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My Enchanting System Chapter 5

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It didnt take long for Dolrig to return, fixing Cains sword didnt seem that hard to him. A few hits from the hammer and a bit of sharpening were all it needed!

“You have to change this sword as soon as possible, its not gonna hold for long!” Dolrig warned Cain, swinging the sword around.

Cain knew better than to not ignore Dolrigs words, the man was talented and rarely made a wrong judgment of a weapon.

“One gold coin! Bring me a single gold coin and I will forge a better sword!” Dolrig suggested, smirking at the nervous Cain.

“I will! As soon as get that sum.” It wasnt a high price for a sword, especially one made by Dolrig. It was just that gathering that kind of money was hard for Cain as he just started!

Cain took his sword and paid Dolrig a silver coin, This has left him with only two copper coins.

‘That woman better get a good deal! Cain left the workshop heading toward the sewers entrance.

The entrance was hidden in a remote alleyway by the Citys barracks. It wasnt actually hidden but just camouflaged and closed tightly. The reason was simple, so children wont wander inside!

“You, Stop right there!” One of the guards yelled, Stopping Cain.

“Do you have permission to enter the sewers” As expected, not everyone was allowed in. Its a dangerous place so only capable people could enter and exit safely.

It wasnt a problem for Cain as he got the quest from the guild, as soon as he showed them the quest permit they allowed him. They even gave him some clothes to use as a face mask, that place was stinking!

The entrance looked like a cellar door, with a rusty lock on it. Even though he didnt even get in yet, the smell was horrid just standing there.

He has received the key to open the lock from the guards, It seemed as the door wasnt supposed to be locked but they did it on their own. “This will at least prevent children from getting in, If some tried to enter forcefully, it will give us some time to stop them!”

The guards evacuated the place before Cain could even open the lock, they didnt to be there when the stench rushes out.

Seeing their actions, Cain could imagine what is awaiting him. Confirming that he was alone, he took the face mask and drew a symbol on it with his finger.

[Enchanting: Detoxification]This will take care of diseases, now about the smell [Enchanting: Vanilla]

Sniff! Cain took a deep breath in the clothing,This plant always smells fantastic, finding it was a lucky hit!

Crack, crack! Cain tried over and over but the lock seems to be rusted, it doesnt want to open!I dont want to waste anymore MP, lets do it the regular way this time! Cain thought as he decided to ask the guards for some oil, or if he could just break the lock.

“A bit here, another there! A single push and turn!” The lock opened! It was time to start working!

Plop! Plop! Plop! Endless darkness spread in front of Cain, With human vision, he couldnt even make the sewers shape!I forgot, I dont have my dark vision as a human! he regretted not bringing a torch with him.

Regretfully, Cain had to use his magic again, This time enchanting his chest armor to emit light. [Enchanting: Glow Light] The light wasnt that strong nor reached far away, it was just the bare minimum Cain needed to see in a fight.

After walking just a few meters, Cain could hear the squeaking and hisses deep in the sewers.

He unsheathed his sword and growled, “I wish I had some AOE magic! This is going to be rough!” A swarm of mice and rats flooded from the darkness, frenzied at the sight of the light.

It was always dark inside the sewers, thanks to that the rats living there seemed to have developed a reaction to light. To them the light was abnormal, it only meant two things, food or an invader of their territory!

Staying in one place meant getting torn apart, even mice have sharp teeth! Cain kept jumping from one spot to another, Avoiding the mice swarm while at the same time slashing the rats with his sword.

Slowly getting bitten by the mice at his legs, even though he wore leather armor they chew directly through it!

, , !

Cain turned back and started retreating,If they were just rats, killing them with a sword is easy, but a swarm of mice With how he is now, he cant risk it with first-level magic as the recoil would drop his HP to 0 and take him off!

‘This will eat a lot of my MP but I guess I dont have a choice! With a swift movement, Cain drew multiple symbols on his sword blade. They were magical symbols that glowed in the dark.

Turning to face the swarm with a serious face, Cain stabbed the ground with his sword and screamed. [Electric Discharge]

Crackle! A small spark came from his sword followed by a bright light and lightning coursed through the wet ground!

The small mice were instantly fried, and the rats got paralyzed giving Cain time to breathe. Without wasting any more time, he killed the paralyzed rats one after the other!

Unlike the fight with the slimes, he didnt have time to keep a check on his system. After things have calmed down he decided to check his Exp.

‘Almost there! How many rodents did I just take down Cain was surprised that he didnt level up with how many dead mice were laying around him!

The next thing that caught his eyes was his HP! It was low, he had less health than a slime which was terrifying!

Cain thought back, remembering the magic skills he had learned before, healing magic was the most useful of them, especially since lesser heal is a first-tier spell!

Should he risk it If the recoil did more damage than what the spell could heal he might end up dead! He knew for sure that damaging spells did more recoil damage but he couldnt be sure.

He finally gave up thinking,Adventurer life is all about taking risks! Cain attempted to use the weakest healing spell he knew, lesser healing!

That spell should heal for 5 HP and cost 10 MP! IF the recoil was higher than 9 HP he would end up dead!

[Lesser healing] for the first moment he felt the warm relief of healing magic, after that a sharp pain coursed through his bones. Seeing this number meant that he has healed for 5 and lost 3 due to recoil.

His MP has already dropped below half, even if enchanting magic didnt recoil as it was engraved to his soul, using it cost a lot of MP!

The [Electric discharge] he used earlier was enchanting magic, he simply charged his sword with electricity and then emptied it on the ground!

After careful thinking, Cain decided to keep pushing ahead, he was determined to level up!

To his luck, He only faced rats after that, it seemed like most of the mice died in the first swarm! Slashing left and right he kept grinding…

he heard the notification but as he was fighting he ignored it! [Electric Discharge] He cleared the rest of the rats and quickly collected their tails. Just after exiting the sewers, he checked his stats.




His stats held a big surprise for him, a one that he wast expecting!

HP increases based on Constitution, with Cain having 12, his HP should increase by 7 and it did.

SP increases based on Dexterity, with him having 12, his SP should increase by 7 and it did!

The problem was his MP, with Cain having a Intelligence of 18, it should have increased by 10. It instead doubled up!!!


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