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My Enchanting System Chapter 26

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‘Why there is a devil here Cains 20 Intelligence wasnt enough to make sense of what he just witnessed!

The two strongest things below gods besides dragons as those are a whole another problem!

Angels and Devils are the opposite sides of the same coin, both created directly by gods and held great power! The only difference is that Devils are rebellious while angels are obedient!

As a certain dragon lord once described them, Angels and Devils are like girlfriends to a god! One is a crazy psychopath that wants your head for love! And the other is so submissive that it says yes to everything!

If they were so dangerous that even gods had to send them to hell, then I have no business starting a fight with one!

‘Should I kill it Cain thought,No, the question is if I can

From the stats alone, Alice looked so weak that even Sofia could kill her with a single punch, she was barely holding to life!

Deception and deceive are a devils strongest weapons, this whole sickness might be an act!Was she hiding her race intentionally What is she planning Cain could imagine himself attacking Alice just for her to transform into a terrifying abomination and suck him into the depth of hell!

‘Is jack being manipulated by her Did I just stumble upon the real cause of the catastrophe Cains brain was firing at max speed, trying to figure out what is happing, this was unexpected satiation!

“You two… Would you mind leaving me alone” Alice spoke, in a pained voice, her vocal cords almost failing.

Cains brain stopped working as he heard her speak,what is she thinking

“But malady…” One of the maids tried to speak.

“Please, I just want some time alone!” Hearing Alices voice, they complied.

‘Were alone What is that thing about to do

Alice barely managed to turn her head, looking in Cains direction.

“I have a feeling I am being watched, Care to show yourself as well” Alice said, clearly talking to Cain.

Cains heart started racing, drawing his blade and stilling himself.This might be the place where he dies!

Slowly walking out and facing Alice, Cains face was hidden with a piece of clothing.

“How did you know I was here” Cain asked, he had already assumed it was due to her devil senses and is just trying to get more info.

“I didnt know, just had a hunch that I was being watched!” Alices answer was surprising,Is she trying to hide her powers Cain didnt buy her answer.

“Youre oddly calm for a girl who had been caught naked in the bath by a stranger!” Cain said, trying to point out the fact she isnt acting normal.

“My revolting body is nothing to look at, I have already given up on life so I stopped caring, whatever happens, its my fate!” A deep sadness can be felt in her voice, even Cain could feel it.

‘Something is wrong, I cant feel any malicious intent from her Cain though, there was something even deeper behind her,Shall I try something extreme I still havent gotten anything from her!

Cain gulped before speaking, “What if I said I am here for your body, devil!” Cain asked trying to enrage her, make her reveal her true form.

“I will gladly give it up then, for me that is a dream come true!” Her response was strange, throwing Cain in a loop. Stopping for a moment to catch her breath, talking was taxing for her body.

“Sadly, I dont sense those feelings in you! Disgusted to the point of calling me a devil!”

‘What should I do now She is making fun of me! Cain started doubting himself,Lets do it! She must reveal herself if I attacked!

“You seem to be mistaken, I want your dead body! I came here to slay you!” Jack has to wait, if this devil was the mastermind then he would just be another victim!

Using all his strength, Cain swung his sword at her neck at a blinding speed, Awaiting for the Devil to show its true form.

No devil showed up, panicking, Cain stopped his blade just a few millimeters in her neck.

Blood started sprouting out, the wound wasnt deep but it seems to have hit a vein! Even so, Alice didnt move an inch nor flinch.

“Wont you end my suffering, Take my head off!” She said calmly, not even bothered by the blade stuck in her neck.

“Dont feel pain” Cain asked, grinding his blade slowly in her neck.

“I have already gotten used to it, even now, the pain in my left leg is still greater than you slowly slicing my neck!”

‘No, I have to stop, something is seriously wrong with this girl! Cain pulled his blade from her neck.

[Lesser healing] Cain didnt mean to heal her, Healing magic is a type of holy magic, and Devils cant stand it, he expected her to start rolling in pain before showing her true identity.

The wound on her neck healed, this magic shouldnt heal devils but damage them!

At that moment Alice manages to see white strands of hair poking from Cains cover.

Cain instantly linked the threads, grabbing Alice from the neck and pouring as much healing magic as he could directly into her.

[Lesser healing], [Lesser healing], [Lesser healing], [Lesser healing], [Lesser healing]…

She wasnt able to breathe as he squeezed her neck yet her pain seemed to fade a bit so she didnt resist.

‘Her body didnt disintegrate from the extreme overflow of holy magic, she instead got a bit better There wasnt any visible change in her, Cain just saw her shaking fingers calm down.

Finally releasing her she was coughing, desperate to breathe! “How do you feel” Cain asked.

“What…did you do to me…the pain has gotten better” Alice could feel less pain, it wasnt a big difference but it was something!

Cains mind finally calmed down a bit, she cant be a devil if she felt better with holy magic.

“I just poured as much healing magic I can into you!” Cain replied.

“Please…Can you do it again” She was begging, this was the first time she felt a strand of hope.

Of course, this wasnt the first time someone cast healing magic on her, its just the first time it did something.

Cain didnt use any special magic, he just used the regular [Lesser healing]! The difference between him and the other healer is that he didnt just cast it once or twice, he did it tens of times in a short period! A feat only possible with a 19 intelligence or more!

The other thing is that he cast it directly into her! Usually, when using healing magic, you need to keep a distance between your hand and the target, about one foot. The reason for that was control, its harder to control healing magic the closer you get to the target and might cause the spell to fail. But there was a catch, the closer you managed to get to the target the more potent the magic will get!

“Sadly I cant, I already consumed the majority of my Mana!” Cain replied.

A clear sadness is seen on her face, a face she should have made when Cain was about to slice her neck instead! The look of someone scared from pain.

“I…I understand…” She whispered, barely able to speak.

“I will be taking a part of your hair, you dont mind right” Cain said socking her.

“Why do you need it” She asked.

“I cant trust you yet so I will not say, Chose, trust me blindly or stay the way you are!” Cain said, He knew about devils but didnt fight one before, he had heard the story of many heroes who died to one! Those heroes werent stupid and yet they got deceived, he has to proceed with caution!

Without saying any other word, Alice took a strand of her hair that had been cut before by Cains sword and handed it to him.

“I have no other option, Im truly thankful for the moment of bliss you granted me!” Alices face seemed calm, finally showing a hint of happiness.

Cains mind was on another plane entirely,Jack has to wait, this is a bigger problem!

At the time being, Jack was technically harmless without the bandits. But the existence of a devil is not!

Something was not right and proceeding to kill Jack right now might cause problems.

‘Today I acted without confirming the situation and almost got Sofia and Selena killed, Lets take things slowly!

Cain just snatched the strand and left,I have to get to the bottom of this mess!

After Cain had left, Alice smiled, putting her hands together.

“He has come didnt he, Amaterasu-sama!”


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