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My Enchanting System Chapter 27

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Alice Forberg was born around 19 years ago, to the citys lord William and his wife Emma.

Her mother sadly died giving birth to her, people suspect it was due to sickness as she already had a weak body. William wasnt discouraged by his wifes death and swore to make his daughter happy.

Fast forward four years, Weird markings started to appear on Alices body and she started to lose her appetite, the markings were extremely painful leaving the girl in agony since then!

William tried his best to find a cure to her condition but in the end, nothing worked, even with that he didnt give up and is still searching for a cure.

Alice on the other hand started to slowly lose hope, the extreme pain had forced her to attempt suicide on several occasions. That had lasted until she reached 7 years old!

She was finally getting used to the excruciating pain to be able to walk again, but the marking and scars on her body have already made her look far from human! she finally took her first appraisal test, technically it was the second as her father made her take a test when she was a kid and she just didnt remember!

Upon seeing her stats for the first time she pointed out the same thing her father pointed out, the reason he had kept her stats hidden in the first place.

The question mark beside her race, she understood it the same way as her father.

“Im so deformed that even the world system isnt sure I was a human!” She thought that due to her disease and deformed look, the system found it hard to recognize her as a human.

Falling into despair, she turned to the gods, seeking a meaning to her life.

She didnt join the church as a nun but a regular there, making sure to pray there daily, repeating the same thing. “Why I am like this”

After several months, a miracle happened, she finally got a response! Even the pope who devoted his whole life had never heard the voice of a god.

“Hear my words, I the goddess of the sun, Amaterasu have heard your plea…!”

“One day, while youre naked, a white-haired, blue-eyed man shall appear in front of you, he alone could end your suffering!”

“Never speak of this, nor set foot in a church until that day passes, only then call my name again and I shall guide you!”

Alice did just as she was told, It was almost unheard off for a god to speak to a human, making it a once-in-a-lifetime chance!

Fast forward until the current time, Alice was getting her daily bath, getting off the blood and secretion in her wounds. A painful process but one that needed to be done!

…She was getting this uncomfortable feeling as if someone was staring at her!

‘What do I do… she was getting restless, that feeling didnt go away.

Alice knew she had 18 Wisdom, if she got a hunch, she was probably right.

After thinking for a bit, she decided to at least try.

“Can you let me alone for a moment” She asked the maids behind her.

“But malady, we have to…” Alice interrupted them, “Please…only this time!” The two maids didnt have the heart to refuse her request so they quickly made their leave.

Alice steeled herself, using all her might to stand up and speak.

“I know youre there, show yourself!”…for a few seconds nothing happened, she was relaxing a bit as she thought she was wrong.

Then out of nowhere, a black hooded man with only his blue eyes showing appeared in front of her.

‘He appeared!!!!! She screamed internally, slightly leaking. To her, it was like hearing footsteps behind you as you walk in the dark, just to turn and actually see a monster!

‘Did I leak a bit, I was already covered in water and blood from my wounds so I hope he didnt notice! her legs were shaking, partly from her pain and the other from fear.

“How did you know I was there” The man spoke, she could feel the anger in his voice.

‘Sorry…Sorry! Can I turn back in time and never call you again! She was terrified, “I…I got a hunch!” Without thinking, she said the truth!

“Tsk! Youre oddly calm for a girl who had been caught naked in the bath by a stranger!” The man said, clearly reaching out to his sword.

‘Sorrryyyyyyyyyyyyy… I dont mean to look calm, do I need to get on my knees and beg for my life Her facial muscles were so damaged that she couldnt show many expressions!

All she could count on was her 18 Wisdom to find a way to get out of this situation with the least amount of damage!

“My revolting body is nothing to look at, I have already given up on life so I stopped caring, whatever happens, its my fate!” It was better to be submissive in those situations, giving the choice he might find it in his heart to spare her!

The man seemed to hesitate for a moment before speaking “What if I said I am here for your body, devil!”

‘WHAT!!!!!! You will still go for me Gross! She thought, freaking out internally…Wait, I always dreamed of doing it but with my appearance it was impossible! This might be my only chance! Her mindset quickly changed.

“I will gladly give it up then, for me that is a dream come true!” her thoughts slipped, she stopped for a moment regretting what she said!

Alice saw him take a step back,Wait, dont become disgusted by me after getting my hopes up!

“Sadly, I dont sense those feelings in you! Disgusted to the point of calling me a devil!” Alice said trying to get him to not run awayAre you angry Lung at me now! hoping he will not back down after hearing that.

