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Chapter 11 Charming Little Milk Candy is Actually Green Tea Flavored (11)

During the afternoon of the first day of the sports meet.

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Yin Han stretched her body, pulled her legs seriously to relax her muscles, and beside her were her good friends and Ye Xingyuan who came to accompany her specially.

Later it will be the women's 1200m preliminaries.

After these few days of blows, she found that no matter what she did, Pei Jingshuo wouldn't care.

It's as if all her pursuits for ten years have come to nothing, and the friendships cultivated since childhood had been abandoned.

He didn't care that she was in love with another boy, and he didn't care whether she was angry or she didn't talk to him all the time.

The "childhood" relationship she relied on was so vulnerable after Bi Ming appeared.


Is it her destiny She didn't believe it, so she had to run today.

Pei Jingshuo's first hug in her previous life was given to Ruan Xiao'an in full view of the public.

The image of a hero saving beauty even spread throughout the school.

In this life, she didn't want to watch that scene happen again.

Ye Xingyuan looked tired, and carefully guided his girlfriend's pre-match preparations: "Yin Han, your shoelaces are too tight, loosen them a little, otherwise it will be easy to trip..."

Yin Han frowned, still immersed in her own thoughts.

Ye Xingyuan called her twice, and finally lost his patience: "Miss, you can directly admit defeat with your slow reaction speed!"

Yin Han's good friends also pulled her arm in confusion: "Han Han! Are you in a daze again"

"Uh," Yin Han came back to her senses, and then shook her head perfunctorily, "I'm sorry, I'm a little nervous."

"What is there to be nervous about in the preliminary round, relax." The girls chatted, Ye Xingyuan next to her sighed.

The little quarrel on the playground that day triggered a unilateral cold war between him and Yin Han.

Ye Xingyuan wanted to coax her.

After all, he only caught up with her, but after a while, he became impatient.

Didn't he just look at other women's eyes a little more, and he didn't even have any crooked thoughts.

He just admired beautiful things, and as a result, he was treated coldly by his domineering girlfriend for three days.

After thinking about it, he felt that he was a bit flirty, but Yin Han also had Pei Jingshuo in her mind.

In the end he actually endured it.

It just so happened that Yin Han called him again: "Ye Xingyuan, do you have nothing to do, why are you are standing so stupidly.

Come and help me take off the shoelaces.

I don't know how to adjust the tightness." 

If Bi Ming was here, she would have applauded Yin Han's confidence.

A textbook example of love.

Ye Xingyuan was also a prideful man, and his expression became strange when he heard this "order".

"Yin Han, don't you have two hands"

Yin Han was also a little annoyed when she blurted this out, but Ye Xingyuan was chasing after her with all kinds of petty things to please, couldn't he be helpful enough to tie a shoelaceDoes he have any consciousness of being her boyfriend

Original translations are posted on puretl.com —Do not re post, do not steal.

"Help me." She glanced at the hesitant expressions of her friends beside her, a little embarrassed.

If there were only two of them, Ye Xingyuan wouldn't mind coaxing her a little and lowering himself, but now on the playground, in addition to Yin Han and her best friends, there are also many people of the same grade who are his acquainted, and a few people are flying around to watch the show.

All these eyes.

Suddenly feeling bored in his heart, he simply took two steps back and shouted as he put his palms in his pockets: "Miss, I won't serve you now."

"What do you mean" Yin Han was a little embarrassed for a while, "You won't"

"Hanhan's game is about to start!" The friend next to her couldn't help remind her.

"I also have a high jump competition," Ye Xingyuan turned around and waved his hand, "Go need to go back and change clothes, bye bye." 


The high jump sport event wouldn't happen so soon, but using it as an excuse can be regarded as a step for distancing each other.

Yin Han was completely angry hearing this: "Ye Xingyuan, you go, don't come back!" This is a gamble.

"Don't worry," Ye Xingyuan walked more firmly, "I won't come back." He really didn't want to play anymore, it's only been a few days since he fell in love, and he was as angry as going mad.

In the afternoon, the sun was scorching hot and the temperature was getting higher and higher.

Yin Han stood there, feeling the lively eyes projected from all around her, and felt that her face was scorched hot by the sun.

