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Chapter 15: Chapter 15: Genius

“Is this what you were hired for” The vice president asked angrily while he used his side eyes to look at Master Wang Shu to be sure he wasnt angry.

Since the old man wasnt someone that liked so much drama, he raised his hands up, just send him away, Ill appraise my little girls painting myself.

Together, the vice president and secretary dragged the insolent man out of the office, however, the moment they handed him over to the security, they rushed back in, eager to see what painting someone the old man regarded highly would do.

At the same time inside the office, Master Wang immediately got Rong Yue to open the painting and she did quite quickly.

She had gotten a kind of paper that was hard to fold and even when she had left it folded for a while it had immediately gone back to its straight form since it had been tied loosely.

The moment she straightened the painting on the table, the expression on Master Wangs face immediately because serious as he moved closer to it using his hand to old a part of it down.

Usually, when he looked at pictures of renowned painters, what he usually checked for was the depth of their thought and the details.


But for someone like Rong Yue, even though he had watched her unravel difficult paintings with him, he already had it at the back of his mind that experienced is usually earned and walked through and so the first thing he did was look at the style.

“You painted this” He asked shock clouding his facial expression. The painting style was fluid and experienced almost like the person painting it had not needed to pause to think about anything at all.

It was also very neat with strokes that elicited different emotions at first glance.

“Yes I did it just last night.” She said confidently. She was sure that no one could have done this. It was a work that she had done from her soul.

“It is really beautiful.” As he said this, he raised the painting up so that he could get a full look of what she was trying to say.

It was in this position that the two people rushed in.

As if under a spell. The both of them froze taking in the beauty of the painting from afar.

With it being raised up, it was catching the light that shone into the room thus highlighting all the different colors that she had put into the painting.

“So beautiful.” The vice president praised. He had seen many great works. Some even better. Yet, there was something about the style and the emotions in the painting.

The desolation and slightly slumped shoulders that was also able to give off an illusion of her just starting to lift them so that anyone that looked at the picture understood that the woman was alone. That anyone and everyone would walk this life alone.

But with the packed bag and her eyes that was already fixed on the sole source of light, anyone looking would also be able to draw light from it.

“Who drew this” The vice president asked looking between the two people. He was sure that it couldnt be Master Wang, after all, as his fan, he knew what his style and work was usually like.

However, he also didnt want to believe that the little girl that was beside him was the one that had made the painting.

As if he read their thoughts, Master Wang shot his chest out happily.

“She did the painting of course. You can already tell that its her style just by looking at her. Why are you still asking such a baseless question” He scolded with dissatisfaction before bringing the painting down.

Even without asking her, he was already playing the role of a master to her.

“You said you wanted to sell this at an auction price” The old man asked her, his eyes, glistening with mischief as he nodded.

“How about this. You give me this painting as the fee for recognizing your master.”

Master Wang Shu had a self righteous expression, almost as if she was taking advantage of him by giving her that option.

However, if one looked at it from Rong Yues perspective, it was easy to see that it was a short handed deal. She was already a master at this in her previous life and now that she had another chance with more time on her side, being a master without becoming someones desciple was very possible.

In fact, her master would get a lot of claim for doing only little for her at this stage.

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So to now even hand over a work that she was hoping to make even if it was only a million was not a fair deal for her.

With her dissatisfaction showing on her face, Master Wang scratched at his head embarrassed while the other two men felt like she was being too immature and unappreciative. After all, the number of people that wanted him to become their teacher was quite a lot.

“How about I buy it and you still become my disciple.” He offered, his eyes hopeful while he clutched the painting to his chest like it was a life line.

A painting like this was just perfect for his study. For a grandfather that wanted his children to do better than him, and also believed in enlightenment, he had a feeling that this picture would make them feel very inspired.

“How much would you be willing to pay” Rong Yue finally spoke up, totally ignoring all his offers and asking about the price for the painting first.

“Whats your starting price” Master Wang asked sneakily.

Rong Yue originally planned to sell it off at some thousands but seeing their reactions, she not only planned to change her mind, she had every intention of making it a lot more than what she thought since she knew he was rich and his evaluation simply meant the work was good.

“Three million.”

Although it was high, considering the standard of the work, it was not outrageous so neither of the three men said anything.

“So would you collect the money when I become your master” Old man Wang asked again, determined to take both the artists and the art.

“Hmmm, we can focus on the signing later but I want my money first so that I can know that you are a master worthy of being trusted.” Rong Yue said.

As she said that, she memorized the account that she had just recently created so she could give him.

“Your master is a trustworthy one, come out let me get my assistant to pay you the money.” He said beaming from ear to ear. To him, what she said meant that she had already accepted as her master.

“Hmmm, lets go.” Since she only came here for selling of the painting which she hadnt even thought would sell in one day, Rong Yue was elated and followed the old man with giddy steps.

“Junior.” The vice president called out, making the both of them stop.

“If you are from our city, do you mind if we make a copy of that painting with our machine We put it in your name just like that and exhibit it so that people can get more familiar with you.”

Rong Yue wanted to refuse, however, the old man responded before her.

“Thats perfect. You should also let them know shes my disciple okay” He added with a wide smile.



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