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My Enchanting System Chapter 3

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Cain aimed for the inn, he had exhausted his MP and needed to replenish it. There was one free way to get your used MP back, Its sleep! A full rest with a filled stomach was what helped everyone gain their strength back, be it mages or warriors.

Cain did know of other ways to replenish his MP but they all were bad for his long-term growth!

One way was to forcibly absorb Mana from the air. Doing that will regenerate his MP at high speed but will as well destroy his natural MP regeneration! That was bad when having an extremely large MP pool.

Another way was absorbing human souls to feed on their MP, basically killing someone and absorbing their MP. This is bad for both his body and mortality, as doing it too much might turn him into an undead Lich or a Vampire depending on the method he used to absorb the Mana.

For the time being, he wanted to stay human, at least until he reaches the level cap!

There was another way to regenerate Mana safely but was bad for his pocket, Mana potions, those things were expensive!

As he was paying for the room and food he thought about how could he gain more money! Todays trick wont work tomorrow, It will be too suspicious!

It was not as if Cain hated the attention, He would have liked to flex his power on the guild and quickly rise in ranks! That would ultimately help him convince them to act before the catastrophe happens 3 months later.

There was only one type of attention that Cain didnt want to have in this city, a person that can ruin this citys chances of survival! The eldest son of this city lord, Jack Forberg!

In his past life, as the catastrophe was about to start, Jack betrayed everyone and ran away with the supplies they needed to fight! Weapons, rations, medical herbs, hard-earned potions, he took everything and ran away alongside his gang! That is true, The lords eldest son was the leader of the local bandit group, and they took the chance of the catastrophe to rob everyone!

Jack was doing all of this behind his fathers back, The reason Forberg city never grow bigger was due to the constant attacks of the bandits, causing major losses. The reason those attacks worked every time was that their leader was Jack, no matter how the lord prepared to protect the city, Jack would leak that information to the bandits!

“Should I take him out early It would be best if he was dead at the time of the catastrophe!” Cain mumbled as he finished his plain dinner, bread, and soup were only what two copper coins could buy you! Surprisingly, in Cains eye, the main dish was the bread, not the soup!

“Bless your hands, madam! This is the best bread I tasted in my whole life!” Cain shouted to the inns cook. The elderly woman who was inside the kitchen wrestling the dough looked outside with a blush on her face, to see who called to her.

Sitting on one of the tables, a young man was waving his hand toward her. He had white hair and sharp blue eyes, didnt look that tall nor strong but was charismatic. He had his unique charm!

“Oh, please!” She said blushing, “Its not that good!”

Cain looked around him, the Inn was full of people eating their dinner, all of them looked at him as he has just spoken. Pushing even further, he adds “What do you all say Isnt this bread a masterpiece!” He shouted. He knew well the people staying here, they were all adventurers who either just started or yearned for a warm homemade meal!

The elderly woman baking was the Inns owners mother, she was called madam Mabel. Her son, the owner Evan, was the one making the soup! How could Cain describe it best The bread had a motherly taste to it, not too hard nor too soft.

“Well said kid! We are here for the bread!” a man shouted and the entire dining room was in a roar, cheering for the elderly woman.

The dinner that night was cheerful, Cain made sure to enjoy every bite!

After that, he headed toward his room where he lay down on the bed. Finally having some time on his hands, he decided to check his stats!




His Exp seems to be almost at the half, he did gain a lot in one day for a level 1. Even so, he couldnt help but feel uneasy! The perfect scenario was for him to be level 20 by the time of the catastrophe, In just three months! That usually took years as the amount of Exp needed to level up will just increase!

The bare minimum is him being at least level 17, which would allow him access to high-tier magic and therefore could fend off the large hordes of monsters.

I really need to get stronger quickly, otherwise, the death toll is going to be big enough to make me vomit!

His mind slowly drifted to sleep, dreaming of what might come.

The next day arrived quickly, Cain woke up before dawn, those were his habits!

“I guess, Its going to be like this” Cain said with a sad face, in his past life he has trained himself to only sleep enough to regenerate his Mana. When he was at his peak, every second of his life was counted, there was no time for sleep!

Cain got up and prepared himself, a long day was ahead of him, he was determined to at least reach level 2.I want to have safe access to tiers 1 magic! Cain thought.

Magic had 9 tiers, you could use them safely at certain levels. As long as you have enough MP and knowledge, you could activate any spell. The problem lay in if your body could handle the stress of casting that magic!

With high MP, Cain could probably cast even third-level magic. but with his low level and small HP, he could end up dead from the magic recoil. You cant fire a wooden cannon and expect it to stay intact!

His first goal is to get rid of Jack first, to do that, he needed to use stealth magic to deliver the killing blow without being noticed. That wasnt because he might lose in the fight, It was because he wanted to keep a friendly relationship with Jacks father!

Stealth magic was a tire 2 magic, he could use it safely at level 3! The magic included many useful spells, like [Short invisibility] and [Soundless].

As he was going down the stairs, he spotted a dim light coming from the kitchen! Madam Mabel was already hard at work, preparing everyones breakfast.

She quickly noticed him and said. “Already up Its still piping hot, do you want some” She offered him some newly fresh bread, straight out of the oven!

Cain gratefully accepted, alongside some milk, that was his breakfast for the day.

On his way to the guild he Met Mary who was also heading there, she was surprised at him being this early.

Today he was going for bigger preys. He has enough money to pay for the inn so he was determined to level up!


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