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27 Little Girl... I sure hope you are missing me

After her mother and driver came, the both of them went back home. However, Yong Yue was unable to help her mother arrange the stuffs and had to rush to Auntie Sus store.

Little Loli already informed her that all the items she ordered was around.

“You are here too early. Is anything the matter” Auntie Su asked with a frown.

“Hmmm, a relative helped me and mother move so I skipped school today, I felt like I could just come here and help you out.”

“You are such a good girl.” Auntie Su said with a soft smile and then stood up from the cashiers seat.

“By the way, some items came here for you, they are quite odd but since they mentioned your name, I signed off for them.” She pointed to a pile of bags in one corner of the room and Rong Yue nodded.

“You can seat there, I want to organize the orders and use them to do something here.” She said vaguely as she moved the orders to the back of the store.

As someone that was easy going, Auntie Su didnt mind and just went by her own things.

The setting up of the automated cash system wasnt difficult. And the only thing she wanted to do was make sure that the one for the store was able to connect to all the items in the store.


That way, anytime she got stock, Auntie Su would be able to just scan it and enter the amount of the goods that came in with it.


While she was busy setting things up, a certain man on the way to the capital suddenly looked at a random picture he had taken.

Since he had gotten the phone back in city A, that was the first picture on the phone. And it was a picture of Rong Yue while she was eating.

His Assitant and body guard who had come to pick him up was about to report a need when he saw his boss staring at a picture.

His eyes widened like he had just witness a murder scene.

The boss was looking at a girl. For future references, Lu Han hurriedly bent so he could get a clear view of the girl. Unfortunately for him, the boss sensed his presence and looked up.

“Whats the matter” He asked coldly and turned the screen of the phone off at the same time.

“Errr, first master said he was trying to reach you and couldnt, he asked me to tell you to come home directly.” Lu Han managed to report without stuttering however, the entire back of his office shirt was already wet with how scared he was from the cold glare coming from his boss.

“That side already knows” Qin Yichen asked coldly, a thoughtful look crossing his features.

“Its very possible, the Y team only just found the mole with them today, its possible that they have gotten information of you being alive before then.”

“Okay, prepare everything.”

“Also, you dont have to follow me, go to work and start prepping the teams that would be involved in the project.”

No matter what, he was very certain that he was going to be coming back to A city soon and since they had an important project, it was better he found people that would be responsible for it.

“Okay sir.” Lu Han said and then turned to go back to his seat in the flight.

Qin Yichen on the other hand stared at the picture for some more time before taking it away and getting back to work.

Although hes had several women try to get close to him, he had had never met anyone like Rong Yue.

To someone like him, she was a breath of fresh air, yet, she had even more outstanding features than all of those girls he had met in the capital.

“Little girl... I sure hope you would be missing me.” He murmured, a shadow of a smile gleaming in his eyes while the corners of his lips were raised in happiness.

If Lu Han was here at this moment, he would probably have his soul shocked out of his body at that expression his boss had on.

On the hand, Rong Yue that was about fifty percent done with her construction suddenly sneezed twice and then frowned in dissatisfaction.

“Humph! Must be that little witch Tong Yang thats talking about me!” She grumbled.

After that, she went about her work and finally completed the scanner.

Since it was evening already, Auntie Su was just about to ask what she was busy with since she would need to get to her other job in a while.

“Rong Yue, is anything the matter”

“Im coming out now, I was doing a little thing here.” Rong Yues muffled voice rang out and Auntie Su helped her hold the door open as she saw her carrying a slightly big box with her.

“Whats that” She asked curiously while Rong Yue just smiled.

“This box is supposed to help you scan all your flowers and vases so that no matter who you hire, they wont be able to steal anything from you.” She started.

Before she could continue, Auntie Su interrupted.

“You are such a good girl, but since most of these flowers and plants dont have a code, its almost impossible to keep track.” She said with a downcast expression, clearly, she had thought of it also.

“Hmmm, thats why I modified it. This one works by taking a picture and identifying what plants it is. You enter the number you have in stock. Now if anyone wants to buy, I have made it a two way thing so that no receipt can be generated without it.” As she explained, she pulled out a small chord and plugged it to the pos for the store.

“So now, when it scans the outgoing goods, it automatically deducts from the number in the store and also send a receipt out. This way, it gives total information of products sold and money that has entered into your stores purse.”

As she heard nothing from Auntie Su, she looked up from the set up she was doing and saw that she had frozen over with shock while her eyes were gleaming with tears.

“I always knew you were so intelligent, but to be this intelligent” Auntie Su said out of lack of words and then pulled her into a hug.

Before long, she taught her how it worked and then simply told her to go, since this was her last time managing the store, she could as well spend it on helping her take stock with the automated machine.

That way, she would even be sure that its working in perfect condition.



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