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Chapter 19: Chapter 19: Moving Houses

The next day, Rong Yue called teacher Lu and informed him that she was going to miss school since she had to go with Qin Yichen to check out the apartment.

As for Qin Yichen, he had checked out her schools location and then picked one of his best properties which was just close by but also premium.

“The car is here.” He said standing up and the mother and daughter stood up also. Since their house was in a very back end neighborhood, the appearance of a luxury car like that had already attracted the attention of all the house wives ghat had nothing to do.

“Say, what can a car like that be doing here” One of them asked the other through her window. The houses were built closely together making it able for them to communicate without raising their voices too much.

“We would have to wait and see.” The other woman replied as she sat down by the balcony.

They watched as a man dressed in corporate and luxurious suit step down to open the door and then Qin Yichen stepped aside to let the mother and daughter enter while he opted for the front seat.

“Isnt that the man from yesterday Is he some rich man or what” The woman talking had a sour expression as she looked at the car driving away jealously.


She had seen the man yesterday and he had looked every bit stunning, however, she had ridiculed him thinking he was just like the mother and daughter, attractive with nothing.

“I suspected that something was wrong the moment she paid for two months at a go. Who doesnt know that they have to eat on tiny bits after paying rent and yet she had paid for two.” The other woman said, kissing her teeth.

While they were busy analyzing their lives, Rong Yue was surprised when the car drove to a certain part of the city.

Since her school was on the upside district, she was familiar with this area.

“You have an apartment here” She asked without thinking as she changed her elevation of the man in front of her.

“Hmmm, its somewhere around here but a little farther down, its also very secure so you dont get worried about leaving your mom alone at home.”

Seeing how thoughtful he was, even Rong Xia couldnt help being impressed and touched.

The deeper they went into the district, the more impressed the both of them were until finally, the car stopped in front of a quite new building.

With how huge it was, it was impossible to gauge the amount of apartments that were here. Although he owned the whole building, none of the workers knew and since he had handled most of it at home, they Just welcome them like normal guests.

The apartment was on the top floor and had a different elevator. Upon getting there, Rong Yue, from going to several places and hotels while working immediately figured out that this was separate from the other regular apartments that might be here.

“So this is the pass code, Qin Yichen told them as he entered it and Rong Yue subconsciously looked around for a camera. It was only after confirming that it was at a blind spot did she feel relieved.

“Wow!” She mouthed, impressed as soon as they entered the house. He had managed to combine subtle with luxury giving it just the perfect balance that she liked. Her mother also, nodded in satisfaction as she looked around the whole house, however she had several things that she was considering.

“So this is the house, if you walk some distance from here, you would see where the whole district buses are, they carry passengers from here outside where they can get public transportation.....”

After explaining the whole drill of how it worked, Rong Yue pretty more or less felt like it was a good deal, however, there was also a part of her that was hesitant about having to live in his house and still be connected to him.

“This is a lot better and healthier for your mother and you can teach her how to use the gadgets that would keep her entertained. Also, the study would serve as a good place for you to study and you guys can take your time to find a way to gradually find a good place and even get it furnished.”

The more he thought, the more sold she was, until she finally nodded her head in agreement.

“We would take it, however, we have to sign a contract that you cant send us packing without two months prewarning.”

“Thats easy, Ill have my men prepare it while you go ahead and pack your things. You only have to pack personal belongings.”

She hadnt thought that far but thinking of how she had a free day, it was perfect if they packed out now and got around with arranging gradually.

Like that, the car dropped off Qin Yichen at some restaurant while he told them he needed to meet with someone while they got started with packing.

Although they didnt have a lot, what they had still left the car filled up and their neighbors all stood out and watched from their various windows.

“Say they cant afford here and want to get a smaller place” Someone asked foolishly while the others glared at the woman.

“With such a car for parking and considering that she had already paid for this months money, they are clearly going to a better place.”

All of them watched on jealously as the car sped off and several speculations were being brought on.

“I still feel like somehow, its related to that man from yesterday.” Another person said and her words got several agreements.

“Lets just watch and see, we might even watch them come back, after all, rich men tend to get tired as quick as it can be.”

All the women agreed and then moved on to other topics of discussion.



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