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My Enchanting System Chapter 6

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Cain had only one explanation for his high MP that made some sense to him, at his peak, he had managed to amass a ridiculous amount of MP. With that in mind, if Mana was stored in the soul, he should have retained his high MP.

Now if his soul wasnt able to handle that amount of MP at level 1, it should return slowly as he levels up!I need to confirm that when I have the right equipment! Cain thought as he exited the sewers, holding a bag full of rats tails!

After locking the sewers and informing the guards, he headed directly toward the guild to finish the quest! He was stinking, The guards didnt even try to hide it and closed their noses as they were talking to him!

‘I need a bath… He thought as he opened the guild door, ignoring the adventurer who ran away from him, and the stares from Mary at her desk.

‘I know, I know! I will just cash in the quest and leave for a bath! The thought as he approached the reception desk. Skipping everyone who was in line.

As the people who were waiting for their turns looked at him, there were even some high-ranked adventurers in there, he told them directly.

“Im cutting the line, If anyone has a complain I can give him a hug!” Cain threatened them with a joking face, He knew they wont complain, rather they want him to get out as soon as possible.

“No, just hurry!” Said one of the adventurers, hardly resisting the urge to close his nose!

Thwack! He smacked his hand on the desk scaring the receptionist again.

“I didnt even bother to count them, just give me the money and I will be on my way!” He said, putting the bag on the desk.

She didnt waste any time, put on her gloves, Closed her nose with a small pinch, and counted every tail in the bag!

There was a total of 33 rat tails, an astoundingly high number that even the high-level adventurer started clapping.

It seems that the receptionist managed to bargain a higher reward for Cain.

A silver coin for finishing the quest and an additional 1 Copper coin for every confirmed kill! This has let Cain get a total of 4 Silver coins and 3 Copper coins!

As he had 2 Copper coins left after paying for his sword repair, he now has accumulated 4.5 Silver coins!

hehehehe! Cain laughed internally as he counted his newfound wealth!

“Wait…” And adventurer called him out. Everyone looked at him as if wanting to screamLet him go take a bath!

He looked around as he was eyed by everyone and then spoke, “If you killed 33 rats, does that means…” He didnt finish his sentence as Cain just nodded.

“I did feel the power rush, I guess I leveled up!” Cain declared, As it was known, adventurer couldnt see their level nor stats. That didnt prevent them from feeling the power rush as they leveled up!

The entire guild roared as the newbie has leveled up! This has meant a lot, Cain had only joined the guild for two days, this was quite an achievement!

“I will check my stats later after I wash up!” Cain said as he weaved his hand.

“Yeah, we dont want another one stinking in the guild!” an adventurer said. Hearing this Cain stopped in his track and looked at him.

The adventurer just pointed with his finger toward the corner of the hall, standing was a girl that looked to be in her late teens. She was wearing a tattered grey robe and carry a wooden staff, she was covered in a green goo-like substance that Cain recognize well from his past life.

“Giant toads puke Did she get eaten by one” Cain asked as he walked toward her.

“That seems to be the case, a mage should be able to take them from a distance though!” The adventurer replied.

She should at least have the guild by now to take a bath, why was she just standing there looking down

Cain used his system to look at her stats, he was surprised, to say the least!


[Fireball: Locked]


What, what the F!! She was supposed to be a mage yet she is level 1!

She even know [Fireball] but cant use cause her level is so low! How did she even gain that 115 Exp, bashing with her staff

[Fireball] is a third (tier/level) spell that can only be cast safely at level 5!!! That for me, who have years of experience and a massive amount of MP! For a normal person they wont be able to cast it until they reach level 5!

How could he start a conversation with a girl To him this was a complex topic! Talking to someone he knew was easy, for him starting a conversation with a stranger, especially a girl, was beyond his skill!

In his past life, Cain spent the first half alone honing his magic skills, the second half where he was actively surrounded by people, they were all either students or minions!

His mind slowly burned as he used all his intellect to come with a way to start the conversation, his answer was the only thing they shared.

“My stinky brethren, Why are thee down” His past lifes way of talking mixed with his badly constructed line slipped through his mouth.

“Stupid…” She said and lifted her head “Im a girl, saying brethren doesnt make sense!” Cain froze in place, unable to find a his words.

“What did you want” She asked quietly as she looked down.

This was what Cain liked, straight to the point, “You stink! I stink, lets get out!”

“Im fine…” Stuttering for a moment, “I will leave in a minute, go ahead before me!”

Cain looked at her with judging eyes,This girl!

No normal girl will stand smelling this bad, not even he can stand it! The fact she isnt running toward the bath now is suspicious.

It only took him a second to guess where her problem was, Its a problem he also had to deal with!

“Come with me, I will pay!” He said, pausing for a moment before adding “Were bothering the other adventurers!”

As soon as she heard that she looked at him, her eyes finally shining with some life.

After that she silently followed him after saying a single word, “Sorry…”

They couldnt just go to the public bath directly, they had to grab some clean clothes first.

As they passed by the inn, Cain shouted from the outside to Evan the inn owner.

His reason was simple, Evan will be mad if Cain entered smelling like that!

“What” Evan looked from the window, his mother peaking from the side.

“Can you threw me a change of clothes from my room I cant get in!” As soon as Evan heard that he understood what he has to do.

“If it isnt Cain” Evans mother, Mabel said as she looked outside. Quickly spotting the girl beside him.

“Is she with you” As she asked, The girl bowed down slightly.

“Wait a second, I have something inside!” Mabel said as she quickly rushed inside, a few seconds later she returned throwing a decently sized bag to the girl

“My old clothes, I cant wear them and I wasnt blessed with daughters so you can have them!” Mabel said with a warm voice.

Hand me down, It was common in this world as clothes were expensive. Mable probably kept them for her granddaughters but sadly, her only child Evan, never married!

Cain was too dense to notice, but… As soon as Sofia caught the bag, a small tear dropped from her eye.

“Cain! Are those what you wanted!” Even threw a ball of clothe toward him.

“Yeah! Thanks!!” Cain shouted as inspect what Evan gave him.

After that the duo headed silently toward the public bath.

“Are you okay” Cain asked as heard Sofia sniffing behind him.

“The smell…Its just burning in my nose!” She replied


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