On the other side, Bi Ming, who was at the review office, heard the system broadcast and couldn't help shaking her head and laughing.

"Why is she so fun" It's not that Bi Ming is not evil, she just has never seen such a thing before, that Yin Han can ruin the plot by herself.

The system reminded her: [The difficulty of the first world is the lowest, the host should not take it lightly.]

"Number Z01, let me laugh for a while, no, I haven't even shot the second male, why is their relationship so vulnerable"

[In the original work, Yin Han did not readily agree to Ye Xingyuan's request for a relationship.]


Bi Ming nodded, um, these men are flirty to put it bluntly, no matter how self-willed they are, they fall for beautiful women.

"Is Ruan Xiaoan from Class 17 here" someone shouted.

She raised her hand: "Here!"

"The meeting place for standing long jump is next to the sand pool, hurry up and gather." The student council member who was holding the booklet at the check-in place was originally impatient, but when he saw Bi Ming's well-behaved and sweet face, his voice softened a lot in an instant, "There are ten minutes to go.

Come on, junior girl!" 


The people lining up beside him also admired his "face-changing stunts" and were speechless.

"Thank you, I will!" Bi Ming shook her hand, revealing the small pear vortex on her lips, which was sweet and refreshing.

Watching the girl run towards the sand pool at the other end of the playground like a deer, the boys behind all felt their hearts beat faster for a few seconds.

"Fuck, which classes is she from"

"Didn't you sign up just now, you should know."

"Was she from Class 17"

"I don't know, but she is on time."

"The playground was crowded with students who were either going to participate in the games or watch the games.

Some were still wearing the "exotic clothes" of the opening ceremony in the morning, some had changed into sports uniforms that were convenient for the game, and some were wearing school uniforms and carrying boxes of snacks and drinks—This was the responsibility of staff from each class who are exclusively responsible for logistics.

Seeing that Bi Ming was still running, the system couldn't help but wonder: [There are ten minutes left, what is the host worried about]

The next second, it heard Bi Ming's exclamation.

"Ah!" The girl who didn't look at the road slammed into someone, who was strong, and she was knocked to the ground.

"Are you okay" Ye Xingyuan looked at the girl on the ground in surprise, she looked a little familiar.

Original translations are posted on puretl.com —Do not re post, do not steal.

The girl rubbed her ankle, seemingly speechless in pain.

"Hey hey, I didn't mean it on purpose, don't cry." Ye Xingyuan was shocked immediately, for fear that the girl would cry out, he squatted down and persuaded her, "Can you still stand up"

When the girl raised her head, her face as beautiful as snow was already flushed with thin red, of course not shy, but aggrieved.

"I have a competition later!" She whispered, her voice soft and trembling.

Ye Xingyuan was stared at by such a small face at such a close distance, and immediately held his breath, for fear of disturbing her.

It's the pretty chick who jumped long that day!

Just when he was about to say something, a very cold voice suddenly came from behind him——

"Silly ***, you bumped into her"

Ye Xingyuan, who was scolded, widened his eyes and looked back: "Damn, you who the hell are you scolding..."


"It's you stupid fool who doesn't look at the road when he walks—"


The moment he saw the person coming, he was suddenly shocked.

It turned out to be an old acquaintance: "Pei Jingshuo"

Bi Ming's eyes widened.

The red, watery eyes looked towards the tall figure.

The handsome young man with a gloomy face moved his wrist, obviously seeing Ye Xingyuan he was very unhappy: "If you don't want to die, go away."

"Who do you think you are, a son of a stinky turtle" He has long done pretending to be polite.

"No, don't fight, okay" Bi Ming's voice was timid, and she stared at Pei Jingshuo without blinking.

The soft and pitiful voice of Jiangnan Water Village instantly quenched the boys' irritability.

[System: Isn't one guy enough you changed the target of the strategy.


"Ye Xingyuan" Bi Ming shook her head, "What's the use of attacking him, I'm very specific." 


The system laughed, who would believe her Only a ghost will!

[You saw Pei Jingshuo coming before you bumped into someone, right ]

Bi Ming innocently blinked: "Guess what"

[System: Very good, there is no need to ask anything, the host is really blackhearted.]


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