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My Enchanting System Chapter 24

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It was morning, after cleaning the three of them walked out of the room going downstairs they met two familiar people! Daraku and Miko were just making their leave as well!

Fewwwwwwww! “Talk about hitting two birds with the same stone!” Aew! Daraku commented at Cain with two girls at the same time but he got immediately kicked in the knee by Miko!

Seeing them, Cain was less worried about Daraku being there and more concerned about Miko.

“Werent you a priestess of some kind The culture might be different but holy magic works the same, doesnt it” Cain was visibly confused as what just happened defied his logic. It was just too weird seeing aNun from another land in this kind of place!

“Dont worry, weve already got permission, Amaterasu-sama has allowed this!” Mikos reply was quick to the point, even so, a god giving a human special treatment meant they are important to them!

‘Probably I shouldnt prey further, I might draw the wrath of her god! Cain decided to stop there, getting on a gods bad side was dangerous no matter what!

Cain has heard about Amaterasu in his past life, The goddess of the blazing sun! Her believers are concentrated to the far east, The legends say she is the one who created the sun to illuminate the world but if that is true or wrong, no one knows!

There was another piece of information that Cain had heard before, in some places, she is considered a good god and in others an evil one!

“Were heading toward the guild, what about you” Miko asked them.

“We will head back to the inn first, we have something to attend to!” Cain replied as he was looking at Sofia, he already knew she had leveled up from the snake!

“Wait!” Miko called him, “Getting pregnant is dangerous when youre adventuring, I can cast magic on the girls if they want!” Miko suggested.

[Cleansing] This magic is used to clean things, you can use it to clean your sword for example! But it has different uses as well, like preventing pregnancy if used within one day after the act!

The two girls nodded as they knew it will hinder them so they accepted her offer!

After making sure the two girls are all right they headed back to the inn!

On their way, they saw a wagon filled with medicinal herbs heading toward the lords mansion, The Borage they got yesterday was in them as well.

“Why all of that” Sofia asked, “A lot of grass-nya!”

“I heard that the lords youngest daughter is ill! She suffers from a horrible skin condition and those are probably for her!” Cain replied he had remembered that in his past life, The lords daughter Alice, died just a few days before the Catastrophe!

That was a bad omen if they had realized,I hope she survives this time! Cain thought.

“I hope she will get better!” Sofia said with a sad face. “Sickness hurts-nya!” Selena added.

As soon as they reached the inn, Evan greeted them with a smug face, “You must be hungry after a long night, we already have dinner prepared!” This wasnt the first time, Evan has seen many adventurers do this so he knew what they did!

Being a bit stacked with money, Cain paid for a whole week!

Both Cain and Sofia had three meals a day, 2C for breakfast and 3C for lunch and dinner, with a night being 1S! This made each of them consume 1S and 8C for a single day!

For Selena, it was 3 meals a day with an 8 copper coins cost, she ate a lot of meat! as well a single night being 1 silver coin, making her daily cost 3S and 4C! Almost as much as the other two combined!

The total cost was 7 Silver coins a day, which made a week 4G and 9S! This had left Cain with 49G 8S

His income seems to be rising nicely but it wasnt guaranteed with the adventure life! He mustnt waste it even if the amount seemed high!

After eating they all headed toward Cains room where they all sat!

“Today were having the day off!” Cain declared and the two girls were confused, he soon cleared up “Sofia seems to have leveled up so I want to so I want to teach her more spells!”

Sofias eyes lit up, unable to believe it she started crying, The first time she levels up!

With that in mind, Cain and Sofia stayed in the room to learn magic, in the meantime, Selena had gone out to have a walk!

“Firstly, Since you became level 2, which nail do you want the second buff to be in” Cain asked

Sofia looked at him, something was in her mind, “How do you know I leveled up We didnt test it at the guild” She had had her doubts.

“How do I say it… I can see other peoples stats!” Cain simply told her that he can, keeping a secret will too much work!

Sofia seemed to believe him as she nodded and handed him her left-hand middle finger!

“Ho! Why did you choose that” Cain asked.

“I want to space them out, it will be bad if I put them all in one hand and then lost it mid-fight! The next two I will put in my feet!” Sofias idea seemed like what Cain wanted as he smiled at her.

“We then about what buff we would put…” Before Cain could speak, Sofia stopped him.

“I will go with the recommended, I dont know much about them and I dont want to make a bad decision!” She said, entrusting the choice to Cain.

Cain thought about it carefully, something that will help her now and in the long run!

Cain quickly made up his mind, There was a buff that should be useful!

