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Chapter 12: Chapter 12: Game of Schemes

As soon as all the important news were passed, the senior students were finally released to go for their break.

Tong Yang who had been holding her words in the whole time was just about to speak when Fang An came to meet them.

“Student Rong, you have to come with me now, our classroom teacher wants to meet with you.” He said with feigned hurry and as genuine as he seemed.

Tong Yang felt a certain foreboding sense that this wasnt good.

“Class president, do you mind if I talk to her for a minute” She asked shyly, and even rolled some loose ends of her hair in her hands.

Fang An sent a dismissive look her way.

“You want me to keep the teacher waiting” He asked fiercely his face morphing into a scowl. Afraid to offend him, Tong Yan shook her head hurriedly and then looked at Rong Yue hoping she could put in a word for her.


“Yaner, we have all the time in the world, Ill be back now.”

She was already thinking of the best way to have the form filled before she could talk to her. Now that the Class president had given her a chance, she would only be dumb to not take it.

Without letting her say anything, Fang An pulled her away and only stopped when they arrived in front of the office for her home room teacher.

“You should fill the form before she convinces you to change your mind.” He said gently before knocking the door.

Rong Yue nodded even though some part of her wondered why he was helping her.

Seeing the both of them, Teacher Lu was slightly surprised but also pleased.

This was his best student and the class president.

“Is anything the matter” He asked looking between them with curiosity.

Before Rong Yue could talk, Fang An started.

“I brought Student Rong to fill in her name for the school belle and best graduating student award early on to avoid trouble when theres a lot of people.” He explained.

Since teacher Lu had been guiding them for a while, he understood each persons personality and so seeing him act like this made him think that the young master was behaving unusually.

“The best graduating student is not among the list of released awards. It would be graded simply based on your examination performance.” As he explained, he stood up and went to a shelf at the corner of the room and brought out some stack of papers.

“Considering her grades, theres a very high chance that the gift is going to belong to her eventually.” He added with a warm smile before passing one of the forms to Rong Yue.

Rong Yue thanked him politely and then went ahead to fill the form quickly.

In less than five minutes, she was done and allowed teacher Lu take her fingerprint to show that she was the one that filled the form for future purposes.

The two of them chatted with teacher Lu for a while more and by the time they were done, time for their break lunch was already over. Rong Yue didnt mind since she had eaten two portions of breakfast which could already be considered for someone like her that barely got a portion normally

“So sorry that I made you miss lunch.” She apologized sincerely as they crossed the man made garden that was between the classroom and staff rooms.

Unknown to the both of them, someone had taken their picture while they were strolling.

“I wasnt exactly hungry. I should also apologize too because Im sure that you you had no plans of doing this at this point in time.” He said with a wry smile and then pulled out

“You can eat this, it would help you hold off until the end of day classes.” He brought out an energy bar from his pockets and stretched it to her.

Rong Yue looked at the offered bar and the young man that didnt look like he should be passing off his food and refused.

“Even if you hadnt dragged me here, I would have skipped lunch because I ate quite the amount of breakfast at home this morning”

Fang An tried his hand at getting her to take it two more times and only gave up when he was convinced that she didnt want.

He tore into the energy bar and finished it in two quick bites making Rong Yue giggle.

Clearly, he had been hungry and had pretended like he could survive without food.

“You were going to sacrifice this while you are clearly hungry. Why are you helping me” As she spoke the last part, her face turned serious.

For her, she had come to understand the average human wanted to only do a good deed because they could already perceive that this was something that would be beneficial later on for them.

Caught off guarded with the question, Fang Ans face turned a sharp shade of red as he looked at her briefly. He knew why he was doing this.

However, he was sure that she didnt see him in that light yet so there was no good deed to be done if he made mention of it this early.

“I just dont want you being cheated because of your circumstances or your relationship.” He responded with a shrug.

Rong Yue studied his expressions for some seconds before nodding.

As soon as they got to class, Rong Yue noticed that odd glances were sent the way of both of them.

She looked down cautiously, checking if there was anything on her dress. Seeing nothing, and went to her seat.

“Where did you both go Its out there that you both are in a relationship, is that true” Tong Yang asked as soon as her best friend sat down.

Instead of the normal talking voice she usually used to talk, she made her voice exaggerated so that almost everyone in the classroom heard her.

“If I didnt know that you were there when he told me the teacher was calling me, Id have thought that you were really confused. What exactly are you trying to do” Rong Yue asked daringly.

Her reaction came as a shock to Tong Yang who was used to her acting soft hearted all the time.

“I....I dont know, I saw some pictures and was worried.....” stuttered while Rong Yue nodded stiffly.

“We are no longer kids and everyone should watch what they say since we would be responsible for our actions at the end of the day.” She added.

Tong Yang felt embarrassment flush through her. She had wanted to plant a picture of the both of them dating knowing that Rong Yue was usually soft spoken. She also didnt have a phone that could allow her know what was going on.

So to her, it had been a good trick since it would be difficult for Rong Yue to get s if girls were angry at her for stealing their prince away.

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The rest of the day, she bowed her head in silence only talking like once while Rong Yue acted like she didnt see how pitiful she was acting.

“Yueer, can we talk” She asked as soon as the last bell to the school rang signifying that they had closed for the day.



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