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Shang Bei smiled at him and said, “Theres no need for you to arrange anything.

Ive already booked a restaurant.

Lets go over and eat while we talk.”

As he spoke, he turned to look at Su Qing like a friendly neighborhood uncle.

He smiled gently and said, “Little Su Qing, is there anything you dont eat”

Su Qing looked at him and paused for a moment.

Then, she shook her head gently and said, “No.”

Su Qian and Su Qing had a happy lunch with Shang Bei.

On the other hand, the schools intranet had been blown up by several gossip articles that morning.

“Shocking! The school belle of the music department, Chen Han, is actually taking the acting course for this”

“Explosive news! Chen Han is crying in the performance departments classroom.

Has Su Qian become a heartless man”

“The scene of the best campus couples breakup.”

“Su Qing is so cool!”

When the students saw the red and bold comments, they cursed the person who posted it for being ridiculous, but they couldnt help but click on it.

When they entered, they laughed at the comments within.

“Which idiots came up with these titles Why does it smell like an industry marketing account Is the administrator dead”

“I think its quite good.

Its very realistic! I suspect that the person who wrote the post was at the scene.”

“Speaking of which, is Su Qian really not with Chen Han What a pity! The two of them look so attractive together.”

“Shut up! Our idol is beautiful alone.

Long live our idol!”

“Dont drag Brother Qian and Chen Han together.

Chen Han isnt worthy! Id rather see Su Qian and Su Qing together.”

“I love Su Qing! I love this sister! I also love Brother Qian.”

“Su Qians fans must be crazy! However, from this video, this sister is indeed quite cool.

I like such simple and direct people! Shes awesome!”

“I dont like Su Qian, but looking at Chen Hans clingy expression, I feel a little disgusted! This time, Im on Su Qings side!”

Chen Han, who had been criticized by the netizens for being disgusting, was now holding her phone in her hand in anger.

Su Qians fans were really crazy.

Had she done anything to hurt them She and Su Qian were clearly a match made in heaven, so they should be together! These fans, who commented on almost everything their idols did, were really disgusting!

And that Su Qing was a wild girl who had no upbringing and had jumped out of nowhere.

How could she ever dream of competing with her just after becoming the daughter of the Su family Dream on! She was clearly the school belle of Floyd, and she was the most beautiful woman in Floyd!

Chen Han seemed to be suffering from masochism.

While she was angry, she was still scrolling through the comments section below the entry.

She didnt believe that no one in Floyd would speak up for her.

However, after searching for a long time, she didnt find anyone who scolded Su Qing or Su Qians fans on the intranet.

Chen Han felt that the entire world was standing against her.

No one understood or pitied her.

This feeling of being abandoned by the entire world was really bad.

She couldnt let things continue like this.

She had to think of a way to fight back!

A dark glint flashed across Chen Hans beautiful eyes.

She wanted to let Su Qing know what a true daughter of a prestigious family was and what a school belle was!

At the Su residence.

Kong Yue looked at the uninvited butler, Uncle Su, and had a bad feeling.

She asked respectfully, “Butler Su, has the old madam been well recently Why are you here today”

Uncle Su had always been valued by the Old Madam of the Su family.

He had always been flaunting his might at the old residence, and even looked down on some of the young masters and young mistresses from the branch families!

However, today was Su Zhengs territory.

In front of Mrs.

Su, he restrained his arrogance a little, but he still looked a little proud.

“Madam, youre really making things difficult for me as a butler.

The old madam fell ill two months ago, but I didnt see the old master and you visit her!” Uncle Su said as he looked at Kong Yue meaningfully, hinting that the latter, as a daughter-in-law, was unfilial.

Kong Yue wasnt angry.

She smiled gently and said, “We were indeed busy two months ago.

Ah Zheng and I brought Qingqing back and were busy with her enrollment!”

Uncle Su didnt say anything, but he was slandering her inside.

Why would the head of the Su family and his wife be busy for so long over such a small matter They must be fooling him!

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