“Ok, Lay on the bed, Its going to be painful but not as much as the last one!” Sofia didnt even ask him what buff he chose for.

Latent Spell, A buff that allows you to cast a first-tier spell that you know without consuming MP, to a number equal to your level! With it, Sofia (Level 2) could cast for example [Firebolt] two times a day without consuming MP! This buff also allowed her to not pass out when her MP reaches 0 as long as she still hasnt used the buff!

The inscription was painful but Cain made it quick! He then explained what the buff did!

After giving her a quick rest, Cain proceeded to try and teach her some spells, both first and second-tier!

[First-tier Magic: [Bonfire] have been added to the system] Cause an ignition in a location of the caster choosing as long as it has fuel for the flames! For example, Sofia could point at a tree to ignite it as if a match was lit inside it! Since the spell is silent unlike [Firebolt] It can cause real mayhem if used right!

[First-tier Magic: [Fireblade] have been added to the system] Create a flaming blade at the tip of the mage Catalyst, For Sofia, its her hand! The blade lasts for a minute. To be more exact, each one of Sofias nails is a Catalyst, she could extend a [Fireblade] from each of them!

[First-tier Magic: [Frostbite] have been added to the system] Sofia seems to have been unable to understand this spell, for some reason it didnt get in her head! Cain had thought Sofia had amazing learning speed but it seems he was wrong, some spells are hard for her to grasp! The spell caused chilling air to launch from the hand holding the Catalyst, The air was cold enough to cause frostbite and freeze water but the rage was short at just 5 feet!

[First-tier Magic: [Burning hands] have been added to the system] A strong burst of flames launch forward from the hand holding the Catalyst, It costs 1 MP to maintain for one second! The strength of the flame can be increased if the caster is competent enough increasing the cost as well! For Sofia, this meant she could launch the flames from either her hands or feet!

[First-tier Magic: [Lightning grasp] have been added to the system] Sofia also failed to learn this, Cain is starting to think she has a talent for just fire magic! If you touched someone with your off-hand while holding the Catalyst in the other, you can electrocute them!

It was already noon, Cain was truly impressed by how fast she could learn magic, It was usually too days to weeks to learn a single spell but she is just eating them! It was probably to be expected as she had already learned a third-tier spell!

Cain gave Sofia who worked hard following his instruction a kiss on the forehead, “You did a good job, lets go take a rest!” As it was time for lunch, Selena has just returned so the three had a good meal together.

Then it was time to learn the second-tier spells! This time Selena stayed with them in the room, mostly lazing around Cains bed, at some point she even sat with them trying to learn magic but failed!

[Firelance] The same spell Cain had been using, Sofia managed to learn it after some visible struggle, Second-tier spells dont seem to be easy to grasp as the first-tier!

[Second-tier Magic: [Scorching Rays] have been added to the system] This spell had a long range of 120 feet but was a bit weak! From the tip of the Catalyst, The mage creates three rays of fire and hurls them at targets within range. He can hurl them at one target or several! The firepower was almost third that of an [Firelance] in each ray, So three rays could comparable damage with firelance to a single target!

[Second-tier Magic: [Firetrap] have been added to the system] The spell was simple, It created a magical glyph on the ground that explode when touched by anyone besides the caster!

Cain did spend some time trying to teach her spells like [Soundless] and [Darkvision] but it was hopeless, Sofia was only able to learn fire-based magic!

It was already night, Sofia was mentally exhausted so after they had dinner, Cain told the girls to go sleep.

“Its already night, you two go get some rest!” The two girls were confused, Sofia could understand as she was exhausted but Selena was brimming with energy!

“I want to sleep with you-nya!”

Hearing that, Cain hugged the two girls, kissing each of them on the forehead.

“Sofia, Im going to work you tomorrow to the bone so go get some rest!” Sofia gave up easily and headed to her room, she fell asleep immediately.

Cain was intending to have her take the fake rank-up exam tomorrow but didnt tell her so she wont get nervous!

It was only Cain and Selena!

“With how sharp you are, It will be impossible to sneak out without getting caught!” Cain said, sitting Selena on his bed.

“What do you mean-nya” She was visibly confused.

Cain was about to go take care of Jack, he didnt want to let him live longer!

“Im going to work, Just like that night, I found you in the bandit cave! You stay here with Sofia!”

“No, I will go with you-nya!” It was the reply Cain expected.

There was a single way to convince Selena, “Listen, This is an order, you promised to be obedient!”

After thinking for a moment, “I understand-nya, please return safely-nya!” She said.

After masking his face, Cain left immediately from the window, heading toward the lords mansion.


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