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Chapter 14: Chapter 14: Master Wang Shu

Rong Yue first started with the painting in front her of her while allowing little Loli to give her a clear view of the painting that master Wang was looking at so she could also understand it.

For someone that her works were regarded as progidy, Rong Yue was able to get it quite quickly and so she strolled to the young masters side.

“I think the highlight of the painting is the drum that is supposed to block the light but somehow, the painted managed to make this drum pass light on everything else in the picture. For the first time, I thought the painter was making the drum the sun.” She said slowly, her eyes lost on the painting.

From afar, she had been interested and seen its worth but this close, she was shocked by how good it was.

The painter had depth and skills.

Master Wang who was already surprised that a young girl like her with attractive looks that should probably not have her think of painting.

But when he had seen that she was someone who even understood painting, he was even more impressed.


However, he was having trouble understanding what the painter was trying to pass on. He could see that there was something there.

Something unique and yet, he couldnt get the grasp of it.

Seeing how she was breaking it down, he was already eager to have her say what it really meant and so he turned when he didnt hear her speak again.

“The painter thinks hes the drum..” Rong Yue said her voice carrying an excitement as she saw something else in the picture.

“And that we can also be the drum, either by being like him or by taking from his light.” She finally completed. However the master beside her was still trying to understand how that could be the meaning.

“How do you see it that way Can you explain your view”

“The drum, like I said before should not allow light through it since the painter and not given it an hole or anything of that sort, however, every light shining on the picture is gotten from the same drum.

Upon looking closely, you would see very quickly that the drum has some natural holes from years of being used and worn that has allowed the light to pass through it.

With this, it has now become able to pass light through it.” The more she explained, the more the man saw and his eyes shone with a kind of frevor that should be seen only in maniacs.

“How did you see all these at one glance” He asked her with shock filling his eyes. He took one more look at her and nodded with pride beaming through his eyes.

Rong Yue couldnt have known that the man had five grandchildren and yet, none of them liked the idea of painting. They just wanted to do several other things and he also didnt want to hold them back.

Like this, it made him appreciate the youngsters that were still in the craft which was why he was even more surprised at her depth of knowledge.

He listened to her as she explained how the painter was trying to refer to them, the ones looking at the painting as the smaller drum in another corner.

The both of them moved to another painting and discussed for more than an hour.

On the other end, the young receptionist had gone back to his boss office and yet, he had been unable to get the man to look at the work through and finally left dejected.

Since their exhibition room was a bit exclusive, and was different from the places where they kept the paintings for sales, he felt that he had already compensated her enough and would tell her the news when she finally came out.

“Are you a member of their association here” Master Wang Shu asked her as they got to the tenth painting. Since they were both not beginners, they got the hang of most painting in minutes and some in seconds.

Since he also had something he had come here to do, he wanted to know about her so he could meet the little girl later.

A part of him was also thinking of taking her as his student, however, he had no idea if she had painting skills or was only someone that enjoyed to watch the art.

“No, I only came here to put up one of my paintings up for sale so I can make some money from it. The person in charge of the appraisal was busy and so I came here to while some time away.” Rong Yue replied honestly.

Hearing her words, his eyes lit up brightly.

“You paint! Let me see it immediately.” He said eagerly already rushing out of the door.

Rong Yue wasted no time and led him out of the room to where the appraisal room was.

“Master Wang Shu. We were just coming to pick you.” Two men coming from the other side said just as soon as they got to the hallway.

“Hmmm, I just finished, I want to follow this little daughter of mine to see her painting first.” He said as he pulled Rong Yues hand and dismissed them.

Passing the information and checks from the capital was important but having a disciple was a lot more important to him and so he wanted to see what her painting was like.

Thinking Rong Yue was his granddaughter, the two men who had rushed to meet him followed after him, nothing about their hurried footsteps and curious looks would make anyone connect them to the vice president and secretary of this citys painting association.

To put it simply, one was the second in charge of the building while one was the third in charge, yet they were hurrying after an old man that was dressed simply and a young girl in uniform.

Rong Yue led Master Wang to the room where the man was. Just like she had left him, he was now sitting with his leg over the table while eating a bag of chips.

“Is he the appraiser” Master Wang asked wondering why someone would be having such work ethics. As someone of the older generation, he typically disliked lazy people that didnt want to get things done.

“Most likely, thats my painting on the table.” She said pointing at the rolled paper that was already put at one end of the table. With his leg on the table, it had been pushed behind till it was only some inches away from falling to the ground.

The two men rushing behind them had only just arrived, however, Rong Yues figure and the master had already blocked their view.

“How can you be so careless at work to discard a work or art while you are spending time doing what you want to do Is this what you are being paid for” Master Wang scolded angrily as he reached out to take the painting.

The appraiser however, thought that the young girl whom he assumed to be the painter had gone to bring her family so that they could bully him.

“Whos this old man with no manners Do you think the painting association is somewhere that you can barge into as you want” The appraiser scolded back not bothering to save face for the elderly.

His words were heard clearly by the two men behind who immediately rushed forward.

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“Who gave you the audacity!” The vice president roared as he lunged forward and landed a good slap on the mans face.

Seeing the vice president and secretary, his face paled immediately fear seeping into his eyes as he looked at Rong Yue and Master Wang.

Has he offended the wrong people



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