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“Its not that…”

Natalia said hesitantly, “I think… hes suddenly fainted.”


As Hua Jin and Gong Jie stood there looking stunned, Yun Shishi and Little Yichen were already on their feet and heading towards the kitchen.

As they entered the kitchen, they saw Gong Fan leaning against the wall, his face pale.

Yun Shishi walked over anxiously and picked him up, patting his face gently.

“Fan… Fan!”

Little Yichen was scared out of his wits when he saw that Gong Fan was unconscious.

“Should we call for an ambulance”

Gong Jie and Hua Jin walked in as well.

Their faces fell when they saw the unconscious Gong Fan in his mothers arms.

“Whats going on!”

Natalia followed them in.

Hua Jin saw her from the corner of his eye and immediately asked her uneasily, “What happened! He was fine just then.

Why did he suddenly pass out”

“I… I dont know…” Natalia said innocently, “I found him passed out here when I walked in.

What should I do! Should I call for an ambulance”

Hua Jin froze.

For some reason, the Natalia who was standing before him now seemed completely unfamiliar.

As if he had never met this girl.

She was different from the timid little girl who spoke carefully.

Her eyes, even if they seemed worried and uneasy, were frighteningly dark.


The actor knew about Natalias split personality.

Having entrusted Natalia to his care, Gong Jie had spoken of the matter in advance.

But none of them had ever witnessed Natalias second personality.

Therefore, no one knew what that personality was like.

However, Hua Jins intuition told him that it was even more terrifying than what he was sensing.

The person before him was not Natalia at all.

Then again… His guess didnt seem to have a good basis.

Perhaps he was imagining things!

He focused his full attention on Gong Fan.

Little Yichen was about to call for an ambulance on his cell phone when Yun Shishi noticed Gong Fans eyelids twitching.

With renewed hope, she whispered, “Fan”

“Uh huh…” Gong Fan responded softly and finally opened his eyes a little.

When she saw that he was awake, she finally exhaled and relaxed her brow.

“Are you feeling unwell”

Gong Fan was still in a daze.

His vision gradually came back into focus.

Only then did he see the person in front of him clearly and call out in a quiet voice, “Mommy…” It was so weak that it made ones heart ache.

Worried, Yun Shishi asked, “You suddenly fainted.

What happened Are you feeling unwell”

Gong Fan looked around.

He was also a little surprised upon hearing Yun Shishi say that he had fainted.

“Did I… pass out”

“Uh huh…” She said, “You startled us all.”

Gong Fan was puzzled too.

He had no memory of what had happened just now.

He only recalled that he was making doughnuts, and then everything suddenly darkened and he fainted.

“I dont know what happened as well…” Gong Fan gently propped himself up and held his forehead.

“I probably didnt sleep well last night…”

He didnt know how to explain what had happened, so he made a random excuse, hoping that it would help settle Yun Shishi.

However, this reason did not appease Yun Shishi.

Instead, it made her even more uneasy.


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