“You seem to be mistaken, I want your dead body! I came here to slay you!” Hearing that, Alices almost dead body reached the brink of collapsing from fear.

‘I beg of you, please spare my life, I will do anything!! She was too scared to speak or get on the ground and beg, she just stood there with an unchanged expression.

Suddenly the man unsheathed his sword and charged at her.

‘Nooooo! She leaked from fear, the man didnt seem to notice as he was focused on taking her head off.

‘He stopped, Why Is this some sort of teasing Alice was confused, Cains blade was digging into her neck but to hear it wasnt that painful! It was like pinching someone who knew the pain of getting burned! Her 18 Wisdom also helped her endure the pain.

“Wont you end my suffering, Take my head off!” It wasnt her neck alone that was hurting, her whole body was hurting all the time. Just like when youre at the dentist and he is having a hard time taking your tooth out, and you tell him to take it off already. Alice was giving up.

“Dont feel pain” The man asked, slowly pushing his sword into her neck as if testing her.

‘Ruthless! Dont grind your sword on my neck!!

“I have already gotten used to it, even now, the pain in my left leg is still greater than you slowly slicing my neck!” Alice just said the truth! Just now when she leaked, it dripped on her left leg causing her skin to scream in pain!

Hearing her words, the man took off his sword.

‘Oh, did he take pity on me Yeah, I survived! Alice was overjoyed.

[Lesser healing] The man seemed to heal her wound,Ohh Even healing the wound Are you feeling that guilty Alice thought.

Suddenly she spotted something poking from the gapes in the mans cover, strands of white hair. She instantly remembered Amaterasus prophecy.

‘Its him!!! she screamed internally,Move! get your face on the ground! Alice thought. Amaterasu said to never speak about the prophecy until the day passed which meant she cant tell him about it now!

‘My only hope after things have turned this way is to prostrate myself and beg! Sadly her body was slow to respond, her stiff skin and fear-frozen knees have kept her standing for a second late.

Before she could get on the ground, the man grabbed her by the neck, strangling her.

‘I cant breathe… Her body was too weak to resist.

‘This… As she struggled to breathe she felt something…Ah! This kind of feels good Ah! More! Is this what I like… Just then she realized the reason she felt good, The man was casting magic on her.

Just a moment before she could pass out, the man released her.Ah! Couldnt he keep for a bit more thought, a bit disappointed.

“How do you feel” He asked, looking down at her who was on her knees on the ground trying to breathe.

She quickly realized that her pain lessened, “What…did you do to me…the pain has gotten better” She asked.

“I just poured as much healing magic I can into you!” He replied in a cold voice.

“Please…Can you do it again” She begged, This was the first time her pain lessened!I dont mind getting strangled if it meant healing my condition! She thought.

After looking at her blankly for a second the man replied.

“Sadly I cant, I already consumed the majority of my Mana!” Hearing that she felt a deep sadness.

‘Oh, nooo! please dont give up! She yelled internally, hoping for a second round,I could get my father to buy Mana potions! Yes, that was he can keep str… Ahem, Healing me all night long! She thought, about to speak up.

‘No, I cant! How will I explain this situation after giving up the thought of getting her father involved she spoke “I…I understand…”…I will just surrender myself to his decision

“I will be taking a part of your hair, you dont mind right” The man suddenly spoke.

‘What…My hair She was confused,I will give my entire body, please take me with you! Her mind was a mess.

“Why do you need it” Alice asked, genuinely curious.

“I cant trust you yet so I will not say, Chose, trust me blindly or stay the way you are!”

Hearing that Alice was a bit disappointed,I will lick your feet if you want! Is that what you want me to do so you can trust me She thought.

Alice just grabbed a strand of her from the ground, one that the man had just cut as he tried to slice her head.

“I have no other option, Im truly thankful for the moment of bliss you granted me!” Alice was genuinely thankful, her pain was considerably less than before.

It took the man a few seconds to grab the hair, he made her wait and her hand was hurting but she didnt mind.

‘Now, Its time for me to kiss his feet so he will return but when she looked for them, the man had already left.

‘Dammit! I lost him, Amaterasu-sama!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alice screamed internally as she panicked.

After resting for a bit, Alice called the maids back. To their surprise, she walked alone to the door to call them.

“Malady are you alright” One of the maids asked.

“We did leave you alone, I hope you werent in much pain!” The other said as well.

“Hehe, You two just dont know how much I appreciate you listening to my selfish order!”

It was the first time in years they heard Alice giggle, one of them broke in tears while the other rushed to tell Alices father the news!


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