suddenly.

That mermaid definitely had large ‘personalities’ with seashells on top.

That characteristic was indeed identical to what Marco said before.


“This mermaid isn’t that mermaid!” After comparing this mermaid before his eyes to the mermaid lady inside his imagination, he instantly shuddered and shouted hysterically.

“Marco, you have peculiar tastes.” Yeager pretended to not hear it and continued speaking.

She initially planned to return the horn to Marco after using it.

Yet, she didn’t expect such an unexpected event to happen.

Since it was impossible to return it, she could only act like an idiot and change the topic.

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“I… I’m not… I didn’t!” Marco shook his head in denial.

“You are courting death!” On the other side, the magic formation disappeared.

The golden mermaid opened its maw and screamed, obviously enraged.

It thought its beautiful and wondrous appearance would frighten these greedy humans into running away and screaming for help.

Then, it would enjoy hunting happily.

However, they weren’t frightened and they even made jokes at its expense.

They were definitely asking to be killed!

By now, the golden mermaid had decided to grant them the most painful death possible!

“Let’s talk later.

I still need to deal with this mermaid.” Yaeger looked in front with a calm and collected expression.

The appearance of the golden mermaid was somewhat unexpected.

However, she realized it was reasonable that it happened, after some thought.

Because both the description of the item and Marco’s story had already given her a hint.

Yaeger still insisted on blowing the horn for the fourth time despite knowing that it was dangerous.

Naturally, she didn’t do it out of impulse like an idiot.

If she were alone, she’d probably think it over instead of acting rashly.

However, she wasn’t currently alone, Lili was behind her.

With such a powerful being shielding her, wouldn’t it be a waste if she chose not to do all the stupidest things

Not only that, she also wanted to test out the strength since she had achieved a breakthrough.

She wanted to see if she was as powerful as she expected.

Of course, nobody knew what would happen if the [Sea Deity’s Gift] was blown for the fourth time.

There were obviously risks.

If it resulted in some special negative effects, Lili wouldn’t be able to resolve them.

In the end, she was just a little arrogant.

There was no cure to this old bad habit of hers.

Whoosh whoosh!

The golden mermaid approached while stepping on a tidal wave.

Thick with killing intent, its melon-sized eyes were bloodshot, making its already horrible face even worse.

As a golden mermaid approached quickly, Marco finally felt terror surging from the depths of his heart.

At this moment, he finally sensed the horrible aura that came from that mermaid!




Yaeger quickly checked its information.

Name: Flying Fish General (Rare Elite)

Race: Golden Flying Fish Demi-human

Level: 21

Health: 14,000

Mana: 6,000

Attack: 1,410

Defense: 1,800

Special Ability: [High-Pressure Hose] [Fire Immunity] [Super Armor]

Based on the stats alone, it was slightly stronger than the [Swift Black Dragon].

However, its Special Abilities were obviously much weaker when compared to the latter.

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[High-Pressure Hose] was a water-attribute penetrating attack.

It dealt serious damage but had a 3-minute cooldown.


[Fire Immunity] was obvious.

Fire attacks couldn’t harm it at all.


Of course, it was only immune to fire-attribute attacks below Medium-grade.

It would still be vaporized if someone used a High-grade fire attack on it.

[Super Armor] increased its defense, reduced damage received, and nullified all stun effects.


Among the 3 Special Abilities, [Fire Immunity] affected Yaeger the most.

Since her [Sunscorch] wasn’t powerful enough, its fire-based attacks wouldn’t be able to hurt the golden mermaid.

“A demi-human subspecies of the Golden Flying Fish.

I see.

Looks like I aggravated it because I killed too many.”

After reading its racial information, Yeager instantly came to a realization.

After using [Sea Deity’s Gift] for 3 times, she almost pushed the Golden Flying Fish in this coastal region into extinction.

Hence, the powerful beings of this species would naturally resent her deeply.

“You… Aren’t you going to help” Marco looked at Lili and asked in a panic.

His legs were trembling and he was deeply terrified.

He was in no condition to fight.

“She alone is enough.” Lili didn’t even spare a glance at Marco.

Her expression was calm.

Marco knew he wouldn’t achieve anything so he looked at Yeager once again, cheering her on silently.

After all, he realized she was the only dependable person by now.

“Come at me.” Yaeger took out the purple crossbow [Berserk Thunder], and smirked confidently.


As the wave crashed onto the beach, the golden mermaid descended.

Its massive body fell from the air like a road-roller and carved a deep hole inside the beach.

“The [Sea Deity’s Gift] given to you by the young Lord shall grant you wealth that could sustain you for generations.

You’ll live comfortably for the rest of your life.

However, you people just can’t be satisfied.

You even slaughtered my brethren with manic greed.

Absolutely unforgivable!”

Hearing those words, Marco instantly glared at Yeager with grim eyes.

Indeed, it was her fault! At most, their family had only summoned a few hundred fishes.

Yet, Black-hearted Princess summoned countless!

Three summoning attempts was enough to drive the Golden Flying Fish in this region into extinction! In the end, her greed wasn’t satisfied as she blew it for the fourth time and eventually summoned this horrible beast!

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Marco instantly felt like crying.

He was clearly a victim of her crimes!

“Stop wasting your breath.

Fight me if you want to.” Yaeger’s demeanor instantly changed.

Her external aura became a storm and ravaged the beach.

Within a moment, sand was scattered everywhere.

Immediately after, countless energy arrows with purple electricity flew out.

As energy arrows became bigger in its field of vision, the golden mermaid smirked indifferently and didn’t bother to dodge them.

Then, the rain of arrows landed on its body!

Clink clink clink clink!

The energy arrows had clearly struck its flesh, but metallic clangs were heard, as if they were striking metal.

Meanwhile, the golden mermaid was virtually untouched!

“These powerless attacks are useless against me!” Its smile grew more arrogant as its eyes twisted in mockery.

Before it finished, the Golden mermaid’s pupils instantly shrank as it saw a silhouette appearing in front of it like a phantom and lightning-quick fists instantly came close.


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