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Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven: School Belle

“Student Rong Yue, I know that you are best friends with student Yan but I think that you should be careful around her.” He said after hesitating for a while.

Rong Yue raised a brow in surprise. She hadnt expected that he would say something like this. She had no interaction with him in her past life even if he had been someone that she had respected.

Also, something like this had not happened in the past.

On the other hand, Fang An thought that she was annoyed at how he had reacted and immediately reddened further in embarrassment.

“No...I... I, I dont mean it any bad way. I just noticed that her reaction sometimes can be very suspicious when it comes to you.” He managed to say as the scene of how she had acted when she was asked about Rong Yues college choice was asked and her reaction this morning when the whole class was supporting Rong Yue.

“Class president,” Rong Yue started politely.

“I understand and really appreciate your concern. I would be more careful from now.”


For someone with her brain, she had quickly figured that no teacher was calling and he just wanted to warn her about her friend.

“Thank you.” She added with a warm smile that finally had Fang An let his guard down. Seeing that she wasnt angry at him, he sighed in relief.

“Also, about your school, as long as you get high scores, I can get my uncle to give you a recommendation letter, he works in the ministry of education in the capital and they always respect talents.” He added as they walked towards the classroom.

Rong Yue was about to nod but then stopped as she looked around sharply. Just now, she had felt as if someone was watching her.

Without hesitating, she sent a kind message to little Loli. Since she didnt want to feel like she was connected to those vile people, she had decided that she was going to think that she carried a part of her with her.

Soon, an image of a young boy in the same uniform just as them appeared in front of her.

However, instead of the regular black hair, he had bright blue hair that was packed into a low bun at the back of his head.

She remembered him from her memory even though it was faint.

He was regarded like the school delinquent, however, he got away with almost everything and since he was barely in classes. Everyone had grown to forget him already.

Seeing his name information and keeping it at the back of her mind, she closed the screen at displayed Huang Mings information and went back to the classroom with Fang An.

As they walked, she felt Fang An stealing glances from her which left her feeling perplexed.

Everyone knew that this young master was aloof and proud. Although he never got in trouble, he was someone that usually kept to himself.

Yet, he was showing a different side to her.

More importantly, something like this hadnt happened in her past life.

Did my rebirth change things What more things are going to change She mused internally.

Unknown to her, in her past life, there had been no young master since she had left work early. She had also not waited to eat two servings of breakfast at home on this day and was in school when the announcement was made.

Because she was there, Tong Yang had been not let her go of her emotions till the point where Fang An would have noticed again. And thus, didnt come to find her.

When they finally entered the classroom, the teacher had already arrived but seeing as it was her best student and the class president, she was reluctant to talk and just asked them to be more conscious of the time the next time.

Some of their classmates grumbled while some didnt see it as a big deal, after all, in the hearts of the students, the two were like gods already.


Classes went by quite quickly and when they got the first mid day break, the senior class students were called into the main hall.

Knowing that it was regarding the news of their awards and final program in the school, all of them were elated including Tong Yang who already had every plan to take the form as soon as they finished the programs.

More than that, she had sent a message for her mom to get a booking so she could take her campaign pictures.

“Yueer, you would help me with campaign right A lot of people like you a lot in school.” She said softly as she hooked her arm around Yong Yues embrace.

Yong Yue nodded and then removed her hand by making an act like she wanted to retie her shoe laces.

Even though she didnt want her detecting that anything was wrong outrightly. It didnt mean that she could allow herself to be mushy with someone with that had taken advantage of her several times and still sold her off.

The whole hall was already packed when they got there and Rong Yue spotted Fang An who was already standing on the stage with the teachers in charge.

Since he was the class president and also quite influential, it was okay that he was there.

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“Good day students!” One of their teachers stepped forward and addressed.

Like any place that was packed with teens, it took quite some time to be able to get them to calm down and listen.

“As much as you know most of what would be happening, there would be some changes to the events of this years program.” The teacher started after getting their attention.

“This year, voting would close in a week and we would of course keep the results hidden until the final day of your graduation ceremony.”

As soon as she said this, grunts of dissatisfaction filled the room as people got dissatisfied with that arrangement. Usually, the winner was announced as soon as the competition was over and before the competition giving them the opportunity to flaunt their wins.

“Also, unlike last year, we have decided that for every award, we would not be giving out the forms to interested people considering that the people well deserving of it might not be interested.

We have carefully selected the suitable candidates for each award and the person with the most s would of course take the trophy for that category home.”

At those words, the whole erupted in disagreement since many of the people that had the intention of taking the forms knew that if it was based on selection they would never get the chance to even enter not to mention trying to win hearts with the campaign.

Tong Yangs face paled as the reality of what the teachers words meant hit her.

Not only was she certain that Yong Yue would be there, she was also not sure that she would even be picked at all.

“Of course if a student wants to drop out, they would be removed and the next suitable person would be allowed to compete.” The teacher making some more students feel like there was hope.

Tong Yang turned to look at the Yong Yue that didnt seem to be fazed by the news and her eyes flashed with malicious intent.




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