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In the beginning, Old Madam Su was very dissatisfied with the marriage between Kong Yue and Su Zheng.

She felt that Su Zheng deserved someone from a better family.

However, at that time, Su Zheng insisted on marrying Kong Yue, and she couldnt really stop her most capable son from getting married!

If Su Zheng really hated her, wouldnt the losses outweigh the gains

Due to Su Zhengs stubbornness, the old madam finally agreed to this marriage.

However, this also became a barrier in her heart.

Even after so many years, she had never really let it go.

Hence, for a long time after Kong Yue married into the Su family, Old Madam Su had been very harsh on her.

It was only when Kong Yue successfully gave birth to Su Xing and Su Rui, and Su Zhengs power gradually grew stronger, that they had the chance to break free from the control of the old residence and build their own family home.

Su Shui had never really witnessed those things.

He had only heard about them from the old servants at home.

Although the matter was in the past, it didnt stop him from feeling sorry for his mother.

Thinking about the family banquet tomorrow, Kong Yue frowned slightly.

“It seems like theyre aiming for your sister.

We have to be fully prepared.”

As Kong Yue spoke, she took out her phone and made a call.

Su Shui was a little puzzled.

After she ended the call, he asked, “Mom, who did you call”

“The hair stylist, fashion stylist, and whatnot.

I have to dress up your sister well, lest your second and third aunt find fault with Qingqing!” Kong Yue tossed her phone aside, her expression serious, as though she was facing a major battle.

As a regular guy, Su Shui wasnt as meticulous about his dressing as his second brother, so he naturally couldnt understand why women were so concerned about such things!

Separately, Shang Bei brought the Su siblings to his favorite restaurant.

B City was a very prosperous and developed city.

Its economic strength and inclusiveness was on par even with the capital! Its food culture was rich and varied, and it could attract many foreign people to come and visit every year.

Shang Bei was a foodie.

He could even be considered a food connoisseur and knew the delicacies in B City very well.

Therefore, on the way to the restaurant, he had a common language with Su Qian, which was food.

After chatting with Su Qian, he realized that the latter was very thoughtful, and he didnt have any impetuous habits.

He already had a good impression of him previously, and now, he liked him even more.

As the two of them chatted, they didnt neglect Su Qing.

Sitting in the restaurant, Shang Bei chuckled and turned to Su Qing.

“I found this restaurant after searching for a long time.

The boss said that only locals would be able to find it!”

When Su Qing heard Shang Beis words, her eyes were filled with joy and anticipation.

Ever since she ate at the delicious roadside stall with Teacher Zhou, it was as if she had discovered a new continent.

At this moment, she looked at the dishes on the menu and said casually, “I can eat spicy food, so I can also try some very spicy dishes.”

Su Qian could tell that his sister was happy.

When Shang Bei heard this, he was a little surprised.

“The locals in B City dont really like spicy food.

Little Su Qing, arent you a local”

Su Qing shook her head and said calmly, “Not really.

I was, before I was three.”

This was a very interesting statement, but Shang Bei wasnt someone without EQ.

He looked at Su Qian and realized that his expression had changed slightly.

He guessed that there might be some secrets, or some bitterness that couldnt be revealed to outsiders, so he tactfully didnt ask further.

During the meal, almost no one at the table spoke.

Shang Beis assistant was so anxious that he was about to cry.

His boss was a glutton who couldnt walk when he saw food.

Now, he seemed to have completely forgotten about the movie.

However, the assistant was wrong this time.

Shang Beis love for movies surpassed everything else.

Delicious food He could put it aside for the time being.

After all, he was almost done eating.

Shang Bei put down his chopsticks and smiled at Su Qing.

He went straight to the point and asked, “Su Qing, youre in the directing faculty, but do you have any plans to act in a movie”

Su Qian instantly looked up at Shang Bei, and surprise appeared on his face.

“Director Shang, are you referring to your new movie”

Shang Bei smiled and nodded.

“When I first saw Su Qing, I felt that her image was very compatible with Nan An.

Most importantly, her cold aura was exactly the same as Nan Ans! Ive spent even more time on the script of Nan An than onNorth City.

It can be said to be the work that Ive put in the most effort!”

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