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25 Chapter Twenty Five: Look What The Dump Dragged in

As soon as they arrived outside, a car pulled up in front of the house while Rong Yue noted that all through passing through the lobby, they had seemed like the only ones living here.

For such a huge structure, that was weird.

“Im the estate driver, since you both dont have a car here, Ill take you to the city anytime you need.” The middle aged man that stepped out of the car explained and Rong Yue nodded while praising the owners of the building in her mind.

With how they made everything convenient, it ought to be full by now.

“Why does it seem like people arent living here” She asked him the moment he started the car. She and her mother sat down at the back seat together.

“Its only being recently completed and the owner of the house has yet to decide what pricing he would be putting it up for.” The driver said but in his mind, he knew that their young master had the intention of making this building somewhere that the people working under him could put their family.

However, he was still contemplating which had made the whole team stationed here surprised when they had to prepare the bosss house itself for the two women.

Many of them had contemplated on who could own the house for so many hours all day.

After all, if it was only the young girl, with her stunning looks, it would be easy to believe that their boss who had earned a title of being a monk or homosexual back in the capital had finally taken interest in someone here.


But with the mother with her, it made the matter even more difficult to understand.

For the sake of his co-workers, the driver decided that he was going to be the one to help them find answers.

“The house you are staying in belongs to your uncle” The driver asked, his expression neutral while he didnt move his eyes away from the road.

If it were any normal person, they would have fallen for this trick and blurted out what he wanted to hear, but someone that had lived two lives and was even a genuis like Rong Yue, she was able to catch that he was fishing for information quite quickly.

“No, hes just someone I know.” She replied simply and then raised her head up so that her eyes met with the driver own in the rearview mirror.

The man almost felt like cursing out loud. It was bad enough that her answer was as useless as fart.

But she had even met eyes with him through the rearview mirror. Even worse, she had sent him a warning glare!

He had to use all the restraint in him to keep holding on to the steering without making the car swerve.

“Okay. Thats great.” He said in a clipped tone.

Ring Yue on the other hand was having fun and was even resisting the urge to laugh out loud.

She could see the dissatisfaction and frustration on the mans face but it wasnt her business.

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Original, she had thought that they would have to leave the whole Pine wood estate to get something but as they were driving past, she saw a grocery store that looked large enough to have all they would be needing.

“You can just stop here, we were originally just looking for where to get some groceries.” She told the driver politely and the man nodded and turned into the big complex.

As expected of the pinewood estate, just the grocery store for the estate was exceedingly huge and even had so many high end cars parked there.

“The residential area here is little, however there are very high end stores here and other things so people who book appointments from these places can get a pass to enter the estate for a certain amount of time as given by the person they want to see.

After that, they would have to pay a fine or get arrested when they are coming out.” The driver explained and Rong Yue nodded in understanding.

She had originally felt like maybe the news she had heard about here was false, after all, many of her classmates couldnt even afford to stay here and many of them always talked about how expensive it was to live here.

“Since you are still within the estate, I would wait here for you both.” Driver Yu said Rong Yue thanked him politely as they got down.

Although it was probably in his work description, she put it at the back of his mind to get him something while they were shopping.

“The items here would be a lot more expensive than a regular market, do you think we should buy the things we need here” Rong Xia asked worriedly.

Seeing that her mother had yet to believe that she had enough money, Rong Yue decided that she should use Qin Yichen as a cover instead. “Dont worry, that young master had sent the money I demanded from him.”

“He has Thats good.” Rong Xia said excitedly, her tone lacking any restraint of an adult.


“But that money should be kept for when you go to college, you might even be able to go to a better one than the one that Tong Yang recommended.”

Even though she didnt see through Tong Yang, Rong Xia felt like her daughter going to a less quality school was because they were poor and thus believed that since they had money, she should pick a better one.

After all, she wanted the best for her daughter.

“Hmmm, Im working on it, I plan to go to the capital for my schooling.” Rong Yue told her mother who then nodded and didnt argue anymore.

Just as they were about to enter the shopping mall, an oddly familiar voice rang behind them.

“Look what the dump dragged in.” Someone said behind them while throwing something at Rong Xia who yelped out softly in pain.



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