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21 Chapter Twenty One: Prying Tong Yang

“Yueer, are you sure that no trouble would arise with this” Her mother asked as they finally sat down. For someone that had been bearing hardship since she could remember, she was surprised by how smoothly this was happening.

She had woken up some day having no memory of who she was and being close to five months pregnant.

In a world like this, surviving alone was difficult enough and yet she had to find a way to keep herself and her baby.

Originally, she had some level of coordination but as time went on, things got more hazy for her and while it was something that probably needed medical attention, she knew they didnt have the money for it and thus kept quiet the whole time.

In the previous life, her brain cells had started to fight against an abnormal growth that had led to her death eventually.

“Hmmm, dont worry, I know hes someone with a good family backing which is why he can help us like this, also, I can always tell him not to pay us again.”

At the moment, she wasnt someone without her own abilities and she was also sure that with one or two more paintings, she could get a comfortable place for them.

“Mother, with me, you dont have to worry about anything, after my exams, we would go to the capital together.” She promised and even though she wanted to talk about the treatment, she didnt want her mother to feel too much like a burden.


Tears fell from Rong Xias eyes as she looked at her daughters confident smile.

“Yueer forgive me for being incapable, you ought to be having fun like your mates and also be happy, but you have to work so hard for the both of us.” Even though she was a lot naive, she had seen what it was like in other families in their previous neighborhood and while other families had a man in charge working and providing for the children, the ones that didnt have also had to work as women for their kids.

“Mother, you have made me stronger in your own way, theres no need to divide roles between us, all I know is that you are my family and the both of us should take care of each other.”

The mother and daughter pair talked for a while more until Rong Xia stood up to make them lunch.

Rong Yue went to her room that had been arranged by the housekeeper that Qin Yichen sent here, she reminded herself to get his number when he returned so she could be able to reach out to him as soon.

“At the very least, even the universe wants me to live a better life.” She sighed as she jumped on the bed that looked freshly made.

Before long, she slept off without knowing.


In City A high school,

Classes had just ended and Tong Yang had gathered close to twenty students who were willing to visit Rong Yue with her. Most of them were not exactly her friends and were just curious about seeing where she lived.

On the other hand, Fang An had agreed to follow them because he felt like Rong Yue might be bullied by those people later on.

“I can have the teacher give us a bus that we can use while our parents wait here for us.” He suggested thinking that several cars pulling up at her place might be disturbing.

Most of them agreed and then called their drivers to inform them that they were going to come back. As for the ones that were registered for the evening lessons, they didnt bother calling since they would still end up coming back for the lessons again.

Fang An was able to get the teacher to accept them using the schools bus and the group of twenty set off together.

Tong Yang sat in front beside the driver where she could easily guide him to her house.

The farther the bus went, the more curious the students were. This was somwhere that the more they went in, the more terrible the living conditions were.

“Are you sure you know her place” Someone asked from the back her nose scrunching up in disgust just by looking at the dirty streets.

“Yes, I do. Have been here several times with Yueer and while it might not exactly look pleasing around, Rong Yues house is clean.”

A lot of the students felt their impression of Rong Yue being a stuck up person lessen, after all, if someone like her could come here often because of her friend, then she had a good heart.

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“We are here.” Tong Yang announced as the driver pulled the car to a stop. The students looked around the area with surprise flashing through their eyes while a lot of them were hesitant to even get down.

“Let Tong Yang and I go down and see if shes home first.” Fang An spoke up and then opened the door from behind. A lot of people nodded at their idea while Tong Yang also got down from her side of the car.

“Its that single house there.” She said pointing at the house that looked like to be only slightly bigger than the house of pets in their rich houses.

As she pointed to Fang An, she used her side eye to see his reaction and rolled her eyes when she saw that there had been no change in his expression.

After knocking for more than five minutes, Tong Yang finally turned the doorknob and was surprised to see it open.

However, she hadnt expected the house to be empty, completely empty had looked nothing like where someone used to live.

Has Rong Yue moved houses without telling me She pondered feeling like her plan would go to ruin.

“What are you not doing here This is not some place for you fo have illicit affairs, shuuu” one of the neighbors that had heard the banging had come out to see what the matter was.

The both of them felt embarrassed at her words and nodded their head side to side.

“No no, we came to check if our friend is okay, her name is Rong Yue and we havent heard from her.” Fang An replied hurriedly, unwilling to be tied to Tong Yang in that kind of way.

“Ohh! You are her classmates! They just moved today unfortunately, some luxury car came to help her mother and her pack their stuffs out of here.” The woman replied and then used her hand to gesture that they stepped out of the way.

“Lets go back, she might have skipped school because of this.” Fang An said pulling Tong Yang away so she couldnt ask anymore questions.



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