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Chapter 4137: The Other Side 106Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Didnt sleep well She had never passed out from not having slept well.

However, no one would know what was going on in his body.

The doctors wont be able to figure it out even if they were to go to the hospital.

Ever since the boys return, she knew that Youyou had been trying to make peace with Gong Fan.

But, as Alice had said, the two personalities coexisted, so sooner or later, the boy would not be able to keep up.

Yun Shishi had no idea what it meant by “not being able to keep up”.

However, seeing that Gong Fan had suddenly passed out like this, it was difficult for her not to associate the two matters.

“If youre tired, go to your room and rest for a while, okay”

Gong Fan nodded gently, but he was a little reluctant.

“If I fall asleep, would it be for a few days…”


Yun Shishi understood what he meant.

He was worried that if he were to fall asleep, it might be days before hed wake up again.

Her heart ached for him, so she coaxed him gently.

“Then… Mommy will stay with you, okay Just stay in bed.

Mommy wont leave, okay”

Gong Fan nodded gently.

She stood up, carrying the boy in her arms.

Gong Fan had grown taller and heavier.

He was no longer as easy to carry as before.

Little Yichen helped support the boy.

Still holding Gong Fan, Yun Shishi turned and said guiltily, “Natalia, Im sorry.

Today… hes feeling unwell.

The series of desserts will have to wait, but since he has promised to make it for you, hell keep his end of the bargain.

Just that today…”

Natalia was stunned for a moment.

“Its all right,” she said quickly.

“If hes unwell, he should go to bed for a while!”

“Uh huh!” Yun Shishi stood up, carrying the boy in her arms.

Hua Jin said, “Ill bring two cups of hot water up to the room.”

Gong Jie nodded.

“Do hurry!”

In the bedroom, Yun Shishi gently placed Gong Fan on the bed and covered him with the blanket.

Just as she was about to get up to draw the curtains, Gong Fan thought she was leaving and nervously pulled at her clothes.

Yun Shishi smiled and assured him gently, “Mommys going to draw the curtains.

Im not leaving, okay”

Only then did Gong Fan relax.

She drew the curtains and immediately returned to the bed.

She sensed Gong Fans gaze on her and understood his fear that she would quietly leave if he were to accidentally fall asleep.

She knew in her hear, Gong Fan was more dependent on her than Youyou was.

She took off her coat and got under the covers too.

She put her arms around him and comforted him.

“Dont you believe what Mommy said”

“I do…”

“Mommy has given my word that I wont leave.

Ill stay here with you.

I feel like you dont believe Mommy.”

Gong Fan bit his lip and remained silent.

Yun Shishi gently pinched the tip of his nose.

“Mommy doesnt mean to blame you! I just think that if youre tired, you should close your eyes and sleep.

If you dont want to sleep, just close your eyes and Mommy will accompany you!”



“I want to … listen to you sing.” Gong Fan paused and immediately said, “Its okay if you dont want to sing.

Just talk to me.”

She asked the boy, “What song would you like to hear”

“Anything will do.” For some reason, he suddenly felt exhausted.

He really wanted to sleep, but he simply couldnt sleep peacefully.

Maybe if he could hear her voice, it might help! Or so he thought.

Yun Shishi nodded, and so began to hum softly and casually.

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