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28 Trouble at school

Rong Yue woke up to the aroma from her moms cooking, since they didnt have to manage ingredients, Rong Yues mom had made them a feast the previous night when she got back from the store.

“Hmmm, this is the life I need.” She murmured happily as she skirted around the room like a real kitten. Although she wasnt anywhere near how much she had made in the previous life, she was a lot happier.

Firstly, she knew she had everything to be great, there was no uncertainty for her. Also, she was certain that people like Tong Yang couldnt harm her in this life.

“Little Loli, set a reminder to take my mother for a check up at the best hospital next week.” She told the robotic system as she undressed.

Unlike yesterday, she didnt have a off day but she had every intention to talk to their hall master on not having to bear with evening classes at all, times like that needed to be used on making money not on studying what she could recite while sleeping.

Before long, she was all dressed and ready for school and joined her mother for breakfast.

After being spoiled silly by Qin Yichens cooking, her mothers cooking was nice but not enough to have her overeat and so she was done with breakfast in minutes.

“Yueer, since theres more food at home, I packed you some lunch box so that you can study without worries now.” Her mother said gently, standing up to pick up the box in the kitchen.

Rong Yue smiled happily and then pulled her mom in for a hug. Yesterday, when she had requested to add the box to their cart, she had almost guessed what her mothers thoughts were.


However, since they were simple and very conservative, she had agreed without anything.

“Make sure you dont open the door for anyone okay Also you can turn on the TV the way I have thought you.” Rong Yue reminded her like a fuzzy mom as she made her way out of the house.

Just like she had thought, Driver Yu was already waiting for her downstairs.

“Are you always parked here or its just coincidental that you are always here when I come out” She asked after a quick morning greeting making the middle aged man laugh out.

“You are mistaken, theres a light that comes on the moment you step out of the elevator outside here where the cars are parked. Since theres just this occupied house, I know that its you and know you dont have a car.” He explained making all of her fears and worries fade away just like that.

The ride to the school was short since the young master Qin had already considered the distance to the school while picking the house. And for Rong Yue, this was a better option to her having to get a car when she wasnt sure she would be here for long.

As soon as she entered school, the first thing Rong Yue noticed was the odd looks she was getting from her classmates.

For someone that was harmed with the events and things from the past life, the first thing she always did was try to see if there was something she was forgetting when she felt significant things happening and so like that, today, the first thing she did was she search her mind to see if anything had happened.

After coming up with nothing, she sighed and squared her shoulders.

I didnt just live two lives for nothing, any challenge that comes up, we face it head on. She murmured and walked towards the class.

The reaction of the students when she entered the classroom was all she needed to know that something had happened in just that one day of being absent.

Unfortunately, she was not in the school platform and it was too late to cry over spilled milk.

“Ah! Yueer, you came today.” Tong Yang exclaimed in mock concern as she shot up from her seat so she could hug her best friend.

“Did you think I wasnt coming I took a leave from school to move houses yesterday and I informed the teacher also.” She said shooting a quizzical look at her.

“You did” As she talked, she gave her a suspicious look that matched half of the students expressions.

“Student Yue, we were alarmed when Miss Tong made us think that you being absent meant something was wrong and so under her guidance, we made a visit to your old place yesterday....” Wu Hao, the class president and the young man who had helped her previously interrupted.

With the way he put it, he arranged the picture in a way that many students hadnt seen.

Truly, being absent from school for one day wasnt a problem. More importantly, it wasnt like the teacher had asked where she was which meant that she had taken proper permission from the school and yet, all of them had entered a bus just to check her under Tong Yang insistence.

“So its like that!” Rong Yue said while she shot Tong Yang a sharp glance.

“Student Tong Yang must have been really shocked. To have been willing to take you all on the arduous trip to where I used to live over a days absence.” As she said that, she bowed her head slightly.

“Im sorry for the trouble and inconvenience I have caused you all. Thank you for your love and care.” She said simply and then went to her seat.

A lot of the students were shocked speechless. Although they all knew she was a scholarship student, she had a certain air of aloofness that even some of the rich kids didnt have and because she had to split her time in between; work, school and painting, she barely had time to bond with all the students in her class.

Now that they saw her apologize so sincerely, some of them felt like they could understand her plight.

“Now that I think about it, there was really no need for you guys going over.” One of the students that had stayed back said.

It was after all, always easier to criticize a crime that one wasnt involved in.

“Humph! Still doesnt change what we found out when we went there.” Another student countered.

“Congratulations on your house moving, would you be doing some house warming” One of the students asked making the already loud class become silent immediately.

“About this, its not a new place and one of our family friends suddenly has to make a trip out of the country for about a year and since his rent is still new, he asked us to stay there and in that way, we can also be the housekeepers till he gets back.” She explained with hesitation.

“If you all want to come, its still fine, however, I think it would be rude to have more than five people in a house that doesnt belong to my family.”

“Student Rong is being too polite, this isnt something that we used to do and theres no need to have us over to your house and its good you found someone willing to do that for you, your previous house was really quite pitiful.” Although he didnt want to say, after all, this was the girl he had taken a liking to but in this situation, it was more about helping her and less of getting in her good books.

Most of the sensible students nodded in agreement while some acted like they still didnt agree with what was happening. However, they could force her to invite them over.

Just as Tong Yang was about to say something to save her face, the teacher for their first subject came in making everyone rush to return to their seats.

As for Rong Yue, she smiled to herself gently while acting like she didnt notice the look that Tong Yang was shooting her way. To her, there was no need to pretend anymore and she was determined to tear off the facade at any time.

Having to pretend to be interested in someone she disliked was after all very exhausting.

On the other hand, Tong Yangs mind was full with all sorts of evil thoughts. She had hoped that this incident would act as a buffer to Rong Yues reputation. After all, her good reputation was one of the reason why she was well suitable for the award of the school Belle.

If she was able to make people think that Rong Yue was some girl that sold her body, she would have less competition.

While she was lost in her thoughts, her phone that was clenched tightly in her fist vibrated jolting her from her thoughts. As she looked down, she saw a message from an unknown number.

The message was very simple, yet, it made Tong Yangs face brighten up like the sun of a new day.

“Send a message to her now, she would go with you to switch out the candidate position.”

She guessed that this was the man she met the day before and hurriedly saved his number.

After doing that, she sent the girl from yesterday another message.

Originally, she had approached her politely but seeing as the girl had refused, she had already developed some little dislike for her. Now that she had some backing, she had no intention to talk to the girl respectfully at all.

“Meet me at the administrative office as soon as its lunch break” she typed and sent, her face full with a satisfied smile.

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After seeing the girls positive reply, she nodded her head and went back to focusing on the class. For someone like her that liked to play dirty, she was very sure that the man must have something over this girl to make him tell her to go to her confidently and so she wasnt scared that things would go out of plan.

“Rong Yue, just wait till I bring you down from your high horse!”



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