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30 Really Cant Compete

She had guessed from all their conversations that the little one was a lazy bummer that had no interest in studying. The whole time, she had been very excited when she mentioned cars and music.

Other than those two areas, she really didnt spark up on anything.

“Even if you want to study cars, you would have to still have proper knowledge of physics and mathematics. Dont you think so” Since it was someone she had a good feeling about, giving her some advice wasnt a big deal to Rong Yue.

“Studying is so difficult! At least Teacher Lu tries to break it down for us but its so sad that I have to put all those numbers in my head.” She whined making Rong Yue chuckle.

She also wondered how she had managed to get in their class, after all, everyone knew that the first class was based on grades even though it wasnt a clear distinction, when one looked at the overall students in the first class, even their bottom students were better than the middle students in the second class.

Sun Li was also someone that was sensitive and was able to guess her thoughts.

“My grandfather would kill me if I fail so I cram everything before the exam that way, I still get manageable grades but I dont remember anything as soon as we are done with that exam.” She confessed and then ran a hand through her hair in exasperation.

One could see that she had lived so much around men that she didnt care about the little things girls cared about.

Like her hair, every normal girl would not intentionally run their hands through their hair just like that in public.


The both of them kept on talking until they reached the class and Rong Yue felt like she had made a friend.

“Wheres your phone I heard that you just got one.” Sun Li asked as they turned the hallway that led to their classroom and Rong Yue passed her to phone and watched as the girl imputed her number and then dialed her immediately.

“Hmmm, this way I can disturb you anytime I want.” She said playfully even though she knew that the real reason was because she wanted to be able to contact her if anything was wrong.

As the both of them entered, they whole class felt like they had seen something they werent supposed to see.

Since they had sat at a corner in the cafeteria, no one had noticed this pair.

Seeing the school belle and someone they considered a ruffian was a sight to behold as many wondered what could have brought them together.

“Errrr...Yueer, are you sure you wont let this girl corrupt you Shes not meant for girls.” One of the boys that Sun Li had beaten up in the last few days spoke up as he looked between the both of them.

Seeing many people looking at them awkwardly. Sun Li felt awkward like as if she was poop and Rong Yue was a flower that had been placed on her.

“Really Shes quite lovely in my opinion. I enjoy her company.” Rong Yue said sincerely as she smiled at the girl that was shooting glares at those young masters.

The moment she heard Rong Yues words, her entire demeanor softened immediately as her face brightened with a bright smile.

“I just knew that you were different. Nothing like these blind bats.” She said sweetly and pulled her in for a hug. All these boys felt like they had been force fed poison for having to look at her acting all sweet.

After their little drama. They both went to their seats. Seeing how happy Tong Yang was looking, Rong Yue didnt say anything and just smiled at her.

Tong Yang on the other hand felt like she had something over her now. Like before, she had already made her mom prepare for her photoshoot before getting home.

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By tomorrow when the final list came out, she wanted to release her campaign pictures along with it.

Although Rong Yue was a lot prettier than her, she felt like with makeup and a good photoshoot, she would be a lot more attractive that Rong Yue looked like on a regular day.

“Rong Yue, would you give me your new address I would like to pay you a visit during the weekend.” Tong Yang said as she held on to her hand sweetly.

“I think its better if I come over instead. Dont you think After all who knows what emergency might come up again.” She said while shooting her a knowing glance.

Under that knowing and strong gaze, Tong Yangs facade faded immediately and she felt embarrassed with a loss for words.

“Hmmmm, thats also very nice.” She finally said, nodding her head obediently.

Some of the people that were watching the interaction had to resist the urge to laugh with how the two of them acted.

“I think that Rong Yue seems a little different. Although she has always had this aura and aloofness, everything about her seems sharper now. Or what do you think” One of the girls in their class pointed out and all of the people that were close to her took another look at Rong Yue again.

“I agree!”

“I think so, even more, before, no matter what that little witch did, she was always so bearing of it but it seems like now, she had gotten some awakening.”

Their voices werent low and the two friends who had now resorted to looking through their phones heard them very clearly.

Tong Yang felt frustrated at that nickname she had been called.

Its been so long... havent they have enough time to forget it already. She thought angrily as her free hand clenched tightly beside her.

She had to carefully act and talk to bring down Rong Yue and even change her own reputation while anything Rong Yue did was perfect.

She had even done everything carefully yesterday. Yet with just some words from the bitvh and the class president, everything had fallen apart immediately.



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